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Full 90 Extra Time - Ross Wishes I Wasn't So Dumb

May 21st | categories: Awesome, Podcast, Seattle Sports

Ross is baffled by how stupid I am - specifically at telling time. We're recapping an insane weekend for Chad Barrett who scored a pair of awesome goals, the end of a super long road trip, and finally the Sounders are back at Century Link! Plus, all... Read More

Full 90 Extra Time - Is Ross Headed to Sounders Match or U2

May 14th | categories: Podcast, Seattle Sports

"Is he [Ross] seeing U2 in Vancouver?" an excellent question from Kevin on Twitter. No, Ross is headed to BC to cover the Sounders FC match. At one point, hear me stick my foot in my mouth while Ross gives me a very British look :| He's... Read More

Full 90 Extra Time - The Pizza Crisis

May 07th | categories: Podcast, Seattle Sports

Ross just got back from NYCFC at Yankee Stadium (love seeing Seattle beat someone there regardless of the sport) and told me the saddest story of a pizza quest left unsatisfied :'(. I got to check out the secret space above the Sounders FC new party... Read More

Full 90 Extra Time - Super Sports Sunday Was a Disaster

Apr 30th | categories: Podcast, Seattle Sports

Look, Super Sports Sunday - the culmination of a Mariners game and Sounders match on the same day - meant we drank beer allllll day. Thank the wizard I'm friends with Ross Fletcher, voice of Sounders FC because that match is a little fuzzier... Ross... Read More

Full 90 Extra Time - Ross Wants The Rain!

Apr 23rd | categories: Awesome, Podcast, Seattle Sports

Dammit, Rossasaurus, I'm so stoked for the Cascadia Cup match-up this weekend at home - Seattle vs Portland (yuck). Following a pretty sweet (spoiler alert) win on the road last week in Colorado, we get a taste of Cascadia at CenturyLink. Find out... Read More

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