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New Music Discovery: Muse "Dead Inside"

Mar 24th | categories: Music, Music News, New Music Discovery

Matt Bellamy and Ben Gibbard should start a Sad Dudes Club. It's hard not to pick up on an undercurrent from these guys talking about failed relationships which will hopefully inspire some stunning, heavy new material on their respective upcoming... Read More

New Music Discovery: Brandon Flowers "Can't Deny My Love"

Mar 23rd | categories: Awesome, Music News, New Music Discovery

Well this is an excellent way to start a Monday. Brandon Flowers just posted a new song to Soundcloud! The Killers frontman completed a new album, The Desired Effect, ready for release on May 18th. It's his second full-length solo effort following... Read More

New Music Discovery: Muse "Psycho"

Mar 12th | categories: Music News, Music Video, New Music Discovery

The yelling drill sargeant in this has elements of Pink Floyd all over it. Muse are bringing back some serious riffs and Matt Belamy has got something to get off his chest. "Psycho" is the first song we're hearing off the just announced 7th... Read More

New Music Discovery: Lieutenant (Nate Mendel of Foo Fighters)

Mar 09th | categories: Music News, New Music Discovery

I can't believe that Nate Mendel has been tickling our ears for so many years in so many great bands without ever doing his own thing. He's held down the low-end for Sunny Day Real Estate, the Fire Theft, the Foo Fighters and finally his own solo... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Ben Gibbard & Nick Harmer

Mar 05th | categories: Interview, Music News, So You're In Seattle

"Do you wanna have Death Cab For Cutie on your podcast?" is the best question I've been asked in ages... well, besides "do you wanna go to Little Woody's?". Ben and new guitarist/pianist Zac played a small EndSession for a... Read More

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