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This Is Among the Coolest Videos of 2014

Nov 19th | categories: Live, Music Video, New Music Discovery

I got an email from a buddy with the "dude, I love this band (from the town I live in) and they're super sweet and stuff"... Typically this translates to "I got drunk and saw this band and close talked them until they were... Read More

END RECOMMENDS: Julian Casablancas + The Voidz

Nov 13th | categories: Live, Music, Music Video

When I was 16, I was obsessed with The Strokes. Like "staying home from school to watch the video premiere of 'Reptilia' while laying on my floor staring at the TV" obsessed. In fact, I still have a worn out Strokes decal on my car to... Read More

Locals Only Artist of the Month: Sisters

Nov 05th | categories: Local, Locals Only, Music Video, Video

Seattle has long been a frontier town that attracts musicians who want to invent and reinvent – from Jimi Hendrix to Kurt Cobain to the next unnamed musical star. While the sound may change from decade to decade, the Northwest’s music scene... Read More

Check Out Bear Hands on Conan!

Oct 28th | categories: Awesome, Music, Music News, Music Video, TV

Our friends from Bear Hands were on Conan O'Brien last night and performed their new single "Agora." Seems like just a few days ago they were melting faces at Summer Camp and now they've hit the big time. Check out their performance!

Watch: Anderson Cooper Did A Wonderful Piece on the Foo Fighters

Oct 27th | categories: Awesome, Music Video, TV

Week by week, we're gearing up for the new Foo Fighters album, Sonic Highways. Then, ahead of the planned weekly releases, Anderson Cooper shows up with this piece from 60 Minutes about the Foos recording in New Orleans and now I can't wait!!... Read More

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