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How to See the Blood MOON!!!

Apr 14th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Stuff, whatever

Of course we'd get something called the Blood Moon on tax day, of course... It's gonna be a crazy blood moon summer, as tonight we'll see the first of four lunar eclipses, just after midnight. Ok, so it's not happening in summer, but... Read More

Watch: Winnie The Pooh Reads Darth Vader Dialogue

Apr 08th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Stuff, whatever

I don't know who developed this idea, but I want to hug the s*** out of them. Figuratively. Having the least menacing creature sad about his honey read lines for the galaxies most menacing respirating bad guy is nothing but AWESOME "yooooou are... Read More

This Dude Shuts Down the Climate Change Debate Without Choosing a Side

Apr 02nd | categories: Nerd Stuff, whatever, WOW

This guy thinks he's sooo smart. Using stupid "logic" to provide a "scientific" outlook on our future approach to climate change. This wizard from the era of 2007, waves his magical wand (dry erase marker) and makes a pretty... Read More

These Videos Will MESS YOUR MIND UP!

Apr 01st | categories: Awesome, Nerd Stuff, whatever

I love a good "watch this for a while then look around" video on the ol' YouTube. Here are a couple that do temporary weird things to you vision. #DrugsAreBadMmmkay (when they tell you, you don't have to say the letter aloud): ... Read More

ICYMI: George Takei to lead Seattle's Pride Parade!

Mar 31st | categories: Awesome, Local, Nerd Stuff, News

Ohhh myyyy! The internet pretty much exploded last week when it was announced that legendary actor, George Takei had agreed to be the grand marshal for this year's Seattle Pride Parade. He has a huge social media following and has been an extremely... Read More

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