So You're In Seattle

I'm like asking questions about people who do cool stuff in Seattle.

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089 - Casey McLain

Wednesday, May 17th
He's the former host of the Offspeed Podcast and we've been going back and forth for a year until he's finally here now to do Our Dumb Podcast... only this is...


Wednesday, May 10th
From the ashes of bands like Girl on Fire we see the genesis of GOLDNWOLF a trio of musicians all from a shared background making new music in the darkness of...

087 Kelly McDonald

Wednesday, April 19th
Under the big-top tent at Marymoor Park, Cirque du Soleil creates a magical world that feels like you've been taken to space aboard an alien craft equal parts...

086 - Brian Morris

Friday, April 14th
When you cross paths with someone who has lived a career that keeps that magical creative spark alive, it's important to take a moment to savor the experience...

084 - Roger Bennett of Men In Blazers

Thursday, March 16th
Roger Bennett had nothing by wonderful things to say about Seattle, the Sounders, and more Seattle with a visit to 1077 The End this morning. Here's our...