Nerd Talk - June 8, 2017

Thursday, June 8th

Now AI can predict when you will die. Awesome.


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Artificial intelligence can now predict when you'll start. Good to. Now I got it done robot world like within a few years. That's driving a car fighting parking tickets beating new Chinese checkers won can't you do don't answer to say I will check stands if your body just had its that are not to determine within a few years how long you've got left. And it's about the same success rate of physician looking at the same thing politically breaks of food and sleep. Reflect but pick a robot should be built to hold loans and keep them afraid of us and giggling percent renewal in the east perfect. Self driving cars are coming to Washington governor and police sign some low thing in turn. Law permitting companies like Google and boom Burgess and human most cars on the road for testing and soon. Like two months away there's the two hour delay will last not on I thought I would gladly take Rula drivers and nightly shouts to China us in. Normally I'm very confused by this country but when I heard they're making moves to officially getting humans to the moon. I got excited to get fireworks to work space is that anyone can make the most historically bad ass China won't just please come through. You push them moon right next week. Mean I had karate lesson I would expect. Supported by our friends at Vernon Wells gaming hold on the east side.