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A Perfect Viking Memorial for GWAR Frontman

Aug 18th | categories: Awesome, Video

Earlier this year, the world of ridiculousness and metal lost GWAR frontman Dave Brockie to drugs. He was given a proper American-style funeral for friends and family in April, but his bandmates waited to share a public memorial with fans until... (read... Read More

Watch Me Take the Ice Bucket Challange

Aug 15th | categories: Awesome, Video

I've been seeing these seemingly silly videos all over the internet of dudes and ladies dumping ice water on their heads for what seemed like nothing. Then, I got the dreaded @ notification... Taylor Graham, former Sounders FC player and current... Read More

Watch Every Single Shuttle Launch in One Video!

Aug 12th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk, Video

Someone must have a seriously boring job or too much time on their hands, but I'm not complaining! This dude took all the NASA provided launch footage from the entirety of the shuttle program (including the tragic Challenger explosion, RIP), spliced... Read More

Watch The Head and the Heart Perform on Fallon

Aug 06th | categories: Music, TV, Video

Even if Jimmy Fallon currently has the most fun of anyone on late night television, there is no way I'm staying up late enough to see any band play his show. Just not happening. Thanks to the magical powers of YouTube, there's no need to! Last... Read More

Cows Are So Dumb But They LOVE Trombone

Aug 05th | categories: Animals, Awesome, Video

Even if Lorde never has another song played on the radio ever, at least she'll always have an audience in the pastures of middle America! Watch as this dude, Farmer Derek, serenades the lovely bovine with a little tromoboned "Royals".... Read More

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