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Seattle's one of the best cities to move to in 2014!

Apr 09th | categories: Funny, Local

Uh oh! Put on your best "Seattle Freeze" face, lock your doors, and start updating all social media accounts with tales of how much it rains here, because the newbies are coming!! Seattle ranked #2 on a new list of the "10 Best Cities to... Read More

The latest food trend is... toast!?

Mar 21st | categories: Food, Funny, Local

You read that right. The fanciest, trendiest, latest food that you must try is... TOAST! Apparently toast is all the rage is San Francisco right now. People are paying $5 for a singular, fancy piece of bread. And luckily for us, this food trend is coming... Read More


Mar 21st | categories: Animals, Funny, whatever

Goats are the weirdest. They eat EVERYTHING. They poop pellets. They make weird noises, and this one thinks it's a chicken:   Happy Friday. :E GREGR

RIP Studio Chair?

Mar 13th | categories: Funny, Gross, Local

It may be time for this relic to go up to the big living room in the sky. What do you think?

Between Two Ferns: President Obama

Mar 11th | categories: Funny, Video

Zach Galifianakis's Between Two Ferns usually devolves into some sort of name calling between celebrities, but seeing our President get in on the fun caught me a bit off guard! After watching his appearance, President Obama looks to have a long... Read More

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