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So, You're In Seattle: Dwight Small and His Excellent Mustache

Sep 16th | categories: Awesome, Interview, So You're In Seattle

Dwight's mustache has been around longer than his marriage! He's the engineer who's done radio longer than anyone else in the building - because he's a badass. The dude keeps the station on the air with his electrical engineering prowess.... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Sean McCormick

Sep 03rd | categories: Awesome, Interview, So You're In Seattle

Man, I LOVE floating. Knowing my fascination with outer space, you may think I'm talking orbital weightlessness or skydiving or something, but in this case, no. Sean McCormick is one of my first Seattle friends and he went from being a sales guy... Read More

A Chat With Jack White

Aug 27th | categories: Awesome, Interview, Music News

Jack White books two shows in Seattle and both sell with ZERO problem. The dude brings his newest work Lazaretto, in conjunction with a 15+ year career, to a town dying to see a pro play a venue as beautiful as the Paramount Theatre. I experienced some... Read More

So, You're in Seattle: Kool Keith

Aug 25th | categories: Awesome, Interview, So You're In Seattle

I've known Keith longer than I've lived in Seattle. He's responsible for some of my favorite t-shirts ever because he prints awesome s*** on shirts for a living. Keith is the koolest coolest and a dear friend. We've had some crazy... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Miles Montgomery

Aug 15th | categories: Interview, Local

So Miles got real sore at me when he found out that Thee Ted Smith came on the show (Epidsode 12). Thinking I was sneaky, I waited for a few months to then spring it on him coming out of the elevator hoping he'd be super surprised, and high five, and... Read More

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