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The Black Keys Played Fallon, Did Awesome Edwyn Collins Cover

Sep 23rd | categories: Music, TV, Video

The Black Keys not only gave us a live taste of their new single, "Gotta Get Away", but then also performed a second song/awesome cover of Edwyn Collins "Girl Like You". Now, there's something I never expected to type. Check out... Read More

Dan Rather Interviews Jack White, It's Awesome.

Sep 18th | categories: Interview, TV, Video

The more that Jack White lets us into his world, the more interesting he becomes and fascinated I grow. He's a smart dude fueled by a specific ideology from his youth like any of us - he's just done a better job staying mysterious. There must be... Read More

Listen: Remastered Bush, Band Set To Re-Release First Three Albums

Sep 16th | categories: Music, Music News, Video

The girl I liked in highschool (who didn't like me back) had the biggest crush on Gavin Rosdale. Man, did I resent that guy and his handsome loose curls!! It's undeniable how excited we were about 16 Stone and specifically "Everything... Read More

More Insight Into Foo Fighters 'Sonic Highways'

Sep 15th | categories: Music News, New Music Discovery, Video

I haven't been this excited about a Foo Fighters record since Dave got off the road with QOTSA and prepared to launch One by One. Thanks to videos like this talking about being in Seattle, working with Albini, going to DC's Inner Ear studios and... Read More

Watch: Jack White's New Video For 'Would You Fight For My Love'

Sep 12th | categories: Music Video, Video

It a move that should surprise absolutely NO ONE, Mr White released his new video and it's flooded with the blue and black imagery of his now two album solo career. The dude sure does commit to an idea. Also, is the color selection of black and... Read More

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