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Check out the latest single from our friends Kongos. They sure make great music, and defy gravity apparently. Seriously, what's up with that picture, amirite? Anyway, the song is called "I'm Only Joking" and it has some NSFW language... Read More

Sharon Van Etten @ Neptune Theater 07.05.14

Jul 06th | categories: Awesome, End Music Discovery, Live

Sharon Van Etten put on a beautiful show in front of a sold our crowd at the Neptune Theater in Seattle on Saturday night.  I've been hearing a lot of buzz about her new album 'Are We There' hearing nothing but great things. ... Read More


Jun 17th | categories: Awesome, End Music Discovery, Music, Music Video

I feel a lot of the time Ok Go's music videos are so good that they overshadow the actual song. This is a perfect example. Here's the video for "The Writing's on the Wall," or "That song with a really cool video that I... Read More

New Music Discovery: The Honey Ants cover Nirvana

Apr 30th | categories: End Music Discovery, Music, New Music Discovery

Admittedly, I haven't heard much from this new band called The Honey Ants. They're a retro-folk duo that makes very pretty songs, but their Nirvana cover really stands out. Their version of "Frances Farmer.." is way less aggressive but... Read More

New Music Discovery: KASABIAN eez-eh

Apr 29th | categories: End Music Discovery, Music

Kasabian has always been one of my favorite bands that no one else but me and a few friends seem to like, which is mental because they are rad. They have a new album on the way in September called 48:13 (which is also the run time, I see what they did... Read More

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