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New Music Discovery: Eagles of Death Metal "Complexity"

Jun 16th | categories: Music, Music News, New Music Discovery

I thought for sure this band hand tossed in the bar towel on their awesome run of rock n' roll records, but thanks to great news today I know that Jesse Huges and Joshua Homme haven't slowed down a bit since 2008's Heart On. Finally, some new... Read More

New Music Discovery: Beck "Dreams"

Jun 15th | categories: Awesome, Music, Music News

Here's a dude, Beck, that made an album that was the perfect rainy day bummer of a record that connects with my need to wander around in the light drizzle of Seattle in only a hoodie (and normal clothes... I mean with no umbrella...). He nailed it so... Read More

We're Teaming Up With Pearl Jam!!!

Apr 02nd | categories: Interview, Local, Music News

Listen to our special guest talk about his awesome charity, the Vitalogy Foundation. It's a public non-profit organization formed in 2006 by the members of Pearl Jam and their manager - almost a decade of helping! I was joined in studio by a Seattle... Read More

New Music Discovery: Muse "Dead Inside"

Mar 24th | categories: Music, Music News, New Music Discovery

Matt Bellamy and Ben Gibbard should start a Sad Dudes Club. It's hard not to pick up on an undercurrent from these guys talking about failed relationships which will hopefully inspire some stunning, heavy new material on their respective upcoming... Read More

New Music Discovery: Brandon Flowers "Can't Deny My Love"

Mar 23rd | categories: Awesome, Music News, New Music Discovery

Well this is an excellent way to start a Monday. Brandon Flowers just posted a new song to Soundcloud! The Killers frontman completed a new album, The Desired Effect, ready for release on May 18th. It's his second full-length solo effort following... Read More

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