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End Music Discovery: Whitney Ballen - "White Feathers, White Linens"

Mar 05th | categories:

Ya know when you hear something and you're instantly like, "whoa, thats really fucking good". My exact thoughts upon hearing the voice/music/splendor of Whitney Ballen, who's country tinged tracks are the extra bit of sugar you need to brighten up your day/melt your heart/face. Normally I try to ignore Locals Only host, Megan Seling when she talks but aside from our personal love of slinging insults at each other (I pretend to hate her but secretly I'm just jealous how cool she is), the woman has fantastic taste in music and definitely does Whitney much more justice in her blog over here, which is how i stumbled on Ms. Whitney in the first place. Personally my favorites are tracks 3 ("Winter") and 5 ("Jeff Buckley"), but they're all fantastic and you can stream the whole album below. Also, catch her live at her next show March 13th @ the Sunset Tavern. Update: Her album is available on vinyl @ Sonic Boom in Ballard or Silver Platters. Also apparently you can buy the tracks on bandcamp (this sort of thing funds more records, which means more lovely songs for your head)



End Music Discovery: Whitney Ballen - "White Feathers, White Linens"
| March 05, 2012 at 9:11PM
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