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Listen: Does This 'Black Hole Sun' Demo Meet Your Approval?

Apr 17th | categories: Music, Music News

Not sure what happened, but so much cool s*** from the 90's happened in 1994: Dookie, The Downward Spiral, Superunknown. Those last two debuted on the same day! Soundgarden are in the final stages of preparing the re-release of their giant smash... Read More

This Isn't The Cover of LORDE I Was Expecting!

Apr 15th | categories: Music News, Music Video

I've never had anything but tough experiences dealing with the scruffy dudes in Local H. That's the thing that makes their low-end fuzz more endearing/authentic. I was certainly caught off guard by this cover of the artistic yet delicate... Read More

Another New Song from the Black Keys

Apr 14th | categories: End Music Discovery, Music, Music News

Turn Blue isn't out until May 13th, but the title track found it's way on to the internet this morning. In a nice contrast to the first single "Fever", this song new song from The Black Keys breathes more. It's more expansive and... Read More

Coachella 2014 Is HERE!

Apr 11th | categories: Coachella, Live, Music, Music News

Its that time of year again, when tens of thousands of music lovers/hipsters/celebrities migrate to the desert to take in the Coachella Music Festival. And sure, you could join the sweaty masses, baking in the heat, smelling the the wrong end of a... Read More

Watch Nirvana Perform with Joan Jett, LORDE, Annie Clark and Kim Gordon

Apr 11th | categories: Music, Music News, Video

Nirvana: the gentleman who helped change the entire musical landscape of the western hemisphere AND put Seattle on the musical map, became Hall of Famers last night. This one band alone easily dominated headlines, but let's not forget other legends:... Read More

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