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Video: Kid Solves Rubik's Cube in Under 10s!! ONE HANDED!

Nov 24th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Stuff, Video

I mean sure he got a PLL skip, but I guess this is still pretty cool... ;) Antoine Cantin now holds the world record for one handed Rubik's Cube solving by solving this sucker in under 9 seconds. That's insane. I can solve a cube, practiced... Read More

How to Clean Your Record Collection

Jul 16th | categories: Awesome, Music, Nerd Stuff

This kid wants to take the pops and crackles out of his Miles Davis record (awesome choice), but his method is pretty strange... or is it?! Watch him use wood glue in one of the slowest method's possible. On the other hand, like a sheet of sunburned... Read More

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