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So, You're In Seattle: Beer Wizard Colby Chandler

Jul 25th | categories: Awesome, Beer For Breakfast, Interview

Colby Chandler is the coolest beer wizard San Diego has ever seen! I say wizard because not only does he have an awesome beard, but he mixes some potent, tasty potions (beers)! Additionally, thanks to a background in restaurants, he's great at... Read More

Beer For Breakfast: Schooner EXACT

Jun 13th | categories: Beer For Breakfast

A small brewery that started with a half-barrel system, brewing under the West Seattle Bridge, Schooner EXACT has grown into bigger quarters with a matching reputation. Some great northwest beers come from their SODO operation, and we took some time to... Read More

Beer For Breakfast: Pale Ale Weekend!

Jun 07th | categories: Beer For Breakfast

It's no secret that we love hoppy beers* on Beer For Breakfast. The downside to hops, the IBU (International Bitterness Unit scale) goes higher and higher the tastier they get, and most people new to a hoppy beer have a tough time battling the... Read More

Beer For Breakfast: Fremont Brewing Co

May 30th | categories: Beer For Breakfast

Tony Velasquez of Fremont Brewing Co popped in this morning to give us a sample of some tasty beers for your weekend adventures. I'm a big IPA fan so the Operation Homefront IPA really spoke to me! Fremont Brewing Co - Operation Homefront IPA... Read More

Beer For Breakfast: Memorial Day Weekend BEEER!

May 23rd | categories: Awesome, Beer For Breakfast

It's no secret that we like our IPA's, but when it comes to goofing off outside at the BBQ or somewhere sunny (hopefully), drinking something with a little less octane isn't a bad call. Lagers and Pilsners are right in that wheelhouse. Also,... Read More

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