141 - Donkin' Off

Thursday, June 15th

Lots of off mic yellin'...


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They could to any minute and starts. All right we start. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It fell and works O. When I play this. About dying giraffe. Soundproof studio effort little the what defended them at the end. If a comments coming down outside. Well let's just get it all out of your system today mother nature I have a baseball game tomorrow so for a Friday baseball game. Friday and Monday. Monday reports it's a real it's it's a home and home series and what you plan on we did it all the time crazy not Fossum kind of I mean like six days recovers so I guess aka kind of not awesome. For old both those joints are. Look at the box score it's like man media and 48 Garrity oh. The disabled list for old cook for people that fits that joints the F. Ted United's again. On top lieutenant stacks and stacks and stacks it did not go to the warped tour tomorrow no I'm pretty blunt about that you. I actually to Siegel from her but instead of go to cabaret tickets we bought back in November so go singer was the first band I aborigines onstage and it was in front of like 101000 people and I was scared. Cooper is cook. And right before I went on stage the stage manager and manager goes hey we're not quite ready so I need you to stall for like five to 10 cook and I am like. Dude no but the effect. I'm gonna stay for awhile and it definitely did you that the. The whole music before it was a little music and didn't. It moves they're. They're way if it's not in the news. Thinks the car lots but the what you wedding affordable implying to man that guy. That guy about that I know that so I pretty impressive yeah Alex. I'm Al Harrington effect but. The unload in the Rain Man negative it is. I don't want to rain all the time to be clear I want it to be sixty degrees and overcast forever. Hole. I want the sun to come out on the afternoon like it does it tells you to. No I do cricket but in the mornings and stuff a global we start like Fisk of the city smells really good thing about the rain being a really rejuvenating. Pigeon peas Alley does not smoke in night I psychotic guy huh. I don't know if he was jerking off repeating in the Alley for believers like it normally dressed guy he wasn't like you. Five signs are homeless guy yet. Is ExxonMobil dude who was out of 4 something in the morning still peeing in the Alley. Comic con and he did Michael hole I was just. Cut it to see air nothing though and I got there and a work on the O line XYZ in my right do you don't expect that he'll look at outgrow this I'm like dude please it is too I haven't had coffee go away for continue paying I don't even care. I have summoned on my stupid. Last thing I want to take the Nokia dugout for his last walk of the night. That's its public please seek and if you live there you can sit on the portions of all yeah. But for whatever reason I was very offended that has like we don't do that at this place if it's we don't do that I don't reps share. But I think within your rights but it's though recently would you go to my car park in the building across the street and want to go by car there was a person's sleeping. In the entrance way to the apartments and I was like well just leveled to go to my car after all fifth at that. If I'm obviously not going to confront you can have a giant Keller right because who knows what or who would write if you're good to sleep and a doorway of a functioning like. You know act of apartment complex. Which brings me to my second event of last night's things in this is probably give that you didn't confront this person because less than it rate for a I was going to bed. I hear someone outside going. I bet all the guys by the US government to vaporize. Every will laud. Apple's bit arise vaporize you know. I'll vaporize you know I work for that got a US government. Well I don't like oh man this guy's going like who's this stuff that you are partially go outside it's. I was like he owed Fella there's there's someone on my stoop if you wanna daycare that real quick pace that would be great hey the vaporize if it Obama. Also street Kate broke into the pit a but it was kind of scary is because you don't know like how little jet pack yeah you don't know how into it there like. If they're actually willing to try to attacks and wrote in the future and Hasselbeck right is there. Willow I must of but the government run as a relied damn I'm hi it's just that air keeper there and that's the bug zapper. Stand there for 48 hours. Of those who have been too nice I gotta tell you man I was worried at first I was gonna give vaporized it. It. Didn't. Hear these but not cried but got. Those problems and also from. Right to Bosnia brought up but just look better. Good dividend go to take. Come back from karate and about stick town are outside and at 7 o'clock at night or whatever and dynamic and I'm in new workout shorts. And a completely not matching shirts I have a head band on pushing my hair up like a look at you error from the Muppets. And then I'm Warren. Long black socks and slippers and as they leave I don't look at me Lori she goes river if you see John not that you say this is what merit life looks like that's a the area I go outside who I see outside immediately got John Manley. Hey you're at. It looks like everything across the street. It better Braddock got. Who who puts delightful little murky that can get some good. People. The by the about that to you is how is that I was walking home. It's like man I go for an adult beverage. And Emmitt bureau Greg in the year with a ninety. Com seems to think now it's like six parity is died needs it's curtains for him and humanist five minutes later there you are right on the street walking the dog knows. If at him. Taken the dog up for her final appeal the night before we get better at 730 and watch one episode of Frazier and and I remember looking got a bad do you. Hit the button. We ask you questions the buttons or have asked this question. He couldn't put them up up up up could hide. It's her cute kids and you think animals like dogs obviously specifically enjoy that last peer group with a night as much as people do. Bomb fake you know you you know prolong their working like I need twenty minutes in the that it not take into any minute. But like our success to have my mode you think dobbs they didn't like. Yes yes I am gonna go outside and yes I'm gonna pee for awhile to compete rate. I don't think. I think what motivates chowder most at the end of the day is as she knows she's gotten. About a thumbnail sized piece of dog treat to get to her bed to sleep on my like that's extent I would give view. Less than one cent worth of dog treat if you didn't your battle lines are always different if you knew it. McGuckin children and no and that's for dogs only you know where rents aren't people people in the because they president out there yeah I don't think it's I think that she's a mix and that we're going after she knows we're one step closer to that. Miniscule piece of doctor okay. Okay it's the one that I get home from work when she like a commander in Nashua waits on the couch so extensively where it's from inches at a chemical contaminant is coming here. Either recommends that. I. At. She runs its gets approved and she runs around the living room and I looked outside but. If I sit if I sit down at all it's our talents and our refer to wanna because once a sit down I get home. But coming falsely but I I just have to look at the Internet forever I might who votes like it's it is her loss oppressive to share. It's to her benefit if I'm like I'm a poop what you eat and we'll all meet up here in the middle not a guy and that's a turbine tickets helix falsely confess that we can't you'll be death. Circulation issues totally unit and total yards and a bathroom here the other day and some guy just walks and just. Rips the boasts Burke. That doesn't get fired now I'm in house get a laugh and a there's plenty of that particular resident it's like I was. Two to eat a battery or something like this like what happened to you that meat that's how come out like you don't like it taste it for her little. The way I read when he got an atom and people outside heard that for sure. This has been discussed many times he clearly I have some sort of a complex fires bodily functions that it's been established to provide that. I perfect once and it expelled and and like I birthed in my flat in my friends' FaceBook like. Yeah close quarters he's like up wrote in his airspace and I was so embarrassed that like now at Ike I have I don't think I'd like. Dell edged like do you doused in front of friends in like seven years. This might be a place where we differ because. I was raised its too much older Brothers and what you do to your word tying the sibling though don't give her life part of my brother I was like yeah there was like holding me down butt cheeks on face far it's gone yeah like in my life and there was like Europe's and everything else that you could do the tormented child. My Brothers both did to me. On and so. If I ever called depending on the person would do this to you because records Johnson was but if I can't comment much on a buddy Jeff said Dunning. Went up my eight a bread bowl full of Chile now over to the corner of the my oh my god that's a offensive and I was like oh yeah like a victim of the Cuban government yet watched those white onions work and magic now. And I must abrupt thirties the five time like the grossest possible and ethic I feel bad for anyone who came walking in after them yet has it must've then. Horrible I guess they don't. Still Burberry Cooper refrain that's fine so no I wouldn't do that to you yeah I can take so it was like. Commuter jet he had any Indian for it like come here yet he's too you can Aniston is a. I'm mood. The hierarchy of radio people. The new I have to take that looked like it. Real fortunate that in my contract licking your contract rod tip it'd it'd there. Doesn't try to. Both edged out. Two days. Why what. Every tones to one man I from the two O line. Well Cooper. Dominican that big vaporized and left you ought to do vaporize there. Move Google wouldn't pop up up up up. The federal government to provide it. Immediately I think it's like to date no that was spent senate suspense are doing in Vegas. I don't know why we did this that we had a laugh like a tycoon day. That's for media stage you don't like that this can see the morning shows yet second chair gets and and we. I think this is very important that we talked with the sultan mafia with like. It's funny get us in the room together and just don't cough because there and weird things happen in dunk off is not code for herb masturbating or vaporize and and for fifth at the don't comment on those things something yet and it's none it's not bad enough we we don't launch ever give in to radio people don't just get into a room and then just drop Trout go for higher that's what's happening there's a big radio convention this week in Louisville and I was a season where. Louisville. Move on my removal Lugo. Said moving that sound better. I'd caught by them that can't do bill hi welcome Joseph Louis bill I would not collect Aetna. And in Louisville hello. The debt relative to Louisville slugger well Louisville. Mean he knew what I don't care about. Loosen dumped town it's hard to get to him that he. Does that say about it look let them off the hook and that's Kentucky. Writes yes we did you enjoy. But I you're not gonna go why would I want to go to Kentucky I just went to Indianapolis and that town is just a couple pounds up from Lou el. And bullet. We're not not a destination travel for me statues of Reggie Miller do you think are in Indianapolis I feel like that's the only thing that's ever come out of it while the 500 I was secretly yen and have been probably in reverse order management. Mean and that's the other delicate and that's a once a year thing that they've done a hundred of them and there's 350000. People have taken his he can't prove that. Now that the fact that it was you have to him could you this year have regiment a giant Reggie Miller with two Indy cars issues. Reggie Miller transformer. And pay attention to the Indianapolis airport we're giving you tons of free ideas attention Michael Bay. Do. Oh I could. He's on fire who who but the doctor's a he's transforming improperly. Don't let the candidates right I'm OK there. That it does. Pete Michael Jordan kind of a loaded triple. Or are. These dangers about time. And a my god what is happening to times no way out the risk reveal off my feeling is like an adult I my hair. That's usually gets that like that this Cigna fire of things getting out of control. At at a let's look at something mild now OK and not got nothing but. You I have is a Starbucks problem go. Higher experiments while at the moment. Ion ever since they made us not. Keep anything in the kitchen anymore because there's still a ton of crap in there and I really emotionally weak and wait wait they're taught us you know you can't keep any indication anymore right. There was an email that went out that was like that it was if you're not using and if it's if it's in the kitchen and you don't use it it's out. No it was to the point of Blake. Who have specifically for coffee it's like affiliate this is yours and yours you indicate the end here because we're throwing everything away. And I'm so that it took Toby that. I summit mount coffee. Right now I am now I've got to Starbucks troubled they they read data McCarthy maker. That's your thing though aren't you that's who take what there's like I don't think so. So the coffee problem I've got to I'm thinking though but practiced it's just me being lazy total return almost stuff from office to the kitchen to different and it's across the hall but felt like seven peas add to it. Required to wealthy request to trips or drop stuff like when the other at 4:45 in the morning not provide interest. All but I'm thinking about. To cut my coffee. Look I love coffee spilled on I would. I would be against that are so I have a couple things that I've been thinking of replacing it with one crack. Is I might be making coffee at home setting the timer on the thing have mixed pot before him as I'm getting ready commenced there's a first off not one option. Two I might switch to drinking do PO espresso and just having just a little tiny cup of espresso just to get some. Share. Put the sniff at the appropriate time and who and then. Threes is altogether except for like me real weekend just cut it out cut it out into it. China's full house with a dummies. Been. I go back to fourth this because I've tried to kick coffee for a while I don't really have a copy problem I don't think. I'll drink the living daylights out of it if it's available to them right I give there's just makes. Let's see we go into coffeemaker at the new buildings mean you're gonna we're gonna get it now that we share space with get a coffee maker together and pump them up. I would drink pots of that at a time it is just there definitely at a restaurant like warming up equipment to pivot. Hey I spent a lot of time at Denny's in my formative teen years I can cloud your column inside mama man. Smoking in dry and it's all we did for like three and A half years I've got tons of notebooks of that's not the past. So I've kind of kicked it but I. I can take you to leave as opposed but man I can't imagine life and liked coming in. And I can hear a relatively late start again at 10 o'clock as the can't imagine coming coming here every day. And not fired up a cup of coffee and a guy gonna start spaced out socket there's no milk upstairs and outside I've been going to Starbucks TU. Because I got a good. They slacken off and that machine however it's full of secret crush all the time which is off to I think a militarist than we did have a very anti should recruit so I mean it's an owner. With the purple drank whom if it. Are you what with better TU grape. Orange. Oh great I go I'd like both. Wanted to clear about that but if there was a grape crush of north crushed next to each other. Rick craft room right now is privatized by about thirty orange slice as the greatest set of all time to me do you remember. When they made the mountain to orange. I do I drank at least a five gallon. Homeless person fire figure the damage done united has just solely based amount hats crazy June click. We go back to me standing outside looking like a total dog like walking the dog them like this is married life is what I've this is what I've become a that the on a attempted dawned on me that like outside to. What I'm not using social media as much because I don't need who cannot rest I'm not credible word. Some person into pity liking means I mean check which was my hold. My whole gig for reverend and I just like got. He could add it and then yeah like rhetoric over the right. And I'm like I promise you like fun tweets and stuff from you and other friends of mine that I like single to Somalia alleged influence been out there see what happens in on it. When you throw enough he muted girls look into the DM suddenly got bidders. Ha if that's not really there is an idea that girlfriend doing it's but. No I'm not and that's I Gary say yeah. And projecting anything on you just saying that I receive my single friends are the ones that use social media more because they he has been the only drag casual friends. Well thought that but it's. But anyway I found I that is it don't mimic all I don't do that as much anymore because I'm. Constantly with some charity that I can just saying is nothing to would not have to put all the trouble and that tweeting yes sir Fred following an immigrant spotting allowable rent physical. So but it economy that look I'm not doing that really the only things that are important to me anymore. Are not letting myself gifts like super out of shape for ten. On. We've become. Since it what was in my mind was like you can't I don't exactly what they can do that. Who listener will never and ultimately. But don't let yourself become. Out of shape and Mike and board to help breakdown right. And but also make sure you're doing a lot of things to stay relevant. Illinois it's easy to go too far and spew like. On an island are not aware of anything that's going on yet but at the same time I made it really now what I have to focus on is not being too comfortable. Absolutely. So that it's supposed to be an alias. Yeah I think you know. I would assume that's what everyone goes through once they go TU. He's double fisted action. Drinking lies he's double fasting beverages you can. Nah not. That's the sound of their coming out of the double fisted now that's a dog can operate. I think anyone that I I think anyone that starts a Stanley. And moves to the bird's eye I would assume that's and everyone goes to I think I think. Especially for what we do you think the social media back like until just now but regardless I don't they were just feel like I don't talk to anybody in the Tony moan don't go to the bar with the birdies. Who go to guys you guys dar lead on Tuesday Izard whatever you wish what they did the fine dart league would be cool that would be cool. Can't tarts at one point 200 carport and having been up. We nearly 3000 holes in the wall luckless element of the Q. Alternatives. Like lie like do you. Earnest couple holes from like put up posters should use its nuclear later egg chairman. Where. Baby ash music duo does give you some paints a campaign over whatever you've done a great cruel well we had duties and enter purely notes that stolen five. I would edit parlance and I am steeper lights anal about not. Messing up anything that they're gonna do you pour it into the back. And I made it like means the play or ice tonight to put things on the law ninety apartment no pictures or any patent. I'm up different in my given that this Dick had a hundred bucks because I put it neo in the law like no united view what you do for them toothpaste chancellor. Says ho. Make it through like three years we that the news. Awful apartment for us department of trees with tree crashed. On at least his cell mass out in the dumpsters. Nicer spot to sell math. Don't know I think that's fair I think that's a reasonable place to sell math play out of line yeah re electing. I mean armed here at the country club via of course not and I kind of do community offs. But we made all the way through I think within their for like two years before he moved. And godless men remain my chest Mike bottom. He I would have lived there forever and just hated every second of it is 'cause I'm too lazy to bounce of dignity right. I'd rather live in squalor than like. Take the effort to have to move again where Mike was like we're out of here DI can't do this anymore I think I'm still getting the master bedroom though is that. I don't care at this point I don't care like. We're out of here this horse that's this place trash article make it through the first two years don't put anything on the walls. Places pristine as it can be a means cleaned like course everything's great. Moving up the couch. Koch leg right through the war. In the move up process like who haven't put it. So they being the monster that and I just push the wall right like I is middle bigger as the idea of a boom for a couple of quick Apache anyway it's. How terrible those bad. We we haven't hung anything except for big cardboard cut out of ten voters had on our wall and that's the only thing we have hanging out because you recently said it's through lightened up political. Here the threat over where herb that is certainly you know we're. Chowder land can affect. Do we. Word of the first at I think we're finally get get closer to moving into our house it's a race between between now and August 10 we got to get in there that's crazy Portland gets out of there you know. And we finally got notification last night that they got the last hermit that they need to do gas lines that. And so they can really be happening here or were actually going to move and so we went up there a couple days ago to check it out. To progress has been made and they now have a model home with a furnished and install an irreversible people who do that a professional staters and so they know how to do it. Well walked in I was like two houses it's the yeah. And it's going to be empty we're gonna have battled stuff in there but Billick finally became like a real thing that we were gonna but we're going to be able to be ours it's that he would about graduate I don't think you have almost 5000 dollars of appliances. Spoofable I don't have 5000 dollars. We have been saving for so long yet make that happen and shallots or his mom so Demi she was a nice enough to I hope let's get started on stuff and so like Rio her huge huge force because no can afford to live anywhere raping thirty miles away and it's still almost half a million dollars to look pretty. I thought I was gonna do that via. Also. I do you have 5000 dollars and not like. Months and I really responsible and without Loren and I never had any money I was like. My apartment was so expensive and and make enough money like it was and I like drug cartels my eye out this team three month. In the bank that's like. Yeah possessing five K is really zero for me up as I tell you all my financial he's now finally. But it's it's used to mr. Smart not comfortable with the sort issue at the back of that image via. I have my tennis I went to some excellent art ceasefire but it is uninstall post made that have like ten jeans and a fact that. I. Our attack on Twitter hash tags for Obama I don't. For the three doughnuts and regulators on the Internet the lakers used to play in this fabulous Los Angeles forum and there is a really gets thirty for thirty out right now the lakers Celtics rivalry now. I hate the lakers and the Celtics equally and still the great documentary. Also goes on past like Tony seventeen forum I don't know five you said the number part of beginning you know academic. US open and shout outs to Derek Barrett who's playing in the US open from the south then he's out there representing the western Washington as a player but it's breaking news. A freak and who crashed at the US open I had another flying device company doing comforts our coverage to string him. Holy smokes there's video epic to watch it it is wild stuff you'd more after a work from our sponsors. Twitter you lied Twitter just rule out some changes announced that of one heart there's two parts inclusion Masada and understand who cares you or down. Thursday thoughts. I think it's a pizza to. The nuptials of repeats. Astec national lobster. NCAA. I never graduated from the NCAA. Put baseball for the guys that three and three quarters here of eligibility doesn't cook but I. The latest little hole to Louisville pitino van NCAA penalties. It's good to see dad's rich white people take care of there and make sure that they don't get trouble but at just a little slow and America and rich white people so dummies full. Bloom with the North Korea my guy that really do now we are literally. We we will Dennis Rodman is literally our diplomat to North Korea. Bigger and Rodman and pick the you don't that you know the really completely apart as it could be whereas. Are you share I mean yeah just to get silica Haywood there'd be like this sort diplomatic thing blended into. With a little orange wig with a replica of a it says that like Zhang and Zhang now. That the hash tag warriors parade the lawyers winning two out of three. That's pretty damn good basketball team geared its I I don't pulled us over close we all but it is awesome to see that the draft to the team and made it happen in the data Katie to the mix and got him a ring. I mean obviously the concede right here's the thing. A lot of people are like. Anti Goldstein not as they got Kevin Durant and take oath to super team vivid vivid enough harpers about to occur it is it is most definitely super team but like. But not a super team if they're gonna play. If they're gonna play basketball the way they play it. They can win all of the titles I don't carry that they're so their soul fine it's like basketball like. I don't wanna see you and any kind of sports hernia that I don't care about isolation and hate that that's what kills the game. I don't give a about the general offenses it's it's like. Boring and it bogs everything down. Go states flying around shoot thirties don't get it playing good defense is. Gorgeous bullets as they did do what there are some thing or did to the pro am are except winning one in forty years ago though. No Tony here's a sure he did as he came in and they're all playing this like really rule rigid. Defense oriented soccer were like you gotta get through these yet. Huge dogs at the back door to be able to do anything in the mud and everything and he changed the game made a fast pace made a beautiful. I'll never forget about five years ago when it was IFC Barcelona. Arsenal yet and they were both at the height of that like really quick to detect news soccer. Football and it was beautiful Ifill other people are gonna now try and copy the Steve Kerr style there and try to make it happen which will be great great for the sport yet. Yeah so win all the titles utterly character like that uncool to I mean do you have any feeling over and sift reversal were LeBron. LeBron James is the best player on the planet there's no deny that but that's that's fat ice tiger what people don't like stuffed curry to dissect this weird to. I don't like what's not to like about it there's this weird bit of from the height of him being such the what he is there's always a little bit of smug this it's like him. The trek applied to him I don't necessarily know that he's that guy or not checked but I think when he's at the end of his career we're gonna look at him like Steve Nash were to look at them is like being like one of the best guys in the game. A Steve Nash retiree them off some calm. Everyone loves Steve Nash. Ash but they don't give deceive the despite having is and I is that they they don't give Steve Nash any credit anymore like that it went back to back in BP's known talks about it right which is week. Because in the we Gaza the part of these light as fact is that it's true I mean I say we want but that's. So I think that when stuff Corey matures a little bit and he becomes less of this that I hope we never matures like that's the fun for but he will because even LeBron early exit you know yesterday I yeah and it gets old and slow down a little bit and that he'll be what he's an elder statesman for what he's created like wind basketball is. Read his pleasure me now in the NBA plays in his shadow check on I think that'll be. So cool water supply LeBron will be retired and he'll be like old like famous yet got elected to his mark I mean if making key to rant. Klay Thompson clay tells of the wild card because he's a free agent and he he's going to get a lot of money to go be a number one guy yeah. And will mean that's why we're both here because we wanted to see if we can become the best and I was unemployed that's why I'm here but also like you know but it still like that was always the goals are coming to move up down Michael was never to get to Scranton rice to get right to some more awesome and a some ago as payment you can in the and no offense today is that all you can stand was Vegas to be the into the weekend guy or ingredient afternoons in. Seattle's. Obama and out. He's so if if he'd. He doesn't have to be loyal to it's other team in no and and in sports and any and anything a year and a contract. Based lifestyle should do well anything in my opinion. Below and pays you and any nation be loyalty on but he's the one that if he stays so they have to rant. But Currie. Drew among green and Klay Thompson at those four guys stay together they'll win like five or six titles easily. And they should final question for you okay my cousin he's twenty years old he's six feet tall 205 to ten. Linebacker for poplar can't lose. Who wins and a phys. Serena Williams. Or cheek. The bad news for you Jake. Three meet that launch. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought you guys can. About it you know Vera says gain more consistent than the Mariners. Six war and after one inning for.