Nerd Talk - March 10, 2017

Friday, March 10th



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I don't know what took so dang long of the troubled by the figured out how to make arts and crafts more delicious by inventing a hot glue gun. We're she's Utica to plug it and let it heat up and Kremlin to do it she's stick in the blood of the gun. And you're in countries still have been. He's gonna be a disaster because not only am I gonna write dirty words in people's food you know we don't have. Books written on it but at some point I'm gonna take this fondue blurred and skip the middle man despite the blind third degree burns directly to my tongue you've been warned. We can't afford to see the biggest musical generation Hamilton. Sooner they'll perform it at home with a cast of plastic head of Lego figures and confuse the crap out of you can't. Lago will release a stage and characters based on these super popular musical. The human version is on tour with a stop in Seattle this time next year. And finally the guy who. The Environmental Protection Agency disagrees with nearly unanimous scientific data suggesting that CO2 and climate change are related. And I get it means losing to the same Kooks scientist who all think that the earth is round I want traditionally we have to adjust our approach is more data becomes available. Your car truck factories power plants all that stuff is changing the composition of the there and it needs to be monitored mile road scientists believe the second. As ocean levels rise who could do. Yeah on this I think he's taking money from big dolphins and oh.