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So, You're In Seattle... Kevin Sur of Timber Outdoor Music Festival

Jun 10th | categories: Interview, Locals Only, Music, Podcast

What I thought would be us talking about how to book a music festival turned into an awesome conversation of about punk rock music and ethics! Man, people like Kevin take me back in time to when I had no money and just did things for the fun of it -... Read More

So, You're in Seattle... Marco Collins & Marq Evans

May 29th | categories: Interview, Locals Only, Podcast

I can't imagine what it must be like to have a film made about your life. Marco Collins is a name synonymous with 1077 The End. in the formative days of alternative radio, Marco found himself breaking bands that went on to have huge, sometimes tragic... Read More

Steven interviews the Helio Sequence!

May 19th | categories: Interview, Local, Locals Only, Music

Oregon band, The Helio Sequence, just put out their 6th album on Sub Pop Records and stopped by the studio to talk all about it. Since Steven(my Locals Only co-host) just had the band on his festival up in Everett, I thought he should be the one to chat... Read More

I got to interview the director of Valley of the Sasquatch!

May 18th | categories: Interview, Local, Movies

If you know me at all, you know I love anything and everything weird; The X-Files, UFOs, Nessy, and especially Bigfoot! So I'm super excited for a new movie that's premiering at SIFF this month. It's called Valley of the Sasquatch and... Read More

So, You're In Seattle... Andy Miniger

May 15th | categories: Interview, Locals Only, Podcast

Since they first started filming 'The Glamour and the Squalor', Andy has included 1077 The End in the process. It's a documentary about a beloved name in music history, Marco Collins, a former End DJ and member of the Rock N Roll Hall of... Read More

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