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We're Teaming Up With Pearl Jam!!!

Apr 02nd | categories: Interview, Local, Music News

Listen to our special guest talk about his awesome charity, the Vitalogy Foundation. It's a public non-profit organization formed in 2006 by the members of Pearl Jam and their manager - almost a decade of helping! I was joined in studio by a Seattle... Read More

ICYMI: Death Cab For Cutie Joined Manley for the Gimme 5 at 5

To celebrate the release of their new album KINSTSUGI, Ben and Nick from Death Cab for Cutie dropped by the studio and sat with me during the Gimme 5 at 5 to discuss and play some tunes of it. If you missed it, don't worry, I recorded it!... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Kellen Prouse

Apr 01st | categories: Interview, So You're In Seattle

Kellen is a dude that has Multiple Sclerosis. I honestly had no idea what that really meant short of a. lots of people here get it and b. it has to do with motor skills. I ended up finding out it's way more terrible than I thought, but that you can... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Ben Gibbard & Nick Harmer

Mar 05th | categories: Interview, Music News, So You're In Seattle

"Do you wanna have Death Cab For Cutie on your podcast?" is the best question I've been asked in ages... well, besides "do you wanna go to Little Woody's?". Ben and new guitarist/pianist Zac played a small EndSession for a... Read More

So, You're In Seattle: Billy Thompson!

Feb 24th | categories: Interview, Locals Only, Music, So You're In Seattle

Billy Bill BTHOMP Thompson harnesses more natural singing ability and creativity than I could aspire to earn in a lifetime of focused study. When I first started working at The End, I found him asleep one day in a nook in my office when he definitely... Read More

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