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Death from Above 1979 EndSession @ EMP 11.19.14

Nov 20th | categories: Awkward, Endsession, Interview, Live, Music

Canadian wise guys Sebastien Grainger and Jesse F. Keeler of the band 'Death From Above 1979' spent a couple of hours with the End at the EMP museum not only to play a few acoustic songs during an intimate EndSession in the JBL Theater but to... Read More

End Recommends: Go See Dan Soder Do Stand Up

Nov 20th | categories: Awesome, Live, TV, Video

When I first met Dan Soder, I trained him to work after me in the late night hours at a radio station in small town Arizona - the one with lots of weird looking cactus. I made it to mornings on The End and he blew up even bigger! He's spent almost a... Read More

This Is Among the Coolest Videos of 2014

Nov 19th | categories: Live, Music Video, New Music Discovery

I got an email from a buddy with the "dude, I love this band (from the town I live in) and they're super sweet and stuff"... Typically this translates to "I got drunk and saw this band and close talked them until they were... Read More

Lights @ Showbox 11.15.14

Nov 16th | categories: Live, Music

With the name "Lights" I expected to find Home Depot and Ikea flooding the result while searching for more information. Those sites were there of course but the artist Lights has become so popular that there she is on page one of Google :) She... Read More

END RECOMMENDS: Julian Casablancas + The Voidz

Nov 13th | categories: Live, Music, Music Video

When I was 16, I was obsessed with The Strokes. Like "staying home from school to watch the video premiere of 'Reptilia' while laying on my floor staring at the TV" obsessed. In fact, I still have a worn out Strokes decal on my car to... Read More

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