Nerd Talk - February 13, 2017

Tuesday, February 14th

They're heating up... they're on fire! A major American sports league is getting into esports.


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The NBA is looking to expand beyond basketball and stealing teams from Seattle down Benelux all the video game league NBA two KE sports league will be the first ever to be backed by an already massively successful US sporting venture you're wondering why sweat pants are sold on Amazon district of manly just bought them. All of them. So is never leaving his couch again until he goes oh good for you. Soon when you are close low lying your evil pocket computer to your Smartphone. Will be able to send in data collected about your behavior to helping Google backed H&M subsidiary design clothing specifically for mature level of activity. Great minds is going to be a combo of karate. No essentially just be a snug you smelled bad. Doubts on apple track your activity with a little bit of input from you and then a guy wheel design you something to where that's appropriate that's not talk about. On how to get everyone working out the tell you do it. Had finally some dummy worried about pollution destroying the world is working on ways to harness it by turning collected smug and junk in to ink a couple small device to the tailpipe but your automobile and it will use sensors and filters to collect your car starts. And make them into something you can write wins this is also also that's one pen you should definitely not you are. This week's reported good. And burn and wells where they do gaming.