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Nerd Talk - Let's Get Old Timey

Oct 03rd | categories: Nerd Talk

Someone found some old film in a garage - turned out to be from 1924 World Series! This dress that lights up brighter as someone's mood changes could be a real turn on. Pizza Hut rules: 30 years of giving kids incentive for reading books! Have... Read More

Nerd Talk: How Many Turtles Can You Fit In Your Pants?

Sep 26th | categories: Nerd Talk

"How many turtles can you fit in your pants?" are the type of tough questions the journalism of Nerd Talk tackles. Also, learn how to score $20k by helping NASA OR just help The Oatmeal rebuild the Tesla laboratory into a museum. :E... Read More

Watch Every Single Shuttle Launch in One Video!

Aug 12th | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk, Video

Someone must have a seriously boring job or too much time on their hands, but I'm not complaining! This dude took all the NASA provided launch footage from the entirety of the shuttle program (including the tragic Challenger explosion, RIP), spliced... Read More

Whenever I Hear 'Bad Blood' This Is All I Can Think Of

Jul 01st | categories: Awesome, Nerd Talk, Video Games

At first, I thought for sure the opening part of Bastille's "Bad Blood" took inspiration from a 90's, bad graphics video game, Monkey Island, but a quick listen just didn't do it. Where had I heard this opening: It's... Read More

Nerd Talk: Hollywood is Further Ruining My Childhood

Jun 25th | categories: Nerd Talk

The FAA doesn't want you to receive packages via drone delivery, but hopefully, being the government, Amazon and other retailers can just buy a law change!  Uhhhhh, Germany is kicking our butts off the pitch and in the progressive thinking... Read More

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