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10 Reasons Why Jurassic Park is the Greatest Movie Ever

Jun 11th | categories: Funny, Movies

I'm so excited about going to see Jurassic World tonight at the Cinerama! IT'S GOING TO BE AMAZING! And to make it even more special, today is the anniversary of the first movie's release; Jurassic Park hit theaters on June 11, 1993. Which... Read More

LISTEN: Marco Collins on Locals Only

Jun 01st | categories: Local, Locals Only, Movies, Music

If Steven and I look like total nerds in that photo with Marco, it's probably because we were geeking out about having him on the show. Marco's a legend for us radio folk and really for anyone that works in the music industry here in Seattle. I... Read More

I got to interview the director of Valley of the Sasquatch!

May 18th | categories: Interview, Local, Movies

If you know me at all, you know I love anything and everything weird; The X-Files, UFOs, Nessy, and especially Bigfoot! So I'm super excited for a new movie that's premiering at SIFF this month. It's called Valley of the Sasquatch and... Read More

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