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Nerd Talk Wants A Space Donut

Apr 15th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk

Seriously, it would be the perfect addition to donut Friday! NERD TALK - Listen below! 1. robots will cook you dinner by 2017, neatly chop up your body. 3. We sent the first donut to space. 2. Finally, VR is worth a damn. Drink beer with... Read More

Stephen Hawking Has His Own Record Store Day Release

Apr 14th | categories: Awesome, Music, Nerd Talk

That's a real thing I just typed, and I'm both giggling and having a hard time wrapping my brain around it. Hawking -  rather his robot voice - stars in a music video for Monty Python and their final tour/reunion thing. Hawking's... Read More

Nerd Talk Has a Cure For Colorblindness

Apr 13th | categories: Nerd Talk

... but only if you spell it without the "u" in color... colour?!? Come on. ;) NERD TALK - listen below! 1. good luck in a self driving car when you get motion sickness :/ 2. Autonomous quadracopter with cell phone brain... 3. UW... Read More

Nerd Talk is Terrified of Scorpions!

Apr 09th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk

They're super scary, but they can fight cancer! NERD TALK - Listen Below! 1. "Alien life likely by 2025" -Science. 2. Take all the LEGO video games and mash them into one new game! 3. Scorpion poison could fight brain... Read More

Nerd Talk Has Some Good Brontosaurus News!

Apr 08th | categories: Animals, Awesome, Nerd Talk

I don't care what happened in Jurassic Park, let's bring these bastards back!¬† NERD TALK - Listen below! 1. Finally, you won’t almost murder cyclists on your way home, good for everyone. 2. Just uncovered some big brontosaurus... Read More

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