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Nerdy 90's Flashback

Sep 01st | categories: Awesome

While taking a weekend to go home and see my old man, I had the opportunity to relive a bunch of my childhood - the 90’s. Poor ol’ Tom, his house is trapped in this weird 90’s and earlier time warp. I guess when you’re an old dude... Read More

051 - Barf Carpet

Aug 28th | categories: Awesome, Podcast

Hopefully, you enjoyed part 2 of episode 50. It was a ton of hard work. Two episode in one week?! We sure do work hard. Sounds like Gregr is turning to the darkside, great. We talk about the best and crappiest states in the union and beyond. Ever stop... Read More

New Music Discovery: Baroness "Chlorine and Wine"

Aug 28th | categories: Awesome, New Music Discovery, Video

I hope we all have that friend that just always has awesome new music to listen to before everyone else gets their paws on it. I call that dude in my life, The King of Castle Rock. The King even has a friend that shows him cool stuff - is there a wizard... Read More

Air Guitar World Championships

Aug 28th | categories: Awesome, Music

Let’s face it, we’ve all had an amazing drum solo on the imaginary skins of our steering wheel drum set, shredded the sickest air guitar solo with extra wiggly fingers, or at the very least sung along hitting the highest of high notes with... Read More

ODP Episode 50, Part 1

Aug 21st | categories: Awesome, Podcast

There's so much to talk about, but I have no time! We <3 Kev Doy, NOT. New Subway sporksmen (not a typo). Shout out to the mouth breathers and TBD Steve. Sex Music. Subscribe to Our Dumb Podcast on iTunes or Stitcher.    

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