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WNW: Weird News Wednesday

Nov 27th | categories: Local, Weird News

Our state has been having a love affair with Bigfoot for the past week. There's been so many sightings and evidence found in Washington! Can someone invite me to their next Squatch Search please? I'm terrible at camping and will probably get scared, but I'm kinda funny and I'll bring snacks! Any takers? Sigh. Anyway, back to the news...

The famous Ape Canyon Cabin has finally been rediscovered near Mount St. Helens! The cabin was the sight of the "Mystery Devils" attack that happened back in 1924 and no one's been able to find it, until now. Learn more over here.

A thermal image captured what could be a photo of Bigfoot! It was taken somewhere in the Washington forest recently. The image shows just the bust of a Squatch, ya know.. the head and shoulders.. and it's kinda creepy. Do you think it's Bigfoot? See the photo for yourself right here.

There may be a Sasquatch wandering around Mt. Rainier! A hiker found an incredible footprint in the snow near the mountain last week! And bonus, the print was located near an area that's had many Bigfoot sightings. It's pretty convincing! Check it out over here.


WNW: Weird News Wednesday
| November 26, 2013 at 1:01PM
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| November 29, 2013 at 6:10PM
Hi. I'm a self-funded Sasquatch researcher in Shoreline. I was a Park Ranger for 10 years. Through a very serendipitous series of events I've become an author writing a Bigfoot book. Contact me or check out my Facebook page: Secretly Seeking Sasquatch if you have any interest. Jason

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