Taco Truck Challenge is back, which means it's time to party

It's back! It's naarly time for the sixth-annual Taco Truck Challenge at Volunteer Park. Today, we announced another round of 5K- running, taco-eating and margarita-drinking on May 7th right in the heart of Capitol Hill, and it's practically a national holiday for us here at The End. Check out the...
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Tequila & Taco Fest Training Module: Ghost Chili Tequila

With Tequila & Taco Fest approaching, I've been implementing a rigorous training program of, well- tequila and tacos! I mean, failing to prepare is preparing to fail. And when it comes to tequila, failing is not uncommon. So play it smart, and start thinking about what sort of tequila you want...
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Tequila And Taco Fest Training Module: Pico de Gallo

Since we announced Tequila And Taco Fest , I’ve been on a bit of an everything taco kick. I was on a tequila kick as well, but you can imagine why it was short lived. But tacos! Such variety, always refreshing. The other day I set out to make pico de gallo, and it really came together. I took a...
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