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Nerd Talk Ponders a 10 Minute Trip from Tacoma to Seattle

Nov 18th | categories: Nerd Talk

Japan built a train that goes 311mph! That's Tacoma to Seattle in ~10mins! Introducing SnapCash, now you can pay people to send you naked snaps... Wait, there may be two giant planets lurking on the outskirts of our solar system? :E GREGR

Nerd Talk Is Worried About the Holiday Chocolate Shortage

Nov 17th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk

The new app upgrade from Target is pretty awesome. "Kissing is awesome" says the 80 million mouth bacteria that you share each smooch. Forget the rain forest (don't do that actually), we need to save the chocolate farms!!... Read More

Nerd Talk Is Pumped About Philae Landing On That Comet!

Nov 12th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk

It's been a remarkable day for nerds and math and robots and stuff. Today the European Space Agency sent a cute little three legged probe from orbit to the surface of a rapidly moving comet. I can't even begin to understand how we can talk to... Read More

Nerd Talk - Bring Your Blimp!

Nov 11th | categories: Nerd Talk

Google is leasing this super blimp hangar in CA for Google spacey things... Instagram got a new upgrade where you can finally edit your damn captions. Coffee nerds came up with a disposable system of keeping your coffee warm longer and it's pretty... Read More

Nerd Talk - Let's Get Old Timey

Oct 03rd | categories: Nerd Talk

Someone found some old film in a garage - turned out to be from 1924 World Series! This dress that lights up brighter as someone's mood changes could be a real turn on. Pizza Hut rules: 30 years of giving kids incentive for reading books! Have... Read More

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