142 - Wiener Stuff

Monday, June 19th

It's been a while since we had some good wiener talk!


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And we there's no yeah. Starts. All right well we started. It is not very good. Armed and dump. It's the worst. Being raised watching game shows with my ground Amin that my whole life to revolve around game two we music com. They're doing the Gong Show them now. Okay let's get it done showdown with the puck and Mike Myers is playing the character is hosting the show. I feel like plug and authenticity is out the window that people's overuse thing in the last five years is being authentic and LB. What does that Arctic ridiculous. Feel like. Mike Myers for our generation. Was like the master of us and he's huge. Everything you know as those delirious yeah. And now like I was it's the Mike. Ever since launch rockets. Practices so good. Is this that the putt of the show it done and thank you for correcting that via your compensation is blowing let's Don it's. Ever since like Austin Powers happened he's gone like completely is and and it's weird because now it's like. He's hosting the Gong Show which is the first thing he's done in a very long time. By design and I feel I don't often know what can return. I guess so I think he has. Reputation as being kind of a but lunch yeah AA I think you're right about that. Buddies Tony backing character. Which is weird. But then like I feel like anything he's done ever since us apart is he just does it take a fat bastard we all know that his last big head wounds George Bush doesn't care about black people alcohol so good. And that was. Plus work doubles I mean you can't even prepare for that reaction with. Fantastic to watch the video about ninja from DL word hang out with Kanye into Rick. You know now it's on vice land and ninja is and one half of via word which is the weirdest group on the planet. To art students from south of the South Africa that sort of rap group it's the coolest but it's also. It is not the coolest it is blockers. I love it because of how far they went with it how they got trapped in it. Blake it's like it became. Thing that they are now locked in snow yet and on Beatles story about getting invited to con he's house account is like you want to shoot some hoops. And they go next door to Drake house to play basketball this the story is incredible I won't do it any justice especially the way he tells that would 9000 F bombs have seen that. It damage came out just the last well the main arena yet it's it is phenomenal it's eight minutes of him. I mean just really breaking it down how got another world works. The way you want it to be to kind of all right. Foot tore a hole manual treated outside forgive her and offered us will forget to do about someone could just link it to us when yeah when you hear that sent us the Lincoln and we'll re tweet me and maybe give each reader. I have to say yeah I'm pretty solid the retraining came in and I'm not very good at going all oppose that after the ship you know. I wanna talk about Tim McDonnell we've not fair because there's sponsors involved. News. Try to do the right pairing and it just is not pan off parent will will curve that tell them my exco laugh now when are used term Marshall just talk about that I had that if it's if I was a Kia yesterday so go to IKEA yesterday. Called and I was there for literally. More than four hours. Do you now I mostly don't of the bids well with. Her fifth and not quite as fun as that's. We're about an hour into our journey the new IKEA and Renton is. I mean it's really easy dude it is. I don't even know what to make of it it's two stories The Commodores were everything's laid out in the to go to the bottom floor for all the textiles in the yeah and the like. Plant pots and stuff like that and although about pot plants although enough all the dynamic storage area and everything so upstairs is just as big as it used to be only announce more spread out and it's crazy there's a thirteen sections of their. How about seven current section seven. Also look at pretty Lauren I'm like. Oh no like I'm so busy just. Also. Yeah like. I was coming out. And so we found a place rickets is down immediately and chick touched my back I was like burning up like. Out of no more super hot and sweaty and I just like all the sudden popped it was crazy. Jack Q worker it is like. Skewed mechanic and and there are a quicker need to like dumping and like I stand up and like wobble whatever that thing and she's like it'll click. I thought but potentially pretty Laura was gonna punter looked his come run her the face and some. But it took me almost a full out war to recover but she took into the cafe area are set up like ten minutes just like. But in a different universe. Got up went to the cat the cafeteria area got some meat balls obviously they eat vegetables had a little bit of cheesecake just it's sugar go on yes share a fine after about an hour total lie it was like back at it again. We finished the IKEA adventure and of no big deal that was fun I can this morning 7 o'clock on the here. A concourse fonts like three or four hours after I woke up same thing where I was like oh god. The years so I have some sort of illness right now that I'm spreading with the guys you welcome cool food and otherwise if you'll find and look forward thing about it. Yeah and we're so that's going on scared. On the SKI that we relate that. A couple weeks ago I guess as long critical weeks now it was win in the spins endara karma was here did you just. Performance for us and and we sat and ate fried chicken and talked whatever it was actually really fun like it was just a hanging. Which are always pretty cool like that it's on the global brand like we could just like be one on one with these artists and not be like pro Molly well it's. The make it clear than some dark karma not a giant band either you nor I mean it's like a lot easier still yet shared you shared a moment with Clinton camp by the way you tickets in some into account who. Hash tag bad a hum cash stick had to do it could hit it fat and I have to I have to as much like an epidemic that has had ads you're Italian and did so we're sit there eating or whatever you talk show either I'm part of that show yes okay. So. We're talking in sudden like. Make the world class itself like one sec it and like I was like. Speaks. There is gone. And then like I was back as like now is and it's maintain relates. They the cold like cold sweat from a second but it was like it was literally 12. But for that would secondly I would I'm dying I'm about to die and that's fine. How super we have been yeah it was Cree is up with a big IKEA is not the place I want that to happen. You know. Although I'm sure they have likening Kia hospital somewhere like both into the hospital floor it's 43 community hospital could be Fiat. Pulled evidence is the ridge that's the kind we just have to assemble to figure that he'll be finding him. God dammit where's the red and she never thought of up Alabama won the troubled gotta have I grab the script packet from the basement does not let Mitch. But a hundred dollar drill over the weekend to him and about to be a homeowner LA getting a power tools. At least one have a drill here after share into woodworking I think my next thing we'll learn how to make a cool like Rick carpenter joint bank to make would come together. Or be able to do that stuff and uncle who is not that kind of move would worker but he would meek. T coolest docks standards. And very compass a UN alerts for a moment like that that you'd actually you would actually use them he would be would with a manual lawns yet. Critical commit like the art of the hunting world yeah. Pilots that's fine craftsmanship as critical all of the wins of his pretty neat it's a neat hobby that gets you. Not who employed from the wall and imported from. These from. You know distractions like yeah television and Internet and stuff like that. I'm looking for more that my life and lasts. I don't turn my best over the weekend to stay off of FaceBook. Cool and so on and on minster ramble but I but I. But it's going to be much more satisfying to OK so I'm Earnest Graham and throughout the weekend all the should answer it showed me. To what he won pictures out of 23 were from the same person gross. And at all ever when I don't care what kind of trying to be cool like people were I I hope that big a kick out of some dumb local Turkey following the back and answer I don't know Michael this. It sure is annoying at 2123. Poster from the same person. Like white for what are you doing personal answer Graham thank you governor algorithm to prevent this yet secondly. Who's the person and as you like boring. Which is awful and so I saw that involve the person because I can't have. That there was a second person yet Rican that this happened in two Graham broke their algorithm over the week at first it was posting photos of what to go to Clark cocoa and Khloe Kardashian and growths that I'm follow instantly and then her kid playing soccer and a public over the chip the definitely a. To do so in that hey he's got us the answer pandemic so deadly. Counted out if if if you can't post 45 times London and Amsterdam today but also shaking and it's not her fault that the algorithm is retarded. To put it like that's you can crack. Yes you can do whatever you want to go right but you're not Macon friends doing that share a guy who looks at you and makes the weird gurgling noise while he's pissing. Right right that you're not making friends that labor right right and you're making things we're eager to. Right but like if you use it for aid. Storage method for lack of a better term for your photos now I get it it's but does this crap that nasty gram I wish. I hit the fact you can't turn off the the filters. Like liking it's I just get everything in the spring as it as it happened right at all policy things happen as they happen I don't care after watched. 31. Sunset photos in a row so it's complain about that I got to share. Several different perspective of a thing as that happens and a final again for a day and I can go school and back for 45 minutes of off. That's that understands like well you you don't want to miss out on thing that I'll just scroll to the. And never showed me any of my friends. It doesn't show me any reference of all the people that I don't know that are doing interesting things and I appreciated but. I never engage on the rigs are trying to stop him from showing it to me I follow like three or four like model chicks because. Ireland red blooded American do you that single Savannah yeah I like to see hot girls that we herself yet. He do you agree to not really quick and it has to register I was like I'm not as they now. I guess if you're embarrassed about getting behind we used to. Go to site but now he's into weird stuff. Mumbai we can stuff it so and it's like it's awful because. Zell my stream would just be all that and it's like. Great when I'm Blake policies and chicks that like awful it's like well it's going on today yeah. Nothing like I don't care buchert protein drinks and all your. Crappy. You know at that are you not. Legally doing it properly like you should all be sued in five to pay about those rules I'd like. I got a merger but that now it's like everyone needs to play by these rules are I have to do it and everyone's got to do what makes you wonder why you have to do it. I asked that all the time now. I never did because that's because the one person from our company Danica busted for doing something so stupid means we all laughed a chair and look I'm fine like if that's the rule. That's fine but like it's it's annoying we don't see enforced literally. Anywhere via and it's like. The work I think the most annoying part is when you see like in other radio person. Posting a really good funny things yet he like you can't do that are I can't do that did you get to you can't either bright and and technically you can't do that you're doing it in its hilarious and god dammit that would have been a great chip and I want accused. Sticks us complaining about us having getting paid to do social media like. I can't do it exactly the way I want all the time and they still paying me. Quicker easier really good gift and you can't use it it's like god gambit delirious and expands it. Also. Learned this over the weekend there is no it is made and Eddie Murphy hot tub. Jiffy and really very disappointing to on him inspecting counselor notes you. That ethnic and me and just throw this over to the world X and media please pay Shawn Garvin thank you get on my attempts to not look it up the thank you. If I know I wanna know what the purpose was pompous and Doug I don't actually it's one of like I wanna let it rattle Ed about it but at. Utley after the show. At yeah minutes. Man my life is getting pretty easy to use this whole baby thing that's happening is nuts. This whole house thing that's happening is nuts and response BR house two months ago haven't gotten there yet. It's finally looking like it's gonna happen. And then I'm not a baby three weeks later but that is not bird timeline that we agreed to know who's gonna get ought wants. I mean on all within a year of getting married and raising also there's no way in hell I can afford my life anymore I'm. If and that I'd suddenly became brokered about pat. I was going through that this again a little bit and I mean not to the level you're going through obviously that lake. I'm so they're gone like. 'cause the last person on the hill now and remove in buildings that I came to walk to work anymore so that's stupid now I really hate that in and out so mad about that. Nothing can be done about it the odd candidate like. Yeah what once you get into a routine and you figure out how to do and everything's fine you'll be fine it's it's been assured knowing about it. We know a year in advance for your like you have to think about it for a year. And the closer we get to with a more at looms edges and I'm gonna miss the walk. And I guess I could still walk if I want a team who wants to spend 35 minutes walking home everyday like that's too much yeah. I it's it's ten minutes from our our apartments and out perfect path. Rain or shine even if it's pouring rain. Ten minutes yet you're so it's not like this tour three days a year when you walk in the rain. In the current distance where you're like god dammit yet right right of the rest of it it's just like ten minutes after get home drop it doesn't want he just dries out no deal that's what Seattle the asked Wright is not the humidity keeps away all the time and with all the shows that together two in dinners and I now I'm playing baseball five times a week it feels like up. It's greats given to get out get home. On my own two legs like if I want Iran like that's a fact at. I wanna lock classical affect. Then and now it's like that's all gone meant and that's really. That sucks. And I'm like seven thinking about like is it faster even. Walked up to. The light rail and shoot down two items that haven't figured out yet he might be your pet man. The accepts to Saito walked up the hill the sex that's like a ten minute commute to work is not gonna be 3040 minutes like I know I don't know be faster than that you take away the real but if you got home. You know 637 however polite well you can easily hit you'll see in the walk downhill and actually pretty nice. That baby go via bus in the morning. From some morals and the hop on the ground get off to Capitol Hill. Just a little birdies and stupid. Yeah expert ears yeah right and also transit fees got to get a monthly pass have to debate on Russia yeah blame Canada. It is what it is and he can't change it but so I've been thinking like well what do finally news out of the city a little bit like I don't. Now that I might travelling around seeing different parts of the city it's like a sense of at least fourth year adventure in Seattle it. Puts it there's more than just Capitol Hill who are clearly more about this Ballard you speak where is it console wars to get there it really is. The only benefit is it's on my path to ballot there's attack to. The shadow of the Mexican truck and sent them a certificate DiMAGE. Now. Hi I'm a car announced in the shop. I don't talk time. Cookies and as weighs in at some point today we should have him up from the critical key for paid huge house and right Grata to a democratic leader DM. But sided thinking about like it and one moved to differing. Even it is likely don't move to Ballard are like. I always want a good agreement as to that places rat I really like that we want babes whom we all the more reason to move degree link but anyways. And then secondly do in the marathon and it's like I'm kind of stock now because yet if I move out of the CD whatever money that I'll save is now out of the city six too expensive to you. All of the money that would save moving out of the city I would have to spend to get back into the back into the city's soul. You pay the same amount for an apartment. If they are moving farther away because you kind of like years your rent is only going up a little bit every year as opposed to when you start new somewhere else yeah right welcome new person it's. That it was two years ago I think and there are now I think my my rent went up against an Allen kind of live and but all of the other things that I'm supposed to be eating and being formed. Yeah that I'm not right now. Are sect which had a dog on the show because when he knocked a tentative barker. If you know that the dollar dummy shot out. Stupid brocade. Oh but does so moving out of the lake. So I am what my regrets Seattle regrets that I have and it was probably the right thing but I wish at some point I would have moved out time. Yeah they used to be affordable. Nominee could live not like all the way down to actually I'll kinda like in a little bit and I'm in share where radical right we need to the band there yeah yeah. Would love to live there. And then I would've like rim my vote again a bike summit had written down to the water taxi come across every day there that. It would amend that a lot of the fun I've had being able to run home Belfast in to Dolly on order that would have liked on women had to be re responsible must while. But now like now the line you are more responsible let's welts and I wish I. I had that place on the beach just like in right now in the summer like comic not just biblical and Al kinds to enjoy that life in Seattle yet like the best of both moral man I never go out that it's so impossible but every time I do and like yeah this is cool yeah even though it's like for the tourists like crap like just being near theirs and the the the few. Use of breath taking yet. That's you know it's for this whole thing on as our. Cookies and guys like Eddie that are adventure it was like she's driving all through US generals like. You overhear what sells great yet at that play a lot of games over there are so it's like and there are a little bit more than I've ever been before and we looked a lot and let's go white senator in the bad areas trying to find how survive. That's out of control them elect senators called rat city. That nickname yeah absolutely amazing. Like why would you Kleiza as that well as Letterman now buys and hey getting is with the fifth. That's going to be popular fictional that up manga you rats and people that are light punishment exacted. Yeah it's tough dude is. I've only lived in one little part I'm really adventurous like get out and seal honestly I like to make it a point two totally weird stuff and different place yeah actually settling down as may be less adventurous I do a little bit less of it because. What I wake up at 6 o'clock on Saturday morning and I was lonely had been closed communities but at odds to. I don't want to damage is revoked Edmonds took the ferry across to them just we did like what's going on public all the other side of the okay I'll stick to ferry yet. And that I'm like I'm right at the teenager's credit. Gotta go with fear I mean it's like. Those things were I would never gone to the fair that was happening over there and yells I would never go back as it was too late but. Without that type of like stepping away and I didn't do nearly enough of it yet because they were great here and it's. Everything is accessible right an amazing. So but there's so much kickass world out there like Q were reliving. Column in the south and it's a snohomish. Like there's the giant. Ever greens every year it's like so see that Geico Pacific northwest deal out there. It's gorgeous there's no water like there is here but like these two reason rolling greens everywhere as. Kia out there and it's I get why people want to live where we live by the side of it becoming annoyed by the prices of everything going up because Amazon and Google and everybody are paying everyone gazillion dollars to make the city suck. It's forcing me out which is nice I guess the commute sucks but. Forcing out sucks yeah like it. It should ydstie there's not like. Like Vegas was like that or it was sites on the gold is in some ruined because it's somehow cheap America. And it's a kickass community now and that does go up I guess a better way to put it was a chemical and summer linen his Spring Valley which is like a block. East of that some owns were red rocks yes I always like. Some really would be against Bellevue to Seattle I as a place at a town can't get our policy Afro Jessica I've gotten to yet and I was like. Several it was like to think it's part of town but you could live like right across the street from the fans in a nice fancy apartment for cheap. Whole pie hole well qualified. Wallop and or what was the park it was a desert springs they be. Those parallel. There's a threat park that was like across both sides that this that this does not part of a south right south of singer. OK of the point being those that you're chasing were the value is and where it's also kind of cool live right but here he can't do it because. If you still have to get to the city. Here prose especially the New York Times the community man nowhere well kidding Stewart would be set back Zanardi past 9 o'clock in the manipulative. You know who have better. I would be our right things the commute if I was to drive it would be so bad you pay and how far away atlas like if I. If I'm living in freak in. You know Canada is that you know if I'm in Bellingham gets added I have to leave like 7 in the morning as tough but if it's. Lin wood that's at 25 minute I like I can leave at 9:30 AM OK yeah and then that would be pretty easy and pretty easy yeah. Presume he'll mess isn't it you wanna get home you'll miss the worst of tea did you imagine like I do I goaded two or three shows a week what do I do. I think. Drive Ali home together Dodd drive all the impact that's an hour and he's how you'd have to pay somebody to of course I went out and and it's paid a lot because my dog is crippled like it's not like at eight. Greg if you look it up today elect. I gotta show and it is a cool like how about what we're doing and we're moving now I can call my mother in law. And I don't have to give a slide the glass door open for a second it's just. Doug is out there and he's gonna. Yeah she's done about it like it no leash or anything like that doubles my minds are out of the city dog to have your for eight years now like. That's a long time the other part that sucks that driving in would be fine insect. I've I've got a point 530 minute commute each way every day that's an hour on my dad has given up to audio books. But then when he got to pay for parking pervert it into effect at at. Sides and that and centers focus. On. They get paid for the parking lot and yeah does yeah dude yeah. Don't like what their. What they're trying to do what Amazon is like directly trying to do is build upon just awful one small place. Where there's often little food places in your apartments repair work at Arthur C never leave work right and you just give your early twenties through your early thirties over to them it's at 20% she version of those the factory towns. I can mining towns where there there's one out here were with the dam is on the over the hydroelectric dam is on yet whoever river it is where they we're Seattle. Simpson light give a lot of their energy from there's like this fee can't. Worker talent gets very spooky Chernobyl to fifty's thing him and definitely. Gets weak like they're doing without. Specifically saying that's what they're doing that clearly. Is that yeah. I can't break I imagine though if you were getting out a college right now. And someone was like recruiting you'd come work at. You know move rule whatever at breakfast there the company has and move fools gonna pay you a 100000 dollars to come here you get to move to Seattle. Man DP totally. All own these ironic that. We are all recognizing. Its image is an interesting time. In the world for a million reasons what does being like I think we all recognize that we we spend too much time at work. And means that it's funny today instead of lake killing hey wait a second this is ridiculous. We need space and time out of to not think of these things cannot be on our phones at 10 o'clock answering emails and instead it's like well. We've gone the other ethnic wolf a sucker for twelve hours can you make it cool. I think it should be obvious that words like no and no just let me get out here but that's. It's it's it's an out starting to seep into you now is now ticking over are. This mean this in the city the glow of the country and robots are going to take over I interviewed a guy did the day who was talking euros universal basic income. And how he was arguing that there will never work and it's terrible to socialism Ellison's always go together and find I'm not here to talk about that but he was like listen. A civil how about our automation and how it's taking jobs and it does look. Automate a solid robots ever gonna be able to fix robots mental laziness here I'm I'm sorry because that is definitely so it happens also if one robot can work 24 hours a day seven days a week doing the job of three people right having a repair. Person for said robot is still it doesn't offset correctly right. Yeah like we have to stop McKee you have to. That's not going to happen but make no win in the position of power to make money to have shareholders. Are going to say listen we need to be for the people little bit me keep. Essentially pissing away money. So that. Gregor can have a job that lake that's not going to happen and what does happen. It's a great question who knows like. Is that this is that it essentially everyone goes on welfare and it is an a form of welfare where it's like a minimum. Let him in the video where everyone gets paid closer together later is like. He was like listen that's universal basic income you know the so it's every word socialism mean short works of them but they don't put up with like a little below it. But it isn't an item and not all the talks this guy at all but like what he said that I was like you just a minute that it can work. It's because they have huge oil money HE we wouldn't beer. It's because you want to segregate its 'cause you want you don't want everyone to have what you that I did it that's fine again. But I I would be pissed if there was if there was a a homeless drug addict living in the doorway of my apartment that would make me upset right. On its his I don't want and how what I have read. And saying it is obviously exposed is like the journal of our discrimination or whatever but the same time that's like. But the natural reaction for people to Dick. Let my lawn or whatever it's the greatest stand. In America essentially is that we have figured out that we eat but at the royal originally zodiac sign RA but they figured out how few. Turn every seeing. The poor fights to pour. The middle class fights the war because in the quest thinks their pork yeah so they think their pour and then they see real poor people like we'll have a mode and a much better than this crap. And instead of going up and going hey. Yeah what's going on here like dummies I work eighteen hours a day in your stupid glass bubble like Amy this but it's the opposite where it's like law what is. I barely make enough money to feed my Finley what ought to spend three had to bite his 300 Gaza my paycheck going to feed the poor people. Like. No. That's the you're thinking of it wrong it's you've got to go up. All I want is for people to be educated better orbit the number one and education and they'll never have a though because smarter we've become. The boy were we challenged. First balanced whole man I don't know how to say her name correctly correct Greek. Have to step in the right direction but hash tag Charlene in a plot holes on the and I was bully that was done shot by police officer because I I don't know I have watched or heard the audio in anything she had a knife was coming at the top cops honor she was pregnant she has kids it's like it's at sand point which I would never expect like. Yeah I don't know enough to have a good take on this and unit tried lately but I saw I think as but tweet that just broke my heart because it is. It was. Guy and partly and stabs three guys to death gets arrested. A pregnant black woman hasn't knife in his kilt. And right wagons like it was worded better like those were good. Properly as opposed to be just off the top. And it was like. Be my heart sank in November to Jesus I'll be curious to see if they determined that the officer acted according to protocol like if they like if the officer responded and in the right way were you. I don't know what the right way is but if they checked all the boxes before using lethal force. Hope because she does then you have. Real conundrum war right where we have to stop and talk as a culture. If if someone short cut it because we learned last week keeps you could still be go Scot free or whatever it. On the beat all I'm curious to see how the song goes and regardless the family must be but those kids who'll just sad now. Has that Monday motivation to lie about guns yes. I think June 18 I've learned. Little bit about the age nineteenth at this was the days that it was in Texas I believe. Where the general of that army whoever was going on a did you read the decree from the executive in charge were to be the president saying that. Slavery has done little labeling can I June 1920196518601865. Different sort of half. Thank you 1860 guys. On the and it was the abolition of slavery where everyone had become equal and the slave owner became the employer and the slave became a labor I'll pay the labor. Interest and take that that a that we have to talk about this so much and stay in his we should but the idea that needs to be Bravo. The point that it's trending for all morning on Twitter right. Hash tag for an aids chat. So side and use a rubber. With Carrie Fisher. All of that's for an aids I'm sorry gotta I weighed life could hypothetically for a left that are. Continue with you and say sorry it's Forney is the ciento who prefer a dirt as cern cook gave her law. On an Ecstasy were in her sister. She is just she was is living out the queens of the stone needs food industry do do do do and in size and thousands are in June. That sucks because she battled who is dependent see our whole idea of life and you can only think that. Part of that had to be coming from fame. And part of that had to be from being a bikini model. To a slow monster 120 nothing. Possibly now. Hash tag roads to Texas. You get on five. Any take a right to forty to forty now and then you just go for awhile. So important. Cool. It was the entire Safeco Field wears the yellow shirt because king Felix is back clearly is that king's court. That's when the Supreme Court entire system to pitching again it Friday he's gonna be reactivated nice. Paris. GC community. Panama that foul. Go to pet giver like you know you're in the history of the payment to Alec how big many people died from like. OK Jill mosquitoes in your yellow fever man hit a half to try to dig a trench between. Like her across the state of Rhode Ireland between two oceans. Crazy undertaking. Wild man we'd like. Humans change the lake and is tabs on time but late. Visit like changed the globe on that on from space visible from space is because the contestants see how like how nuts are pretty easy down. Trying to folic but the analysts are right owns the down here. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcast. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't dumb podcast or eight record and that man child and. Victory for our young podcast is brought she died Friday it out I think today I'm militant key to our university next. Sweet solo broke.