Nerd Talk: The First Text Message Was Sent 25 Years Ago

It was before the notorious Nokia brick phone, that along with cockroaches will survive the (not) imminent nuclear war, the first text message was sent between one awesome computer engineering nerd and the CEO of a giant cellphone company. It was December 3, 1992. Unlike today, there was no sending...
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Mark your calendars! GE2 is coming to the CenturyLink Field Event Center from October 21st-22nd! You and thousands of gamers, pilots , makers, and dreamers at GE2 will experience drone racing, virtual reality, robotics, Esports, gaming, laser tag, maker-demonstrations, arcade games, and more. Each...
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Dropleaf is Like the Netflix of Indie Gaming!

Seattle, Bellevue and beyond are putting Washington on the map for gaming thanks to some juggernauts like Microsoft, Bungie, and of course Valve, but like anything that is a behemoth of an industry, outliers will step away from the big names and try to find their own niche. I had little notion of...
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What to Expect as Apple Unveils New iPhones Today

Today is the big day! Apple will unveil the latest (and greatest) version of its popular iPhone today. The announcement will be made during Apple's keynote address. The address begins around 1pm ET. _informq.push(['embed'>); The iPhone, which is actually celebrating its 10th anniversary, is...
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