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Woah! Watch What happens When Antacid is Used In Space!

Jul 28th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Stuff

So finally, we find out how more stuff works in space. Antacid, meet water bubble. Look, I'm a huge nerd for simple things like in England calling an elevator a lift, or using crisps instead of chips. Simple stuff that humans do differently is... Read More

Here's How To Cool a Can or Bottle of "Pop" In Minutes

Jul 08th | categories: Nerd Stuff

I'm the least patient so when I get a drink that I wanna drink right now, one of two things happens after I put it in the freezer: 1. I wait less than 7 minutes and come back to a warm drink with a cool-ish container. Weak. 2. I become distracted... Read More

Nerd Talk: Do We Even Need A Final Fantasy VII Remake?

Jun 16th | categories: Nerd Stuff

Nope. Stop messing with my already hazy college memories!  NERD TALK - Listen Below 1. Final Fantasy VII remake coming to PS4 - we don’t need a newer version, the original is perfect. See the trailer below. 2. Now you can google fast food... Read More

1000's Of Marbles Rushing Around Is So Satisfying

Jun 03rd | categories: Awesome, Nerd Stuff

I remember being a kid and watching Sesame Street and they'd show how crayons are made - CLASSIC! Watching thousands of marbles bounce around through this strange marble machine connects modern-me to that of the child watching all that orange wax be... Read More

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