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Which Seattle neighborhood has the best food?

Aug 07th | categories: Food, Local

Ballard, duh! Okay.. I may be a little biased but I accept that fact about myself. It's no secret that Seattle has some of the best neighborhoods and restaurants in the country, so it was only a matter of time before someone decided to rank them for... Read More

Check out 43 of Seattle's secret hangouts!

Jul 22nd | categories: Art, Awesome, Food, Local

Seattle Magazine recently posted a really cool article called "43 Places Around Seattle We Bet You Didn't Know About" and you know what? They were kinda right! I didn't even know that half of these places existed. There's bars,... Read More

Who has the best ice cream in Seattle?

Jul 18th | categories: Food, Local

It's officially summer and you should be eating ice cream pretty much every day until it's over. That's how I usually "do" summer, anyway. Where exactly should you go for ice cream in our city? There's the usual suspects like... Read More

My Goodness + Lil Woody's = Delicious music

Jun 17th | categories: Awesome, Food, Local, Music

On June 26th, Lil Woody's and local band My Goodness are teaming up for something special! To celebrate the release of My Goodness' new record "Shiver + Shake" they'll be doing an acoustic performance at the Capitol Hill Lil... Read More

Seattle is the best at a lof of things on the internet this week!

May 30th | categories: Awesome, Food, Local, whatever

This post has nothing to do with Seattle's Best Coffee, so I apologize for misleading you with that photo. However, this post is about all the things Seattle's best at. According to the internet right now, Seattle has some of the best bars,... Read More

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