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This Seattle Band Will Do Some Strange Things To Fund New Record

Oct 16th | categories: Local, Music, Video

There are few people that scream "I'm trouble, in a fun way" more than Ryan Granger of Seattle rock duo Grizzled Mighty. What The Black Keys do with cool, subdued blues rock, GM bring in "we may be drunker than you tonight-ness". They thunder. They yell. And now, they sell lemonadein front of a school to raise money to make a record...

MmmmKay... If you want to help a Seattle rock band make a record you have many of the standard options:

$10 reserves your early copy
$25 gets you a custom t-shirt
$125 how about a drum/guitar lesson from the band?

Pretty normal, but it gets much weirder
$1000 gets them to your house to play a show
$3000 gets you a date with either band member
for less than the cost of a date
$2500 and lady drummer Whitney will NAME HER FIRST BORN after you (limit 1).

Wonder if there's a price to help make said first born ;)

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This Seattle Band Will Do Some Strange Things To Fund New Record
| October 16, 2013 at 8:37AM
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