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Check Out Bear Hands on Conan!

Oct 28th | categories: Awesome, Music, Music News, Music Video, TV

Our friends from Bear Hands were on Conan O'Brien last night and performed their new single "Agora." Seems like just a few days ago they were melting faces at Summer Camp and now they've hit the big time. Check out their performance!

Watch: Anderson Cooper Did A Wonderful Piece on the Foo Fighters

Oct 27th | categories: Awesome, Music Video, TV

Week by week, we're gearing up for the new Foo Fighters album, Sonic Highways. Then, ahead of the planned weekly releases, Anderson Cooper shows up with this piece from 60 Minutes about the Foos recording in New Orleans and now I can't wait!!... Read More

Watch DTHB's Royal Blood Thunder on Seth Meyers

Oct 17th | categories: Awesome, TV, Video

The band I'm most excited to see at the #DTHB is hard to choose, but I'll tell you, the British duo Royal Blood have piqued my interests. The playing through different pedals and amps to make a bass sound like a guitar sounds awesome, and every... Read More

Watch Letterman Lose His Damn Mind When Foo's + Heart Play 'Kick It Out'

Oct 15th | categories: Awesome, TV, Video

Can the Foo Fighters + Ann and Nancy Wilson Kick Any More Ass? Probably not. It's hard to imagine the rest of the Letterman takeover being any cooler than this awesome Seattle-centric late night performance! Get ready to "Kick It Out"!... Read More

Video: Foo Fighters Cover Sabbath, Awesome

Oct 14th | categories: Awesome, TV, Video

The Foo Fighters' week long residence on The Late Show with David Letterman started off in some serious metal fashion - not metal like Mastodon, rather, metal from it's roots - Black Sabbath! All week, the Foos will cover different songs... Read More

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