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Seattle has one of the most disturbing tourist attractions!?

Mar 10th | categories: Art, History, Local

Of course we do! It's our beloved Fremont Troll. To anyone who hasn't grown up in Seattle, the troll can come off as a little creepy. Especially when people are "sacrificing" animal heads to it. Ewww. Do you remember that story from a... Read More

What are the most popular tattoos in Seattle?

Feb 26th | categories: Art, Local

Everybody has tattoos these days. It's actually harder to find someone who doesn't! And as one of those tattooed people, I pay attention when I see really good or really bad tattoos on others. Luckily most people in Seattle have good taste.... Read More

I just needed to post this cool poster.

Jan 29th | categories: Art, Awesome, Local, Music

Because it's one of the best I've ever seen. Man, I love the Sasquatch Music Festival!

Would you ever get a Seahawks tattoo?

Jan 16th | categories: Art, Local, Seattle Sports

What about a Seahawks tattoo that says "Superbowl Champs"? Bad idea, right? There's a chance the team might not make it to the Superbowl, let alone win. And what if you just jinxed them!? AND TATTOOS ARE FOR LIFE! None of those reasons... Read More

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