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The Black Keys "Fever"

Mar 26th | categories: Music News, WTF

This is crazy. For some bizarre reason, The Black Keys are close enough with former boxer turned actor Mike Tyson. Tyson used his Twitter to announce info about their new album Turn Blue. Hear the newest single "Fever" below. The strangest part... Read More

Intern Volunteers to Be Shot by Flying Drone Armed with 80k Volt Stun Gun

Mar 10th | categories: Nerd Stuff, Video, WTF

Perhaps I'm naive when assuming everyone has seen Terminator 2 and kinda more importantly, Terminator 3 - the one where the robots become aware and start to kill the humans. I'm all for robots if they turn out like Johnny 5 and turn in their... Read More

Scary Video: Man Beats Olympia Bus Driver

Feb 27th | categories: Video, WTF

A terrifying day for a bus driver in Olympia this week. After overhearing a passenger swearing and being unruly, the driver pulled over, and authoritatively told said passenger to get off the bus. This man wasn't having any of it and told the... Read More

What To Do If You're Alone on Valentine's Day (Even If You're Not)

Feb 14th | categories: Awesome, Funny, WTF

What NOT to do if you're alone of Valentine's Day: Whine on Facebook. Turn off the lights and cry... in your office. Get drunk and creepily tweet things at me. What you SHOULD do if you're alone on Valentine's Day: Call a... Read More

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