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New Music Discovery: The Arcs "Outta My Mind"

Jun 29th | categories: Music, New Music Discovery

Dan Auerbach is the big name in this band, but it's not his project. The Arcs are a group of dudes that Dan plays with and they finally just put an official name to the band. He stayed away from using his name because it's equal parts everyone... Read More

New Music Discovery: Robert DeLong "Don't Wait Up"

Bothell dude, Robert DeLong has been hard at work on new music for the last year or so and we're finally getting to hear some of it! "Don't Wait Up" is the first song off his next album and it's so dance-y & catchy &... Read More

New Music Discovery: Eagles of Death Metal "Complexity"

Jun 16th | categories: Music, Music News, New Music Discovery

I thought for sure this band hand tossed in the bar towel on their awesome run of rock n' roll records, but thanks to great news today I know that Jesse Huges and Joshua Homme haven't slowed down a bit since 2008's Heart On. Finally, some new... Read More

New Music Discovery: Mumford & Sons talk new album

May 06th | categories: Interview, Music, New Music Discovery

The new record from Mumford and Sons, "Wilder Mind" was released earlier this week and it showcases a beautiful new sound for the band. You won't hear a banjo or an accordian on the entire album. The guys have instead chosen to plug in... Read More

What are you listening to right now?

Apr 29th | categories: Local, Locals Only, Music, New Music Discovery

I'm obsessed with a Seattle band called Ivan & Alyosha. They were super popular in our city a few years back and are getting ready to release their sophomore album in May. It's called It's All Just Pretend and the first single is friggen... Read More

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