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Watch Very American Video for Alt-J "Left Hand Free"

Aug 07th | categories: Music Video, whatever

Look, I wouldn't be suspicious of alt-J ∆ making fun of America in their new video for "Left Hand Free" if they hadn't already made fun of America by stating the song is meant to appeal to "American truckers with ‘Good... Read More

Where's the best place to camp in Seattle?

Jun 03rd | categories: Local, whatever

I'm definitely a camping newbie. I just recently bought my first backpack, sleeping bag, and tent. Still need to get fitted for hiking boots and buy a good rain jacket, though. Now that I have all this gear, where should I go? I went camping on... Read More

Seattle is the best at a lof of things on the internet this week!

May 30th | categories: Awesome, Food, Local, whatever

This post has nothing to do with Seattle's Best Coffee, so I apologize for misleading you with that photo. However, this post is about all the things Seattle's best at. According to the internet right now, Seattle has some of the best bars,... Read More

Selfie, Dubstep, Fangirl Are All Dictionary Words Now. Sigh.

May 20th | categories: whatever, WTF

Dubstep, Auto-Tune, Fangirl, Crowdfunding, Hashtag and m***********g SELFIE all make the cut for the newest edition of Merriam-Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. Sigh. I feel like we should make up a word and use the s*** out of it for the next... Read More

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