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Modest Mouse Play "Lampshades" on the Tonight Show

Mar 18th | categories: Music, TV

Good to see all 700 members of Modest Mouse showed up to play something from Strangers to Ourselves, the album released yesterday after an eight-year drought of new music. Modest Mouse first debuted this song the same time as they last played Sasquatch!... Read More

Parks & Rec: Seattle Edition

Feb 11th | categories: Food, Funny, Live, Local, TV

If you love the television show, Parks & Rec as much as I do, then you're gonna love this blog post! For starters, Ron and Tammy aka Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally are bringing their "Summer of 69" tour to Seattle! They'll be at... Read More

John Oliver Delivers Sick Burn on Seattle, Big Pharma

Feb 10th | categories: Awesome, Funny, TV

I'm stoked season two of 'Last Week Tonight' with John Oliver is here! I'll usually watch most of John's rather long form commentary on a specific subject we're otherwise asleep to, but when he starts by giving the residents of... Read More

Video: Stephen Colbert Sells Michael Stipe for A Quarter...

Dec 18th | categories: TV

Since it's his last week of a successful almost decade-long run of fun, Stephen Colbert is doing some house cleaning. He did the American thing and held a yard sale to offload some of the awesome "junk" he's collected over the years.... Read More

End Recommends: Go See Dan Soder Do Stand Up

Nov 20th | categories: Awesome, Live, TV, Video

When I first met Dan Soder, I trained him to work after me in the late night hours at a radio station in small town Arizona - the one with lots of weird looking cactus. I made it to mornings on The End and he blew up even bigger! He's spent almost a... Read More

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