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So, You're in Seattle... Christen Greene

Sep 02nd | categories: Interview, Podcast

Christen Greene always hovers just outside my reach. She’s a figure I see all over Seattle, but have never had a chance to really connect with and sit around to BS for an afternoon. It turns out that Christen prefers to facilitate things happening... Read More

So, You're In Seattle... Joe Hammill Summits Mt Rainier

Aug 26th | categories: Interview, Podcast, So You're In Seattle

My buddy Joe finds fun adventures in places I would never consider. He’s the outgoing type that when I’m grumping around about something, he finds an opportunity to have fun. He’s a scooter club member - Soldiers of Destiny - I would... Read More

Manley Interviews Robert Delong at Summer Camp 2015

Aug 21st | categories: Interview, Local, Summer Camp

I remember a few years ago when I was living in Las Vegas having a record label person bring me a song from "this dude who makes music with all sorts of weird s#@% like Nintendo controllers." Crazy to think just 2 years later that Nintendo... Read More

Sexiest Daytime Performance For a Nighttime Band Goes To...

Aug 20th | categories: Interview, Summer Camp

One of the toughest parts about throwing an all-day concert is that most of these maniacs that play in bands operate like sonar echoing bats in the dark hours of the night. Asking someone who otherwise plays off the sexiness of shadows to both wake up... Read More

Manley Interviews Saint Motel at Summer Camp 2015

Aug 20th | categories: Awesome, Interview, Summer Camp, Video

Sometimes you hear a song and think "EVERYONE is going to like this." Thats what happened to me after my first listen to "My Type" by Saint Motel. After just one listen it instantly became one of my favorite songs of the year and I... Read More

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