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Nerd Talk Fixes that Ringing In Your Ears

Jan 09th | categories: Nerd Talk

NERD TALK 1. Hearing loss reversed by gene therapy. 2. Neil deGrasse Tyson getting his own late night science talk show. 3. First new anti-biotic in 25 years discovered. Prepare for super imminent super cold.

Nerd Talk: Back To The Future Self Tying Shoes in 2015!

Jan 08th | categories: Nerd Talk

NERD TALK 1. Paul Revere’s box. 2. It’s official, Nike self lacing shoes. 3. kepler found more earth-y planets.

Nerd Talk: Oh Great, Robots Are Learning From YouTube!

Jan 07th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk

NERD TALK 1. Welcome back, Walkman. 2. play your favorite 90’s games without time travel. 3. Dammit, now scientists are making robots that can learn complex stuff from youtube.

Nerd Talk: NASA Sent a Wrench to Space!

Dec 19th | categories: Nerd Talk

NERD TALK 1. Oops we accidentally slowed aging in skin of mice, my bad. 2. NASA emails a wrench to ISS. 3. iPad lands an airplane. BONUS: Colbert Report signs off, can still virtually tour the studio.

Nerd Talk WANTS IT NOW. Amazon To Deliver!

Dec 18th | categories: Nerd Talk

NERD TALK 1. amazon now. 2. Bots outnumber humans on the internet… great. 3. Pacific Science Center IMAX is getting a big projector upgrade. Bonus: cardboard streetview taking cardboard VR goggles and your android phone!.

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