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Sasquatch! Music Festival @ The Gorge Amphitheatre Sunday and Monday 2015

May 28th | categories: Awesome, Live, Music, Sasquatch

Memorial Day Weekend at the Gorge was the place to be! What a great 4 days of music! All four days were so much fun. Check out some highlights below. -Mat Hayward My Facebook Page is: HERE Sometimes I Tweet too: @MatHaywardPhoto Of the four... Read More

Sasquatch 2015: RECAP

May 26th | categories: Live, Local, Music, Sasquatch

I just got home from my 4th Sasquatch! Music Festival; I went to The Gorge in 2008, 2011, 2013, and of course this year. 2015 was by far the hottest Sasquatch out of all the years I've gone. It was kind of brutal. Camping for 4+ days in the heat and... Read More

Sasquatch! Music Festival @ The Gorge Amphitheatre Friday and Saturday 2015

May 24th | categories: Awkward, Live, Music, Sasquatch

The first two days of the Sasquatch! Music Festival have been great! I can only be in 10 or 12 places at once but I have given it my best effort to cover as much as I can. There has been so much great music I've lost track of everything I have seen.... Read More

Heading to Sasquatch? Here's the sets you have to see!

May 19th | categories: Live, Local, Music, Sasquatch

Sasquatch is by far the #1 music festival in my heart. It helps that it's named after my favorite mythical creature and that it takes place in Seattle's backyard. It's the perfect storm really and it makes for the perfect festival. I'll... Read More

Sasquatch or Bust!

May 14th | categories: Local, Sasquatch

This Memorial Day Weekend, I'll be hanging out at The Gorge for the Sasquatch Music Festival! It's probably my favorite weekend of the whole year. I get a couple days off of work where I can hang out with my friends and see all of my favorite... Read More

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