Fast Food

107.7 The End's Taco Truck Challenge

Taco Truck Challenge is back! WHEN: May 5 WHERE: International Fountain | Seattle Center Live music from Kitten ! Feast on food from 20 local food trucks while listening to live music in the heart of Seattle at the 8th annual Taco Truck Challenge! This year the party is the finish line for Seattle...
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Nerd Talk: Nerds help you dip your nuggets safely with a new sauce holder in your car

It's one of the toughest struggles of that fast food life - waiting until you get home to cram junk in your wind tunnel. Right, like you're going to eat just a few fries on that 10-minute drive in traffic? Side note: why does fry smell linger in a car way longer than the worst of farts? Anyway,...
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Episode 54: Eat Fresh

Pretty Lori is stunned that we can talk about Taco Bell for this long. Frankly, I'm stunned, too. Even just typing about it, I could totally go for good morning nachos bell grande. Why do you think they added "bell" to that title? I mean, I like it, but... LOOK, it's happening again. The power of...
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