Nerd Talk - April 19, 2018

Thursday, April 19th

All hail IKEA robot.


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It's the nerd talk podcast nerd Facebook's. Podcast face. I. When you build a robot so Dexter is that it can quickly. Symbol IKEA furniture for you everybody hates accused simply Bob like and saw bro love I love Legos. And other IKEA furniture is quite Legos for adults. I mean to be very in my house Legos are like Legos for adults we'll still get any robot. Scientists are trying to read your brain waves and the news they musically inclined artificial intelligence to transcribe and play the music that's bouncing around inside your head. Oh sorry nerds some alerted me to do it. And finally they Scottish castle had to be temporarily closed due to a quote. Very angry badger the evidently a badger got into the police somehow in the panicked and got mad pride digging its way out Paul told the damage staff tried to lower the biggest dud using a combo of cat food and honey AKA in English badger breakfast. It did not work. Everyone knows you just have to play the badgers songs that. OK okay. I.