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Nerd Talk: Boeing Made A Forcefield!!

Mar 25th | categories: Local, Nerd Talk

It's about time we got to work on X-Wing star fighters! NERD TALK 1. Forcefields for real. 2. Spiderman to be played by an actual teenager! 3. Awesome kickstarter to protect your headphone cables.

Nerd Talk Thinks Jupiter Is A Big Jerk!

Mar 24th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk

NERD TALK 1. Jupiter swallowed a bunch of planets like a big jerk. 2. Design your own 3d printed heros and villains. 3. Plen2 is your own 3D printable robot.

Nerd Talk Is Afraid of Lava Monsters

Mar 23rd | categories: Nerd Talk

NERD TALK 1. US Navy to use rollercoaster techmology to launch planes. 2. Moon may have giant lava tubes perfect for humans to become lunar ants. 3. Large Hadron Collider to turn back on today, start smashing particles!

Nerd Talk Was Hoping for the Dwarf Planet to be Unicron, It's Not...

Mar 19th | categories: Nerd Talk

Sigh... NERD TALK 1. Goodbye passwords, microsoft has the answer. 2. NASA thinks it knows what's going on on Ceres. 3. Stupid politicians give Cobra Commander key to city.

Nerd Talk Is Covered In Diamonds

Mar 18th | categories: Nerd Talk

NERD TALK 1. You can now send someone money via Facebook… 2. Most expensive apple watch... $115k!!! 3. IE is dead.

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