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New Music Discovery: Mumford & Sons talk new album

May 06th | categories: Interview, Music, New Music Discovery

The new record from Mumford and Sons, "Wilder Mind" was released earlier this week and it showcases a beautiful new sound for the band. You won't hear a banjo or an accordian on the entire album. The guys have instead chosen to plug in... Read More

What are you listening to right now?

Apr 29th | categories: Local, Locals Only, Music, New Music Discovery

I'm obsessed with a Seattle band called Ivan & Alyosha. They were super popular in our city a few years back and are getting ready to release their sophomore album in May. It's called It's All Just Pretend and the first single is friggen... Read More

New Music Discovery: Brandon Flowers

Apr 15th | categories: Music, Music Video, New Music Discovery

Brandon Flowers from The Killers recently announced his second solo record, The Desired Effect, which hits stores on May 18th. I'm gonna be honest with you... I didn't really care for his first solo record. At all. I'm a huge fan of The... Read More

New Music Discovery: Mumford & Sons - "The Wolf"

Apr 09th | categories: Music, Music Video, New Music Discovery

Mumford and Sons are set to release their new album, Wilder Mind, next month. We've already heard "Believe" and it's a beautiful taste of what we can expect from the new sound on their record. But if you were hoping for a little more... Read More

ICYMI: Death Cab For Cutie Joined Manley for the Gimme 5 at 5

To celebrate the release of their new album KINSTSUGI, Ben and Nick from Death Cab for Cutie dropped by the studio and sat with me during the Gimme 5 at 5 to discuss and play some tunes of it. If you missed it, don't worry, I recorded it!... Read More

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