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I found more secret things in Seattle!

Jul 29th | categories: History, Local

Well to be honest, someone at Movoto found more "secret" things about Seattle and I'm just blogging about it. That's how the internet works, okay? So... last week I posted a list of 43 secret Seattle hangouts and now I've got 13... Read More

Macklemore joins A River For All campaign.

Jun 30th | categories: Awesome, History, Local

Even if you're tired of hearing his songs on the radio every day, you gotta admit that Macklemore is a pretty good dude. He loves this city and it's always cool to see Seattleites making headlines. Ben aka Macklemore has recently joined the... Read More

50 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Seattle

Jun 18th | categories: Awesome, History, Local

We have a naked pumpkin run? Kenny G grew up here? Seattle gets less rain than New York and Chicago? The Space Needle sways in the wind!? There's so many things about Seattle that I didn't know! Well, I actually knew about the rainfall thing but... Read More

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