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So, You're In Seattle... Comedian Dan Soder

Nov 22nd | categories: Awesome, Interview, So You're In Seattle

You know someone is doing great in the business they love when they no longer need to have a job to support their quest. Dan Soder, a dude I first met to train at a radio station more than a decade ago, spent the entire time I've known him working to... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Steve Zakuani

Nov 14th | categories: Awesome, Interview, So You're In Seattle

At the end of the 2010 Sounders FC season, there was some serious buzz flying around the name Steve Zakuani. Everyone knew that the upcoming 2011 team would seriously benefit from a guy that was about to enter his prime soccer form.  Sadly for... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Dave Clark // Sounder At Heart

Dave Clark's love of writing met with a heart full of Sounders FC pride to make one of the coolest sports blogs in the city, Sounder at Heart. His passion for sports coverage grew beyond just his own keyboard, and currently a staff of about 10 cover... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Alex Jerabek Made A Seattle Centric RPG

Oct 18th | categories: Awesome, Interview, Local, So You're In Seattle

I've known Alex Jerabek for several years, and thanks to radio, he's known me even longer! Alex is a former Microsoft engineer, chef, and now full time table top game developer for his own company, Cherry Picked Games. Alex is in the midst of... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Gregr interviewed by Ronnie the Student

Oct 15th | categories: Interview, So You're In Seattle

The whole purpose of So, You're In Seattle is for me to talk to people about what it is they do in Seattle. Those things may be for one night when Jack Antonoff is in town visiting to promote his new band, or just another End DJ. Regardless, I was a... Read More

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