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Nerd Talk: Star Wars Films Getting the Lego Treatment

Mar 02nd | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk

NERD TALK 1. adventure time the movie is in the works. 2. The entire star wars saga will be retold by the droids in lego form. 3. We’re showing up to a dwarf planet this week, didn’t call ahead.

Death Cab For Cutie EndSession @ B47 Studios 02.26.15

Feb 27th | categories: Awesome, Endsession, Live, Local, Music

On a quiet Thursday afternoon in Seattle a handful of very lucky End listeners were treated to one of the most beautiful Endsessions I have witnessed. B47 Studios was the perfect location for Ben Gibbard and new keyboardist Zac Rae to perform music from... Read More

Remember that time...

Feb 26th | categories: Awesome, Funny, Local

Ben Gibbard showed up at the studio to model the latest in injury wear with me? Oh yeah... that was today. And it was awesome. Totes fashion! 

Nerd Talk: Robot Racing on the Moon!

Feb 24th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk

NERD TALK 1. Preserved body inside a buddha statue! 2. Time to diversify your emoji. 3. X-Prize racing robots on the moon.

Nerd Talk: Using a Fish as a Bandage Sounds Gross

Feb 23rd | categories: Animals, Awesome, Nerd Talk

NERD TALK 1. Fish skin band-aids are very 2015. 2. I’m not saying all Japanese people are weird, just these ones who made a tomato robot. 3. app lets kids report bullies annoynmously.

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