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Nerd Talk: Pervert Robots Surfin' the Internet

Jul 02nd | categories: Nerd Talk

NERD TALK - Listen Below 1. Dubai is gonna 3d print an entire building and all the stuff in it - even the half eaten lunch... 2. Household waste will power an airplane… no word yet if it time travels to the future. 3. Perverted robots being... Read More

Nerd Talk: Robots Taking Over Charity Work

Jul 01st | categories: Nerd Talk

Soon, we'll need them to overthrow us since we won't have jobs or anything to do... NERD TALK - Listen Below 1. Because nothing says going to the park like free wifi. sigh. 2. Robot’s will be building houses in no time. 3. New Spider... Read More

Nerd Talk: Disney Bans Idiot Tool

Jun 30th | categories: Nerd Talk

Manley calls them "lonely poles"; I call that name brilliant! NERD TALK - Listen Below 2. Disney officially bans selfie stick. 3. I was gonna talk deadliest spiders, but how can anyone read that s***? 1. Hyperloop - helping us travel... Read More

Nerd Talk: Tomorrow May Feel EXTRA Long

Jun 29th | categories: Nerd Talk

NERD TALK - Listen Below 1. SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket went ker-blamo. 2. Tomorrow is gonna be extra long… one whole second longer than the others. 3. 3D latte art machine proves humans are finished!  

Nerd Talk: Blindfolded Super Mario World Is CRAZY

Jun 26th | categories: Nerd Talk

NERD TALK - Listen Below 1. Lego is trying to go greener with their bricks. 2. Cool nerd beats Super Mario World in 23 minutes - blindfolded. 3. Microsoft VR heads to space, i’m super jealous.  

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