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Who has the best burritos in Seattle?

Oct 29th | categories: Food, Funny, Local

We're big fans of burritos here at The End. I mean we kind of have to be, otherwise the Burrito Falcon would be very angry with us. You may be wondering, where does the Burrito Falcon get his delicious burritos? We're not really sure, but thanks... Read More

Just Shut Up and Watch Reggae Shark

Oct 29th | categories: Animals, Awesome, Funny, Video

Listen, Reggae Shark "don't want to 'arm ya, he just want your ganja". He's the best because he's "got no political agenda", but doesn't stand for government corruption. Just watch. I promise that worst cast... Read More

John Oliver Takes a Stand Against Pumpkin Spice

Oct 13th | categories: Funny, TV, Video

Pumpkin spice - or just plain spice as it should be called - is a wildly popular craze of the last several years where everything smells like the fall spice fairy farted in the entrance of coffee shops, breweries, and bakeries just in time for the... Read More

Things people from Seattle love.

Oct 02nd | categories: Funny, Local

When you think of our city and the people who live here, what comes to mind? Flannel? Music? Coffee? Rain? The Seahawks? Salmon? That all seems to sum up Seattle pretty well, but do any of us locals actually love those things? I happen to love them all... Read More

Weird Al is Killing It.

Jul 16th | categories: Awesome, Funny, Music Video

I'm so happy for Weird Al, he's nailed it AGAIN with a couple great songs off his new album Mandatory Fun. First it was making fun of "Happy" via "Tacky". Now two more days of songs that are just the best. I think "Word... Read More

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