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Atoms For Peace - "Default"

Sep 06th | categories: Music

Atoms For Peace is a curious beast. Formed in the years following the release of Thom Yorke's solo album, The Eraser and comprized of the likes of Flea and Nigel Godrich among others, the collective embarked on a brief but oddly late tour a few years back, and have been relatively quiet in the years following as well (to be fair, we got both new Radiohead and RHCP albums in that time) but now we get our first taste of what a new AFP record might sound like, and it leans heavily electronic. Channeling equal parts The Eraser and early Boards of Canada. Let's hope we can get at least a few more audio bones thrown our way before 2016...Have a listen below



Atoms For Peace - "Default"
| September 06, 2012 at 10:19AM
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