Nerd Talk - March 14, 2017

Tuesday, March 14th

Pi Day!


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This first trillion there will not be an oligarchs who. Think the won't keep hold on instead it'll probably be a robot. Mark Cuban already super rich dude says that whoever masters using artificial intelligence for business to create a machine. Making itself into a trillion there even before a Bill Gates can get there. Also gates looks likely to eventually hit the trillion dollar mark by the late 20s30s. So slow. Community stop giving away your money to poor people the robot will just eventually crush loser week. But seriously if given certain computer programming AI to eventually Peters and everything maybe you should consider just managing a bunch of people who are hard at work and it. The lady who runs Yahoo! is being fired and her severance package. 25 million dollars but that do not gonna join a corrupt government you should totally become a taxi deal with a good contract up front even if you fell you don't win. And finally. This march 14 again for an America. 314. Like pie group will vote today the data combined mathematical thirty this with confection I don't have. Constitute rituals. Connolly approximately three point 141. You can make things next global community by showing someone how to solve for certain comforts using the radius of an actual plot. I recommend cream cheese Jerry. While I do my boss know you're lactose intolerance comes out of the homemade apple pie with a delicious crumble topping my guy. Look I'm sorry okay. Dear friends Edberg and wells there are gaming club find out more to do.