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Sriracha Night is coming to Safeco Field!

Apr 11th | categories: Awesome, Food, Seattle Sports

Holy crap, were you even aware that your favorite hot sauce had a special night at Safeco Field!? Me either! May 22nd could very well be the happiest day of your life if your two favorite things are Sriracha and baseball because that's when the... Read More

10 Things the Mariners could learn from the Hawks

Apr 03rd | categories: Awesome, Local, Seattle Sports

The Mariners are kicking major ass right now as they're starting the baseball season off at 3-0! They haven't done that since the '90s! So maybe... just maybe, the Seahawks have already given the M's some tips or advice and we just... Read More

Check out my cool scarf!

Mar 24th | categories: Live, Local, Music, Seattle Sports

I get one for free because I work here, but you can get a scarf too if you buy a Sounders Season Pass for Kegs 'n Bacon! We're doing three of em this year and the Season Pass gets you into every single one. There's also drinks, lunch, and... Read More

Watch: Slow Motion Smoke Bomb

Mar 10th | categories: Seattle Sports, Video

I've been a Seattle resident since the third Sounders home match. That's what, five seasons? Like an idiot, I never once could get my slow butt down to pioneer square in time for the March to the Match. It's thousands of people hollering and... Read More

Voice of Sounders FC, Ross Fletcher, Gets Us Ready for the Season Opener

Mar 07th | categories: Interview, Seattle Sports

Ross Fletcher, an English broadcaster calling Seattle home, is quite the charmer. I was surprised he was 6'3"! I was not surprised by how prepared the man is. He knew everything and explained it very simply for my tiny mind. Will Kasey Keller... Read More

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