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Cilantro Science - No Wonder My Father Hates It, Too!

Jun 25th | categories: Food, Nerd Talk

I hate cilantro. Nothing ruins a bowl of hot Pho quicker than finding the damn coriander leaves and stems swimming around YUCK. Here's some science from a dude who talks faster than I do. [HUFFINGTON POST] :E GREGR  

10 Reasons Why You Should Come To The Taco Truck Challenge

Apr 23rd | categories: Food, Local, Taco Truck Challenge

1. Tacos, duh!  2. You get to hang out with us weirdos from The End 3. It's at Volunteer Park, which is totally beautiful (Even on a rainy day...) 4. Wild Party - These dudes sound exactly like their band name - Should be so much fun! 5.... Read More

Here's where you should get pie on Pi Day!

Mar 13th | categories: Awesome, Food, Local

Tomorrow is March 14th which is now known to most people as "Pi Day"! If you aren't familiar, Pi = 3.14159265359 and you probably should have learned about it in math class at some point. Anyway, tomorrow is a special Pi Day as it will be... Read More

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