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END RECOMMENDS: Free Ruler show at Barboza!

Jul 20th | categories: Food, Live, Local, Locals Only, Music

One of my absolute favorite artists right now is Ruler and I'm pretty sure I've heard Marco Collins say those exact same words. Matt Batey and the gang are seriously talented. They aren't signed yet(WHICH IS CRAZY) and they haven't put... Read More

Cilantro Science - No Wonder My Father Hates It, Too!

Jun 25th | categories: Food, Nerd Talk

I hate cilantro. Nothing ruins a bowl of hot Pho quicker than finding the damn coriander leaves and stems swimming around YUCK. Here's some science from a dude who talks faster than I do. [HUFFINGTON POST] :E GREGR  

10 Reasons Why You Should Come To The Taco Truck Challenge

Apr 23rd | categories: Food, Local, Taco Truck Challenge

1. Tacos, duh!  2. You get to hang out with us weirdos from The End 3. It's at Volunteer Park, which is totally beautiful (Even on a rainy day...) 4. Wild Party - These dudes sound exactly like their band name - Should be so much fun! 5.... Read More

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