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Beer For Breakfast and More!

Oct 31st | categories: Awesome, Beer For Breakfast, Podcast

Every Friday morning I coerce Manley into showing up early to hang out and - wait for it - drink beer! We can get super nerdy about it, and since we're primarily a music station, we've decided to take all the extra fun of talking beer and put it... Read More

Gary Numan @ Neptune Theatre 10.28.14

Oct 29th | categories: Awesome, Live, Music

The world needs more rock stars like Gary Numan!  I am physically sore from being in the photo pit last night at the Neptune Theatre.  Not because it was particularly tight in there but because for the first 3 songs of the show I was... Read More

Just Shut Up and Watch Reggae Shark

Oct 29th | categories: Animals, Awesome, Funny, Video

Listen, Reggae Shark "don't want to 'arm ya, he just want your ganja". He's the best because he's "got no political agenda", but doesn't stand for government corruption. Just watch. I promise that worst cast... Read More

Check Out Bear Hands on Conan!

Oct 28th | categories: Awesome, Music, Music News, Music Video, TV

Our friends from Bear Hands were on Conan O'Brien last night and performed their new single "Agora." Seems like just a few days ago they were melting faces at Summer Camp and now they've hit the big time. Check out their performance!

Fugazi to Release Original Demo Recordings in November

Oct 28th | categories: Awesome, Music, Music News

I still remember reading that Fugazi were going on indefinite hiatus and being super sad. Having transitioned from Marilyn Manon and early Korn, to punk rock, to Fugazi, they're that band that cemented my love of music for music's sake. I think... Read More

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