Nerd Talk - February 14, 2017

Tuesday, February 14th

Nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like stats about cheating! 


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46%. Of Netflix users cheat on their partner. Not between the sheets rather they cheat on streaming shows and movies. Almost half of the users surveyed said they secretly keep binging to show they're sharing with their. Boyfriends girlfriends husbands and wives when the significant other isn't around to watch it's up almost double since Tony thirteen check out our. If you're watching American morning without me. Oh I don't care if it's not on Netflix it's still outs jitter. Right before the holidays everyone went nuts trying to get a Nintendo classic. I Super Mario the manager NES unit is loaded with classic video games and tiny and cute well the gaming giant is not going to make it easier to get one according to reports that looks like they may stop producing them altogether. One retailer in Europe says they've been told that no more cute little monies will be manufactured enough orders will not be filled. That comes true for America also time to learn to program your own Raspberry Pi units and install the game yourself. And finally. I'm not sure but I think Sony might be making their own terminator come from a new. From the filed a patent for a contact lens the discreetly bowl record video and is powered by your eye movement scaring. A big obvious blink we'll switch to camera on another we'll shut it down. In the future. No one will be safe from lies creeps unaware knows pickings on the plus side of YouTube is gonna give way better. This week supported by burned and wells where they love gaming.