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Weird Al is Killing It.

Jul 16th | categories: Awesome, Funny, Music Video

I'm so happy for Weird Al, he's nailed it AGAIN with a couple great songs off his new album Mandatory Fun. First it was making fun of "Happy" via "Tacky". Now two more days of songs that are just the best. I think "Word... Read More

Legal Weed = CGI Richard Sherman Smoking a Joint, Riding a Bald Eagle

Jul 11th | categories: Funny, Local, Video

In the latest of those strange Taiwanese CGI animations of the news, the world can take a look at legal cannabis in WA. It is ridiculous. Even the bald eagle was smoking a giant Cuban cigar-sized joint. Also, Starblunts, Seattle SuperChronics, and... Read More

Have there been Bigfoot sightings in Seattle?!

Jun 20th | categories: Funny, Local, Weird News, WTF

The answer is yes and no. There have been some weird sightings of a very hairy creature roaming around downtown Seattle, but it isn't exactly breathing. Or really "roaming" for that matter. If you've seen the creature, it was probably... Read More

99 problems we all have with Seattle.

Jun 11th | categories: Awesome, Funny, Local

When I first saw the title "99 Problems With Seattle" I got a little defensive. I mean, how dare this person write 99 bad things about my city. That Jay-Z song totally came to mind, only the author was my 100th problem. Then I actually read the... Read More

Ryan Lewis Interviews People About What Ryan Lewis Does

Jun 03rd | categories: Funny, Local

He's one half of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (duh), and no one seems to know what it is that he does. Oh he's the computer guy in the background... you know... using the computer. Watch Ryan interview people on the street for Jimmy Fallon NOT in... Read More

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