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So, You're In Seattle: Vance Joy + Riptide Acoustic

Jun 06th | categories: Interview, Live, Music, So You're In Seattle

It's not often that bands and the legal system are mentioned in the same sentence with a positive conclusion. While Australian singer Vance Joy worked towards a degree in law, he wrote a song on the side that landed him a huge record contract. Now... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Ted Smith

May 01st | categories: Interview, So You're In Seattle

Ted and I have worked in the same building for the last five years, we've talked a ton, but it dawned on me... I don't really know anything about the guy. I've heard rumors of his backstory in the radio business, but those turned out to be... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Andrew Harms (Special Edition)

Apr 25th | categories: Awesome, Interview, So You're In Seattle

When I moved to Seattle all those years ago, the first person to be nice to me was former End DJ Harms. He went out of his way and volunteered to help me move some of my stuff into my apartment (sucker!), took me out for lunch, and taught me allllll... Read More

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