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Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Shoot Video Atop Dick's Drive-In

Jul 25th | categories: Music, Music News

If you didn't take an all day nap, chances are you heard the rumors of a secret Macklemore & Ryan Lewis show happening on top of Dick's on Capitol Hill. While that may have been started on Reddit earlier today, upon arrival it was definitely anything but (signs literally plastered everywhere, THIS IS NOT A CONCERT). The event was a video shoot for the duo's upcoming "White Walls" single and an obvious tribute to Sir Mix A Lot's 1988 video "Posse On Broadway".
Let's ballpark 5000 people as the number that showed up to this thing, just to see Mack + Ryan run through a 15 second chorus 7 or 8 times. Perhaps onlookers hoped the pair might bust out just one of their massive crossover hits they've got at the moment, but unfortunately, no such luck. Who knows what might have happened had the shoot not begun just before midnight, 4 hours after the original start time and an hour after the original permit expired. Delays were attributed solely to the size of the unexpected crowd, though I can tell you a lot of it had to do with the crew doing jack shit for about 3 hours besides stand around and take pictures on the roof.
Ultimately anyone in attendance gets the "I was there" card for an artist that's captivated our attention greater than anything since your sister bought ever DCFC album on vinyl and made you listen with her. Shout out to the police for staying cool, the people for staying cool, the M&R camp for staying cool, and to Dicks for tossing burgers and water into the incredibly patient crowd.



Macklemore & Ryan Lewis Shoot Video Atop Dick's Drive-In
| July 25, 2013 at 4:55AM
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| July 25, 2013 at 8:58AM
so glad that bryce could mask his contempt for macklemore for almost one whole blog post.

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