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WNW: Weird News Wednesday

Apr 02nd | categories: Books, Gross, News, Weird News, whatever

Everything seemed a bit too normal these last couple months, but don't worry! I have once again scoured the internet for all things weird. So, you remember that guy from Texas that claimed to have shot and killed Bigfoot, and was taking the body on a... Read More

There was a Bigfoot sighting on 'Couv Island!

Mar 07th | categories: Animals, Funny, Local, Weird News

Does anyone else refer to Vancouver Island as 'Couv Island? Cause we really should. Then you could tell your friends that you were taking a trip... TO THE COUV! I'm strange, I know. Anyway... A fisheries officer on the island recently had a very... Read More

Secret experiments took place in Seattle on Halloween!?

Jan 27th | categories: Local, Weird News

Well this is incredibly creepy. If you went trick or treating in Seattle back in 1976, chances are you were part of an experiment. Apparently a woman would invite you into her house and offer you a piece of candy. She would then leave the room and... Read More

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