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So, You're In Seattle: Dave Clark // Sounder At Heart

Dave Clark's love of writing met with a heart full of Sounders FC pride to make one of the coolest sports blogs in the city, Sounder at Heart. His passion for sports coverage grew beyond just his own keyboard, and currently a staff of about 10 cover... Read More

The New Skittles/Beastmode Commercial Is Something

Sep 03rd | categories: Awesome, Seattle Sports, TV

I wonder if Marshawn Lynch is tired of Skittles yet? He's the world's biggest Skittles fan. He's got fans throwing candy at him whenever he does something awesome on the field. The dude even has his own Skittles commercial. Taste this... Read More

It's that time of year again....

Sep 02nd | categories: Local, Seattle Sports

It's finally September in Seattle and that means Seahawks-mania is about to take over. Everyone you know will be busy on Sundays from here on out. Green and blue colors will be everywhere you look. And your best friend in San Francisco probably... Read More

I Threw Out the First Pitch at Cheney!

Aug 25th | categories: Local, Seattle Sports

Pitch is using the term liberally...  I don't know that I've been more nervous about anything since getting a tattoo. My friend says, let me take a picture of you holding the ball, and I couldn't even hold my hand still; I was shaking... Read More

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