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Deck The Hall Ball 12.09.14 @ KeyArena

Dec 17th | categories: Awesome, Live, Music

Deck The Hall Ball is consistently one of my favorite events of the year to photograph and this year was possibly the best so far. The lineup was diverse and strong and appealed to a wide range of fans. Below are some of my favorite shots of the... Read More

Which neighborhood has the best Christmas lights?

Dec 16th | categories: Awesome, Local

I've lived in Seattle for a few years and I can't say that I've ever driven around and looked at Christmas lights before! Ugh, shame on me. If you happen to live in the suburbs, you probably have a better chance at coming across a brightly... Read More

Video: JETPACKS ARE REAL (and obviously awesome)

Dec 11th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk, Video

Until I eventually see video of this dude losing control and crashing his jetpack into the side of an oil derrick (let's hope not ever), I'm going to just pretend that I have a shot of someday flying a jetpack around with my friends like... Read More

Nerd Talk: We Sent a Probe To Pluto!

Dec 08th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk

NERD TALK 1. Pluto probe awakens! 2. Wakie Alarm: an app that pairs other willing participants into wake up calling eachother. 3. George Lucas hasn’t even watched the Star Wars trailer! :E GREGR

Foo Fighters @ Showbox 11.28.14

Nov 29th | categories: Awesome, Live, Music

It’s been nearly 20 years since I last saw the Foo Fighters perform live. I paid $10 to see them at LaLuna in Portland in 1995.  I remember at the time my friends and I didn’t know anything about the band, only that the lead singer used... Read More

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