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Whenever I Hear 'Bad Blood' This Is All I Can Think Of

Jul 01st | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk, Video Games

At first, I thought for sure the opening part of Bastille's "Bad Blood" took inspiration from a 90's, bad graphics video game, Monkey Island, but a quick listen just didn't do it. Where had I heard this opening: It's... Read More

Nerd Talk: Hollywood is Further Ruining My Childhood

Jun 25th | categories: Nerd Talk

The FAA doesn't want you to receive packages via drone delivery, but hopefully, being the government, Amazon and other retailers can just buy a law change!  Uhhhhh, Germany is kicking our butts off the pitch and in the progressive thinking... Read More

Nerd Talk: Waterjet Hoverboard?!?

Jun 24th | categories: Nerd Talk

I'm ready to die trying to fly over the top of Lake Washington of a stream of jet propelled water! It looks pretty insane. Rarely do I feel older than when I find out something I snuck into as a kid is now 25 years old like Batman. I'm not... Read More

Nerd Talk: LEGO Dino Skeleton!!!

Jun 05th | categories: Nerd Talk

Thanks to fan submissions and votes, LEGO announced they'd debut a series of women in science called Research Institute including astronomer, chemist, and paleontologist (including T-Rex LEGO skeleton!). Time to update your Instagram app... Read More

Nerd Talk: A New Facebook Feature Creepier Than A Poke

May 20th | categories: Nerd Talk

3D printing has taken off with all sorts of pointless toys nerds make to sit upon their desks, but science is taking big interest in the rapidly-cheapening technology. Take this woman who needed a skull rebuilt! NASA's figuring out how to land... Read More

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