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Little Girl Sings Her First Song... ZOMBIE SKIN!!!

Jun 26th | categories: Music, TV

It would be a feat of amazement to get me seated on a couch to watch America's Got Talent... or so I thought. Now, twice this month I've come across amazing footage from a show I never gave a fair chance. Isaiah (9) and Ellen (6) are adorable siblings. They play in a band together. Ellen writes the words and names the songs. Her performance this evening? "Zombie Skin":

Sorta wanna punch Nick Cannon...



Her Voice Is Shockingly Powerful
| June 26, 2013 at 2:50PM
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Darwin N
| July 04, 2013 at 5:47AM
I am not into this kind of music, but I have to say I was blown away. She was great. I would like to see her get some sort or record deal. They need to have an album with her songs and sell them on the internet. That could end up paying for both of there college in the future. I would buy one of the albums. Keep up the good work.

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