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Wolf Alice

London-based four-piece Wolf Alice will release their debut album entitled My Love Is Cool on June 23rd. Produced by Mike Crossey (Arctic Monkeys, Foals, Black Keys), My Love Is Cool is a remarkable leap forward from the band’s EP Creature Songs, released last year. A glimpse of this incredible record is the new track “Moaning Lisa Smile,” which you can download by logging into your Endmail account now.

Wild Party

Wild Party, made up of vocalist Lincoln Kreifels, guitarist Lucas Hughes, bassist Ethan Kaufmann, and drummer Cary LaScala are still a young band, but they have already been around the block and across the pond. The band were thrust into the spotlight early in their career when they were offered a gig to support The Wombats on tour across the UK in 2010. Without label support, Wild Party seized the moment and took a DIY approach, releasing tracks and video content online, and gaining a fan base before inking a deal with indie/rock label Old Friends Records to release their debut album Phantom Pop.


Frontman Drake Margolnick was born in England, the son of a military couple. A few years later, his mother settled in Charlotte where Margolnick focused his energies on skateboarding and dirt-bike riding, dreaming of pursuing the sports professionally. Through his teen years, however, music began to completely capture his imagination. After high school graduation, Margolnick moved to Australia to follow his muse. Disillusioned with the scene there, Margolnick returned to Charlotte where he quickly integrated into the burgeoning community of musicians, artists and filmmakers. It was the same soil that guitarist Matthew Padgett, drummer Michael Finster and keyboardist Grant Harding were growing in, a community that expanded across the state to include bassist Chris Comfort. It was here playing in multiple bands in multiple venues that they honed their musical style, a sound that transcends the traditional south but seems right at home in the southern heat.

Ex Cops

Ex Cops, a nomadic duo featuring Amalie Bruun and Brian Harding, brings the hook-heavy blast of ‘90s alt-rock into a new era on their second album Daggers. Executive produced by icon-of-form Billy Corgan and produced by Justin Raisen (Sky Ferriera, Charli XCX, Kylie Minogue), the record rescues guitar-pop from the bedroom, returning it to the stage it deserves. Login to your Endmail account to download "Black Soap."

Meg Myers

With a variety of influences, from Trent Reznor to Tracy Chapman, Fleetwood Mac to Kurt Cobain, one can understand why singer-songwriter Meg Myers writes multi-dimensional music. Nashville-born, Los Angeles-based Myers consistently works that dichotomy in her music, exploring the tension between dark and light, sweet and sour, and sex and death in her cathartic songwriting. Her richly powerful voice, which can slide on a dime from a feathery trill to an anguished howl, is the perfect instrument with which to express her brooding, fiercely raw lyrics about craving what’s just out of reach. Download "Sorry" now.

Alabama Shakes

“We took our time to write this record, and I’m really glad we did,” says Brittany Howard, lead singer and guitarist of Alabama Shakes, about the band’s new album Sound & Color. “We were able to sit down and think about what’s exciting to us, explore all the things we wanted to on our first album. This record is full of genre-bending songs—it’s even harder now when people ask, ‘What kind of band are you?’ I have no clue.” Download "Don't Wanna Fight" now to get a taste of Sound & Color.


If you want to find Garrett Borns a good place to look would be up. “I live in a treehouse,” the artist says of his home in the Los Angeles canyons. It was the first place BRNS, originally from rural Michigan, landed when he relocated from New York to LA and immediately, something about it felt right. It was there he started writing his forthcoming EP Candy, which filters the singer's naturally moody, sensual sound through "an explosion of sunlight," as he puts it. Log into your Endmail account to download "Electric Love" for free.

The Wombats

The Wombats upcoming album Glitterbug is due April 7th. Celebrate with them at the Crocodile on May 19th, and log into your Endmail account to download "Greek Tragedy" for free!

Hanni El Khatib

For his third album, Hanni El Khatib locked himself into a studio and took time to experiment. The result is the album Moonlight, the rarest and most welcome kind of album, made at that perfect point in life where confidence, experience and technique unite to help an artist do anything they want. Download "Melt Me" now.


Following a whirlwind 2 years supporting their debut album, AWOLNATION worked on their sophomore album, Run, in the depths of the California coastline. The end result is a finely tuned musical masterwork that is at times, and all at once, sprawling, atmospheric, exuberant, earnest and refined with moments of a signature aggressive unease. “There is not one second on the record that hasn’t been thoughtfully placed,” said musical architect Aaron Bruno. “Every single element serves a purpose.”


It’s three years since SBTRKT first came to wider attention with his debut self-titled album. Since then, he’s toured the world, and received global acclaim for his soulful, textured take on electronic music. Although we didn’t know the face behind SBTRKT – he preferred to obscure his identity behind a mask - we always knew the heart. Now he’s back with a new LP, and its title is perfect. Wonder Where We Land is an experimental, inquisitive, magical record, the result of off-the-cuff inspiration and surprise collaboration. Download "New Dorp, New York," featuring vocals from Vampire Weekend's Ezra Koenig.

Saint Motel

Los Angeles quartet Saint Motel is not an easy band to pin down. Indie pop quirks blended with a surge of art school world music and strident horns. All of which gets twisted through a sardonic examination of L.A. life. The first single is "My Type," a collision of influences embedded in an immediate pop hook which might be described as TropiCali. The idea for the song came from an argument with singer A/J Jackson's girlfriend, who half-joked that his type was, “every woman alive”. “I thought it was hilarious,” Jackson reminisces. “and probably spot on for most red-blooded men.”


Los Angeles based Smallpools released their EP last year and have been touring consistently since with bands like Grouplove, Neon Trees, MS MR, 21 Pilots and Walk The Moon. Their headlining tour was sold out across the country, and they've just released their latest song, "Karaoke." Download it for free by logging into your Endmail account!

Jamie T

Jamie T is a British singer-songwriter. He is a gold-selling, Mercury prize-nominated artist from Wimbledon, South London. Five years have passed since Jamie T has released music, though his 2007 and 2009 albums were critically acclaimed. During the stretch, the punk-inspired singer-songwriter (born Jamie Alexander Treays) went traveling in America on an isolated but essential voyage of self-discovery. Perhaps this is why Carry On The Grudge contains a pensive air of personal sadness and longing. Words fit snugly into melody, there are rattling post-Clash rhythms, with irreverent tips of the hat to Prince Buster, Madness and The Who. According to Mojo, it’s a “staggering collection of incredible songs.” And in their 9/10 star review, NME said it’s "one of the most original, exciting musician of the last decade." It’s “a modern original,” said The Guardian.


Just Enough Hip To Be Woman is a bold step forward for Broncho. Though it certainly bears the hallmarks of their previous work — fuzzy, guitar-driven rock – the production and energy of the record moves into decidedly sleeker and decidedly more new wave directions (think Cheap Trick meets the Drive soundtrack meets every great song from Fast Times at Ridgemont High meets the greatest after-hours party you've never been to). The new record is a potent statement of intent: an effortless sounding rock record that dips its toe into a variety of different styles without ever succumbing to any of them.


After finishing school and coming off of years on the road supporting former music projects, Van Pierszalowski decided to live and work in San Francisco, allowing himself to stand still for the first time in ages. The calm gave way to creative restlessness and the result was a new band and a new sound in the form of WATERS. Van says the song "I Feel Everything," “came about after listening to alternative rock radio for the first time in ages and recognizing the lack of anything alternative or rock about it. Where are those dirty guitars? Where is that frenetic energy? ‘I Feel Everything’ is our rally call to get that back.”


Afie Jurvanen isn't from the Bahamas. He's a Finnish-Canadian from a working class town in Ontario. His chosen epithet is fitting, though. Since 2009, he's been making music under the name Bahamas; writing songs about sunsets, love affairs and making otu with crooked smiles. Through simple arrangements, he charts an escape route from the snow-belt to the coral reefs. Login to your Endmail account to download "All The Time" from the album Bahamas Is Afie now.

In The Valley Below

He’s from Memphis, equally steeped in Link Wray and Phil Collins. She’s a small town
girl raised in Muskegon, Michigan, who found her songwriting inspiration while living
on a small boat in the West Indies. Jeffrey Jacob and Angela Gail met in Los Angeles,
playing guitar and bass, respectively, in a loud, grungy guitar band, but the seeds of In the
Valley Below were planted one night at SXSW, when they realized there was something
special in the passion and chemistry they shared on-stage.

Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness

After leaving his 20s, and his former moniker Jack's Mannequin, behind, Andrew McMahon is back to creating music and exploring life on his own terms. Now performing as Andrew McMahon In The Wilderness, McMahon's new album was written in a shack in a SoCal canyon, produced in an LA garage and tackles topics from his former life on the road to becoming a father to Cecilia. Download the first single, appropriately called "Cecilia and the Satellite," by logging into your Endmail account.

Chet Faker

An artist of considerable range, Chet Faker, real name Nick Murphy, excels at crisp, soulful songwriting that merges late-ʻ90s R&B with a contemporary electronic palate influenced by a youth producing house and disco. He performs all of his own music, giving it a warm, homespun feel that also sounds like one of the worldʼs sultriest bands cranking at full steam.


There's no blueprint to Jungle's irresistible, life-enhancing, report-to-the-dancefloor sound, but there are many ingredients. It’s P-Funk and ‘Grand Theft Auto’, it’s Curtis Mayfield and ‘Tron’, it’s the Beach Boys and Joy Division and Marvin Gaye and Can, all cut up and refracted in a London neighbourhood where anything can happen. Log into your Endmail account to download "Busy Earnin'."

Robert DeLong

We're always excited to feature a Seattle artist on Discover & Download. Though he calls LA home now, Robert DeLong grew up in Bothell, WA. His Long Way Down EP features four tunes that are traditionally written tunes according to DeLong. “Each of those songs are kind of weirdly dressed pop songs,” he says. “They’re more standard format than some of the songs on Just Movement, and that’s something I’ve always liked.” An added bonus: his stage show is equipped with video game controllers as sound modifiers. Log into your Endmail account to download his new single, "Long Way Down."

Catfish & The Bottlemen

Getting their start doing Oasis impersonations and playing Beatles covers around their hometown in North Wales, Catfish and the Bottlemen learned to bootstrap their way to bigger shows and a record deal. Hours in a van playing shows around England eventually led to a spot on the Reading and Leeds festival stages last summer. Download their single, "Kathleen," to hear the influence Mike Skinner of The Streets has on Catfish lyrics and discover this upcoming British band.

Mikhael Paskalev

Mikhael Paskalev set the music world aflutter when he donned a pair of tighty whiteys and “pretended to be Tom Cruise.” The cheeky Risky Business-inspired video for new single ‘I Spy’ turned Paskalev into a star back home in Norway and amongst the Aussies this past year. Sayonara Saigon is the forthcoming EP from the bewitching Oslo singer/songwriter.

Perfume Genius

Over the course of two astonishing albums, Perfume Genius, aka Seattle native Mike Hadreas, cemented his place as a singer-songwriter of rare frankness, creating songs that, while achingly emotional, offered empathy and hope, rather than judgment or handwringing. Sparse, gorgeous and with Hadreas’ quavering vocals often only accompanied by piano, 2010’s Learning and 2012’s Put Yr Back N 2 It told uncommonly beautiful tales of a life lived on the dark side – scarred, brutalized, yet ultimately reclaimed.

Colony House

A threesome from Nashville, TN, Colony House strikes a resonant chord with listeners. Their balance of craft and immediacy reflects an affinity for bands like Interpol and The Killers, while relecting influences like U2 and New Order. Their first full-length album, When I Was Younger, features an open-hearted attitude with sharp lyrics and indelible melodic craft.

Log into your Endmail account now to download "Silhouettes."

Glass Animals

The bare bones of Glass Animals' first songs took shape late at night - inspired by South London's bass music scene - recorded secretly and quietly in a small room near Elephant and Castle. Surprisingly for everyone, the result was a beautiful piece of ambient electronica called Golden Antlers, pitched somewhere between Anthony & the Johnsons and James Blake. Hear the first single from the album ZABA, "Gooey," by logging into yout Endmail account now.


“The three loves in my musical life are late 60s rock music, hip hop and electronic music,” says Serge Pizzorno, explaining the genesis of Kasabian’s fifth studio album ’48:13’. “I sort of wanted to melt all those together, the three things I love most about music. That’s the concept for this record. Marry those three worlds together and hopefully you get something that’s a mongrel, but it’s unique, you know, something new.” Log in to your Endmail account now to download "Eez-eh."

George Ezra

At 20, George Ezra has seemingly sailed in to his position as one of pop’s most talked about new artists. Even he seems unsure how it happened. The hype around the Hertford-born singer with the booming, bluesy voice certainly hasn’t gone to his head. Of his appearance on umpteen One To Watch lists for 2014, he remains refreshingly non-plussed. “I keep being told that this is my year,” says Ezra. “Which is nice, but problematic because I’m planning to be around in 2015 and long beyond.” Log into your Endmail account to download "Budapest."

TV On The Radio

Always creating music on their own terms, TV on the Radio started by leaving burned CDs of their demo all over New York City. Twelve years past that (broken) CD burner, TVOTR release their 5th studio album, Seeds, this fall. Sample one song from the new invention of the band when you log into your Endmail account to download "Happy Idiot."

The Griswolds

As far as debut album mantras go, "Be Impressive" is a fantastically simple statement of intent. For Australian party-starters The Griswolds, it proved the driving ideal that would shake off the daiquiri-flavored tropical tones of their last EP and unite the four-piece's more refined musical goals. Log into your Endmail account to download "Beware The Dog."

Mikky Ekko

Mikky Ekko was born John Stephen Sudduth in Shreveport, Louisiana. Growing up listening to classical music and R&B, Ekko's debut album Time draws on his many musical influences. The album features "Smile," capturing the moment “when you're a teenager and you lose somebody for the first time and you don't know what to do about it,” Ekko says. “Usually I’m just trying to write songs to comfort myself.” Sign into your Endmail account now to download "Smile."


The Joywave sound is grounded in classic songwriting, often injected with house music’s energy, disco’s playfulness and an overarching hip-hop spirit. Where any other band might lose its identity in the quest to experiment with so many different sounds, Joywave’s all-embracing approach and ineffable knack for making music that feels good puts their distinct personality front and center.

Meg Myers

With a variety of influences, from Trent Reznor to Tracy Chapman, Fleetwood Mac to Kurt Cobain, one can understand why singer-songwriter Meg Myers writes multi-dimensional music. Nashville-born, Los Angeles-based Myers consistently works that dichotomy in her music, exploring the tension between dark and light, sweet and sour, and sex and death in her cathartic songwriting. Her richly powerful voice, which can slide on a dime from a feathery trill to an anguished howl, is the perfect instrument with which to express her brooding, fiercely raw lyrics about craving what’s just out of reach. Download "Desire" now.

The Eeries

We all have our stories, but Isaiah Silva's starts with growing up in a "legitimate Jonestown-style cult." Now, almost 10 years after leaving the group, Silva is coming to terms with his unique upbringing, and channeling those feelings through The Eeries' music. "I think ‘Cool Kid’ may have had something to do with tapping into a lot of repressed feelings towards my upbringing and, quite literally, having an outsider's view of the world," Silva told LA Weekly.

Death From Above 1979

Ten years after the band's highly successful debut album, Death From Above 1979 return with The Physical World on September 9th. The Toronto-based dance-punk duo announced their reunion after a 5 year hiatus in 2011. After touring, the band went into the studio to record the new album. Sign in to your Endmail account to download "Trainwreck 1979."


Hailing from Austin, TX, Spoon's career spans more than 20 years. Their 8th album, They Want My Soul, comes out this summer. See them at Capitol Hill Block Party this weekend and download "Do You" to get ready for the set.


Priory is a project born of two young artists—Brandon Rush and Kyle Sears—betting on themselves. The pair met while living in a trashy bachelor pad in Portland. After years of juggling day jobs and courting other hobbies, they quit their day jobs and went all in to create something wholly their own. Written in a studio built from the ground up in a former cement factory, the resulting album Need To Know is a unique and powerful collection of neon-lit new wave pop cut with modern rock aesthetics. It’s the sound of a band emerging triumphantly from the trials of their past and looking fearlessly into the future.

My Goodness

Joel Schneider on guitar/vocals and Andy Lum behind the drum kit – first started playing together in 2012. Both hailing from Seattle, they’d known about each other for years, but it took crossing paths in Texas for the two to finally connect. While My Goodness was at a crossroads after losing its drummer, the addition of Lum re-energized the project. The duo's chemistry is apparent on the new album, Shiver + Shake. Login now to download "Cold Feet Killer."


alt-J (∆)’s name takes a little explaining. Pronounced “alt-J”, the delta sign is created when you hold down the alt key on your computer keyboard and punch ‘J’ on a Mac computer. The symbol has a deeper meaning for the band, as guitarist/bassist Gwil Sainsbury notes, “in mathematical equations it’s used to show change,” and the band’s relatively new name came at a turning point in their lives.


It’s not often that you stumble across a songwriter whose lyrics both sound and read like poetry. Such is the case with 23-year-old Andrew Hozier-Byrne, an Irish singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from County Wicklow who goes by the name of Hozier. “Take Me to Church” is a song about sexuality, freedom and humanity, whose lyrics capture the beguiling mix of conviction and mischief that so characterizes his approach to songwriting.

War On Drugs

Adam Granduciel, the driving force behind War On Drugs, said of his new project Lost In The Dream, "I wanted there to be a singular voice, but I wanted it to be a project of great friends. Everyone in the band cares about it so much," he says. "That is the crux of it--growing up, dealing with life, having close friends, helping each other get by. That is what the record's all about."

Milky Chance

Milky Chance is German duo Clemens and Philipp. Clemens says of their music, "Think of it as the singer-songwriter spirit mixed with electronic beats. Somehow, it's always a little bit melancholy, but there's a positive spin. You can dance to most of it too! Melancholy is something that I carry within me. I write the best songs when this mood catches me.”

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey got attention with her debut song "Video Games," but she continues to create captivating music. Her latest album Ultraviolence was produced by Dan Auerbach from The Black Keys. Commenting on Ultraviolence, Lana explains, "The record is finished and it's beautiful - it's so wrong and exquisite. It is absolutely gorgeous - darker than the first.” Download the first single, "West Coast," for free now.

St. Vincent

Charming and alarming, gorgeous and morbid, comforting and uncanny - that describes St. Vincent's new self-titled album. Download "Digital Witness" to see why we find Annie Clark (St. Vincent) so compelling.


Comprised of long time friends Marcus Pepperell (vocals, guitar, keys) and John Hamson Jr. (drums, vocals, bass), THUMPERS make colourful, exuberant alt-pop that celebrates their innate musical kinship and draws upon their shared childhood memories. The London-based band combine layered androgynous vocals with muscular drums, astral synths and shimmering guitars in a celebration of the breathless sensations of youth and coming of age.

Future Islands

Future Islands' sound is at once beguilding and irresistable. One part melancholic, one part euphoric, full of animated basslines, robust drum machines and questing keyboards, all set off by singer Sam T. Herring’s remarkably distinct, soaring vocal.

Big Data

Big Data is a paranoid electronic music project from the Internet, formed out of a general distrust for technology and The Cloud (despite a growing dependence on them). Helmed by producer Alan Wilkis, Big Data aims to explore the relationship between man and machine, and how the internet has reshaped the human experience.


A three-piece featuring Jordy Towers (vocals/lyrics), as well as Matt Gibson (guitar) and Ben Schigel (drums), the genre-bending group came together after Towers became a casualty of the major label system. He refused to become yet another faceless persona. Towers knew it was time for a reset and headed to Ohio to re-examine his life. It was there that he fatefully crossed paths with Gibson and Schigel. While the local musicians were just intending to just grab some beers at a local bar, they found much more than they had anticipated when they came across Jordy. The result is an R&B soul rock record that will be out this summer.

Bad Suns

Southern California rock band Bad Suns formed in 2012 and in the short time since inception, have managed to be musically beyond their years. Made up of Christo Bowman (vocals), Gavin Bennett (bass), Miles Morris (drums) and Ray Libby (guitar), the band's debut EP "Transpose" was recorded in the studio with producer Eric Palmquist (The Mars Volta, Wavves, Trash Talk) and serves as a prelude to the band’s debut full-length slated for 2014. Comprised of four tracks, Transpose flows effortlessly from start to finish showcasing the band’s stadium ready anthems and undeniably catchy hooks.

Vance Joy

Vance Joy’s debut EP God Loves You When You’re Dancing worms its way under your skin. It’s not an easy task to produce a record so evocative, yet so stripped-back; simplicity in art is often a challenging feat. For Melbourne-based singer and songwriter Vance Joy, the songs began as a collection of loose threads, which over time naturally weaved together, like they were always meant to find a life of their own.

Royal Blood

Things have moved fast since the duo from Brighton, UK formed Royal Blood at the start of 2012. Their pulverizing debut single "Out of the Black" - a mixture of anguished vocals, ferocious drumming and bass that provides intricate detail as well as a rumble of rhythm - has earned significant national airplay in the UK. Press acclaim followed - NME, Clash, DIY and others - which resulted in Royal Blood being the only rock band to be named in the long list for the BBC Sound of 2014 poll. Further endorsement arrived courtesy of Arctic Monkeys who picked Royal Blood to open for them at their two sold-out shows at Finsbury Park.
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