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Rivers Sports Lightning Bolt Strap for "Back to the Shack" on Fallon

Jul 24th | categories: Music, TV, Video

They're right at the beginning of a long road of promotion, touring, and fun, Weezer announced Everything Will Be Alright in the End (9/30) by dropping a new single "Back to the Shack". Part of promoting their throwback approach to making... Read More

I Hadn't Lived Until Watching a Baby Platypus Play

Jul 19th | categories: Animals, Awww, Video

My buddy Marconi says he wants this little dude for his birthday, after never having witnessed a baby platypus at play until this morning, I can totally agree. Don't worry Chowder, you're safe, but this little sh*t may be the cutest thing on... Read More

New Music Discovery: Alt-J "Hunger of the Pine" Video

Jul 17th | categories: Music Video, Video

I don't even know what to say about this video because words can't capture the cringes I made the entire time watching it. This Is All Yours is the new album from alt-J, and it lands on the internet, record stores, and torrent sites in September.... Read More

Legal Weed = CGI Richard Sherman Smoking a Joint, Riding a Bald Eagle

Jul 11th | categories: Funny, Local, Video

In the latest of those strange Taiwanese CGI animations of the news, the world can take a look at legal cannabis in WA. It is ridiculous. Even the bald eagle was smoking a giant Cuban cigar-sized joint. Also, Starblunts, Seattle SuperChronics, and... Read More

Watch: The War On Drugs Bring It Live

Jul 08th | categories: Music, TV, Video

This performance from Letterman last night is just the best. They're a moody band that fills out that live sound brilliantly. This is all the incentive you need to see them next time they head through town - specifically since they have already... Read More

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