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Lyric Videos: Lame. Foo Fighters Lyric Video: Awesome

Oct 20th | categories: Awesome, Live, Music Video

The Foo Fighters are back with a new album, Sonic Highways (11/10), and for each song, they recorded in a different studio around the country. Dave sits down with musicians in each city, interviews them, then uses the transcripts to write the lyrics.... Read More

Le Butcherettes and The Melvins @ Showbox 10.18.14

Oct 20th | categories: Awesome, Live, Music

Saturday night at Showbox Market was the place to be in Seattle!  Four days after the release of their 24th studio album ‘Hold It In’ iconic band The Melvins took the stage and rocked the face off of everyone in the room.  This... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Alex Jerabek Made A Seattle Centric RPG

Oct 18th | categories: Awesome, Interview, Local, So You're In Seattle

I've known Alex Jerabek for several years, and thanks to radio, he's known me even longer! Alex is a former Microsoft engineer, chef, and now full time table top game developer for his own company, Cherry Picked Games. Alex is in the midst of... Read More

Watch DTHB's Royal Blood Thunder on Seth Meyers

Oct 17th | categories: Awesome, TV, Video

The band I'm most excited to see at the #DTHB is hard to choose, but I'll tell you, the British duo Royal Blood have piqued my interests. The playing through different pedals and amps to make a bass sound like a guitar sounds awesome, and every... Read More

What's Seattle's best (poorly) kept secret?

Oct 16th | categories: Awesome, Local

I feel like I've seen a lot of blogs with lists of Seattle's secret bars, parks, and museums. If you're a true Seattleite, you already know everything on these lists but come on, they never get old! Each one has featured at least one thing... Read More

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