Glow In The Park 2017

The Seattle Humane presents: Glow In The Park 2017! This year's WALK got a fun makeover! Join nearly 1,000 other pet lovers from around the Greater Seattle area and their dogs on Saturday night, October 7th as we walk around Green Lake in glowing gear and help fundraise Seattle Humane's Disaster...
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Peanut the watch

Nerd Talk: Make Your Pet Into A Watch Like A Creep

In case your job is a total buzzkill and won't let you bring your furniture scratching, box-pooping feline friend to work, one company has your back... well, more like they have your wrist. The Analog Watch Co introduced a new, super weird, and possibly allergy-inducing product line: The Companion...
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Gregr + kitten

Pet All of the Kitties at Catapalooza

SUPPORTED BY SEATTLE HUMANE: Logo courtesy of Seattle Humane - - - - - - Having caught my naughty kitty high atop the bookshelf stealing kitty treats this morning, my first reaction involved cursing at him using a whisper so as not to wake my finance. Then he looked at me, meowed, awkwardly turned...
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Top 5 cutest cats in Seattle

SUPPORTED BY SEATTLE HUMANE: Logo courtesy of Seattle Humane We have good news and we also have great news. The good news is that we rounded up the top five cutest cats in Seattle (this is what the internet was built for). Keep reading for the great news. 1. Two-month-old Pudding (gross, unless...
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