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Nerd Talk: The Hidden Cost of Windows 10... Solitaire?!

Jul 30th | categories: Nerd Talk

We've been had!!! Windows 10 seemed like a pretty badass upgrade (specifically the part where it's free) but then they went and surprised us and I went and made an unnecessarily big deal about it! :) NERD TALK - Listen Below 1. Seriously -... Read More

Nerd Talk: Veggie Burgers - Now With Blood!

Jul 29th | categories: Nerd Talk

So there's a company with smarty pants scientists that found a way to give a veggie burger the coloring and taste of blood! They also make cheese sorta similarly - only without the blood. Google wanted a piece of this action, but are they willing to... Read More

Nerd Talk: Less Murder-y Robots, Please.

Jul 28th | categories: Nerd Talk

Seriously, it's about damn time that a group of the smartest people on the planet got together to be like, "hey dummies, if you make robots good at killing humans, they will eventually turn on you and ruin things - you know the exact plot to... Read More

Nerd Talk: Oh Good, Scarier Snakes

Jul 27th | categories: Nerd Talk

There is very little about snakes that doesn't freak me the f out: the slithering, that creep tongue... do they even blink?! Well, scientists have discovered some snake bones that make this creepy reptile literally creepier. Stay away,... Read More

Nerd Talk: Screw Earth One, We're Headed To Earth Two!

Jul 24th | categories: Nerd Talk

Technically, Earth Two may be older and bigger than current earth, and who knows - maybe there are dinosaurs still on Earth Two?!?! NERD TALK - Listen Below 1. Dude, NASA found original earth - it’ll only take us 1400 years to get there.... Read More

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