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So, You're In Seattle: Beer Wizard Colby Chandler

Jul 25th | categories: Awesome, Beer For Breakfast, Interview

Colby Chandler is the coolest beer wizard San Diego has ever seen! I say wizard because not only does he have an awesome beard, but he mixes some potent, tasty potions (beers)! Additionally, thanks to a background in restaurants, he's great at... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Shaprece

Jul 18th | categories: Interview, Music

When she first walked in the lobby on the 16th floor here at 1077 The End, her entrance struck me. Shaprece enters a room and you feel it. She's a local girl with some great pipes. A lifelong singer, Shaprece finds herself redefining a direction... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Erin Tate

Jul 11th | categories: Awesome, Interview, Locals Only

I don't know what happened where I became friends with someone as cool as the drummer from Minus the Bear, Erin Tate. He's the best. He's in my mind what it means to be a dirty Seattle musician. Every time I run into this butt, one of the... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Pepper the DJ!

Jul 09th | categories: Awesome, Interview

I've known Pepper since before her name was Pepper, it was Julio. It wasn't Julio. Pepper hosts the midday show at The End, but is also super supportive of the local music scene in Seattle. Every Sunday night she's busy rubbing elbows... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Kevin Zelko

Jun 14th | categories: Interview

He's a dude that I've interviewed the most during my time at 1077 The End. That's pretty strange considering how long I've worked here. Kevin's a former punk rocker turned teacher. He's always got a cause and he's excellent at... Read More

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