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So, You're In Seattle... Eric Nakassa

Jul 22nd | categories: Interview, Music, Podcast

I've been watching the awesome work this dude posts on Vine for the last year - now all of a sudden, Eric has over 300k followers on his main account! I say main account because he's stepped away from the place that got him the notoriety he... Read More

New Music Discovery: The Moth and the Flame

Jul 21st | categories: Interview, Live, Music, New Music Discovery

Imagine having your song and music video blow up and go viral across the internet. Then imagine finding out that NO ONE knows it was you, because you weren't given any credit for it. Brutal right? Thats exactly what happened to The Moth and the... Read More

Steven interviews Wild Ones!

Jul 14th | categories: Interview, Local, Locals Only

Steven Graham is my awesome co-host for Locals Only. He does so much good stuff for the local music scene up in Everett and he's always bringing new bands to my attention. Like Portland group, Wild Ones! They were just in town for a show with The... Read More

Interview with Laura Jane Grace/Against Me

Jul 07th | categories: Interview

I read a pretty awesome tweet when I got up this morning - one that told me that Laura Jane Grace (Against Me) was the guest on Marc Maron's WTF Pod - yesterday, I know... Having negotiated 600 interviews, this is a cool topic that evidently... Read More

So, You're In Seattle... Kevin Sur of Timber Outdoor Music Festival

Jun 10th | categories: Interview, Locals Only, Music, Podcast

What I thought would be us talking about how to book a music festival turned into an awesome conversation of about punk rock music and ethics! Man, people like Kevin take me back in time to when I had no money and just did things for the fun of it -... Read More

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