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New Music Discovery: The War On Drugs

Apr 24th | categories: Awesome, CHBP, End Music Discovery, Music, Music Video

Not only does this band have a really cool name, they're also playing Capitol Hill Block Party this year, and they've still got that "New Band Smell" so you can be a total hipster about them and pretend you heard 'em first. The War... Read More

WATCH: Cage The Elephant's new music video

Apr 22nd | categories: End Music Discovery, Music, Music Video

If you've heard Cage The Elephant's new song "Take It or Leave It", you know it's a little different for them. In fact, most people that hear the song don't even realize it's Cage The Elephant! This isn't a bad thing,... Read More

This Isn't The Cover of LORDE I Was Expecting!

Apr 15th | categories: Music News, Music Video

I've never had anything but tough experiences dealing with the scruffy dudes in Local H. That's the thing that makes their low-end fuzz more endearing/authentic. I was certainly caught off guard by this cover of the artistic yet delicate... Read More

Josh Gets Drunk In Japan In This New QOTSA Video

Apr 09th | categories: Music Video, whatever

Nothing like getting a nice haircut, putting on a well tailored suit, drinking a zillion shots before singing some karaoke... of your own band... in Japan... Enjoy this stumbling drunk video for "Smooth Sailing":   :E GREGR

Locals Only Artist of the Month: I Will Keep Your Ghost

Apr 01st | categories: Locals Only, Music, Music Video

Seattle has long been a frontier town that attracts musicians who want to invent and reinvent – from Jimi Hendrix to Kurt Cobain to the next unnamed musical star. While the sound may change from decade to decade, the Northwest’s music scene... Read More

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