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Monday, June 12th

Dead Batman - #RIPepper


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Without six music to people even have sex. Starts. All right oh we start. It is not very good. Armed and done. It fell and worst. Believe it. So in 20. Still ask. An episode that I was on the 400 plus the 141 for sure. I Illinois I'm doing. We're easy to both the right there I mean. I'm a lot can really get. Click almost three years birth chaos. I one podcasts. There's a local comedian telecommuting cold case McLean school. So I just cases of Demi. And one on his. It's called task audio like cascade via an audio combined again it. Community have to describe it the lieutenant minutemen yeah Rubin who kickass Gaudio on because nobody Dan suitor was in town of Italy standup comedy. And that guy is so stoked to have canceled her on his podcasts he does this intro to it it's like. Did soda from. This TV shows of billions and he's done hours differential. And Gregor from one to two point 73. I mean surely must have expected this considering you were showed up. At an animal grow podcast by George kell on an iPad couldn't have felt at polling I've had a felt that Joseph to tell about 5000. Totally star shined but in typical fashion and get a couple but is it going to do some analysis pond. About halfway through Casey didn't exist anymore there's is Dan and I have picked the conversation with one another and then when there be any lol. You don't predict so clear after question about what are you doing. This could hosting that's he should use Letterman he said it was kind of like the he hit below the stride of the were you wanna for the cast so happy to be part of that so man I give us an episode and those of the cast audio. It was episode eleven scared and with dance odor and Gregor normally it's you know podcasts that I do in my own I barely. What I had him on mine and he was like we sort of talking comedians and mediums like limited amounts of time as like human events noted dupers a cue up Christie was going on here he's the case is awesome though so he's a real sports stat guy so Hewlett nose like the intricacies of the boring stuff sports that takes special got to be able to still be funny and be able to do yet surely isn't illegal character. Yes anyway how is new York city New York's share well it was a whirlwind gitmo are ruled Peter crew that's like. If if if if that I always worry about that now that they can back to what I know about racial history influences give my robe and Luka. Didn't. The moon noon Stan moves little moon. We really that has said that there was has gone can tell us for 12 course I feel like now there's this major crusade to be well. It's the Internet so we have to have hot takes that's that's how the Blogosphere workspace like can we stop with the it's time that we recognize. That it was debt Mendes is a genius that it Ladell pots that was exactly my take on the radio this morning yeah cause they'll listen. And a I've I watched every one of those got in episodes back in the day no doubt. No doubt sir Romero the mustache underneath the jokers get like beat Joker may c'mon. Think you're not even trying that hard that's ridiculous and the cat women were always hot even though I was like four I think these chicks bad. Like it yeah but. What it's it was a joke from the start as a appointed in his camp. Those old Batman episodes by today's standards are just terrible. Also by then standards they. The other half a minute like. Like yes he contributed and here that is an important moment in baton and lower but. It's not with her I think. You wrote the Bible or some like he's not prince man yeah right right Herrera you know and Randy without the Family Guy. Room you know the point he faded away into the into the background in particular that crowned the best he has told I was like and at that. This recognition from my early when he didn't hit and that because you're in this meeting. Now we're at I don't have the button I would've definitely have something else kind of weather but yeah. Don't work that's fine but the federal I was looking further buzzer from I was I was late for the Booth. And give one of them got split. So look he just. To play himself as the fictitious men are the mayor of the fictitious city right that brought him back in the like whoever had that idea I don't know how that came to be was probably look that up because I think it's. Fantastically fun. I was sure it was. Out of moon. Seth MacFarlane is making a joke about that man I had an animal when you have an outline their quest to line as he wished you've got wrestling it's contagious I'll sing too. And the animal world news to room war. Still a little bit softer and both have whom who hadn't missed. Who wouldn't who missed acrimonious tenor who breakfast. How come out when there are long gone. And it does go to ignored broke that's right. It's just a weird though. I think so I think that's what happens when you become baton and two in the night especially tight spam and no muscles like. Sixties fat does that I think that Bettman was so corny it. The bombs it would throw good and click go back and watch five minutes of it's awful the best part about it is the and elect the bam thank Gephardt in the component Alex super comic book it's like. Did it and and Amanda goes. Dalia. At at the sort of fun Booth to vote. That's exactly it men. Lol that's none of that and I is Thursday when he can't like why. The wide guessing due and his image is appealing things to write about because there has had a blog now like. We don't need these big think pieces on things that don't need to be thought that deeply about. They cut its funny next. Moving on Iranian. That's why Twitter is wonderful sometimes because you see as that happens you see like a bunch of funny stuff to come out people have different takes but then the next day's Twitter you see the takes of people had yesterday coming back today. Either through. Human nature to breathe be redundant bright jokes the same way or through theft. Either way now either way. It's weird because in radio there's a that doesn't happen anymore but there was always a service for show preparation not telling you obviously because you dynamic and rapidly up. Preparation services for the would send you things that would be accused kind of the big stories from last night here's what happened on the Tony Awards hears this and that's he can talk about it be prepped his morning show host. Arm and I know a morning show host that I saw on twelve wrestle funny joke and I was like a man that's funny. It's like reached out of the those two women actually that in the and and liked what it. Circuit from the prep service. Tied to duplicate their own. And I was like I'll grow lose. Its current job though. But if so it hasn't ever been for me that's that's why don't like all the jokes that I do like China to read the stories in full before write things on my hot take website that's up to the one alike see where I get in sometimes it's the same place or whatever but word for word. Unaware of words I don't care that I'm saying it only copy editor now known and. And I get you that you can't you. I miss those oppressors is beyond is that because I like to think it cuts through the clutter your seo witchcraft that you're just it's working now especially now I guess you're just. Of the epidemic adult ADHD because of the Internet with the I think. I can't focus that because every twenty seconds remain finishing sentences right now it's like if talk is really got you down man sad Pacific 'cause I know so I know doctors that would reduce yes and DC Vivian Chang net drew just. Only god do like I found pulled some China drops from trump it just you know stuff comes up and nerd talk Luntz doesn't just have a ready and so I have to idea Jack but that I have. From a from China that I have a little cute trump Charlie. Thought I got. China. Is so cute child if he wasn't destroyed the earth single handedly I mean I think the also it is just the China. China said Deming all China is going to be like this is awesome you're stupid Americans are soda on the we've like we kept our foot on the throats of all of our people and now we're gonna give him the sweet fun stuff while you're stupid countries delete itself and with the that between ai and their total control of their humans in the now giving them technology it's a scary age to live and if you're not Jaya. Chang and Chang the coming my nephew do and I in the everything that could trip up. China. Test that affect affect the it took great characters too bad dude the did tumultuous event is getting it and the world and otherwise it delirious. Born to die did I haven't that was my brother about something I'm curious to. So. I hate tweeted rip your four report of the Paris. Agreement whenever I guess. Instead. Well that of whether it. There were speculating that he would pull out and it became Madrid it's gonna happen just literally says that next hour whenever I guess said out of Matta said wolf. The earth right yes because that's kind of the news. The attitude is like this is expensive and we could be keeping the money for white people right right right right. Specifically new white dudes write a poem and then my banker brother who's the president of a bank animal like act right separately he just he saw that and he called me out on that he was like in his big thing wounds. Well when he called me out in front of somebody else. And I called him out and then also in August or failing Brothers is that an awesome all we can we don't have that some loose so what's a little lower than him. That arm we can't have that the sacrifice because I was like he was thirteen and I'm zero. Yeah and so by the time he was 21 and I was whatever that is eight like it would be just a massacre her. So but he was like you know can you see people on the Internet and they just lead was like bums and it and I was like oh hi mr. my hearing people can suck it up. He specifically talking about me in the ninth and he goes. Puts sensibly. Analysts are not a diet but yeah I mean you really discredit what you're trying to say when you lead off for the curse word like that. I was like wow you really discredit humanity when you try and bear the important news about earth because I used accounts work. Yes I mean. Otherwise but what was valid right no the earth is in trouble is just it would have been great a great effect of argument if I would have dropped an F bomb. I'm gonna have to be like. To hit pockets and now. Guys took shots to Scott that's her. Finally if it well. The my cousin she's five foot two. She's in her early fifties and he was a former cheerleader. She's. The greatest she's such a kind person but she did occupant karate like I'm doing now. And she got to brown belt. My brother had sent something like we all on our mountain of senator Larry it's it's like this it's like we can make you can I do when it's one across the battle here and there are a lump. It's so he ran his mouth about something and and then at the end of the week and it was a well Becky was great seeing India. Kelly to a back in town next time whatever. Just give her hug each district she's gotten Susie break apart. And pops up three times in the chest and he was behind it was that happened right behind my head coach here that they gas. In his. All. What he should Hewitt come into. Its. Yeah. All the clip through them. Do you about a you're not sure don't you know I I movie my of my brain is broken now that's and he's in them but the yes I like. I don't know man that. It's. Guess the point was that I like battling with them with people and entered the defaulting to the local to where you said it Democrats were not about issues anymore I think that. It depends into where what the setting so if you're on the Internet. And that's exactly how you get people's attention. I capitalize you guys. Oh it's of what's going on here well let's I'd ever slept. And so it was it's like 541. Episodes to prove that that's not true but can on the on the Internet though Iowa today I limit my swearing because I wanted to be impact full when I shouldn't use. Com. Because the deal those like him listening. He's all right I'm just saying I when he is ready to comment that. Because of that when they're listening like or when they're watching me is the stalking me on the Internet without like ever like engaging right. When they see me do that. And powerful like that cuts through. It's like Cuba we don't talk to other fourthly vacation yeah well no I think you'll. And yeah yeah. Every so much fun to be Willis exhibited you'd archer. Fifth at the with the with the quick boot Clark W Griswold and as an Navarro as that that's line knows me as so. Good to. Yes it's like so it's like so well written and so well executed and mutual slapstick UN armored carriers through its velocity it can't be it's for it's it's for that. Man of the I think it depends where yet so you're setting it on on the Internet. The whole point is to be like guerrilla guerrilla girl that night here on a blog or your on a step in my iPhone or in discussion. And yet you wanna be. Thought out more. Pulling in it's better with your words but yeah 140 characters at the Beacon Hill that also. Yet after Steve for the World League. Don't get me started way right collide but just the idea that the like it was for emphasis is that's my exclamation point of course carried on talking. Nailed it so. To its interest think whenever deal with the directly with the gen X. Used to be. Maybe not cool brits crowd like whenever deal with the people that are being blamed for all the problems we have right now home because world scraping to get behind him and not scripted but you know a new world still hustling for it again like. And for another couple months on encumbered and like it's like. Bill hustle still feels real. Yeah for sure for sure yeah I don't have much experience with. That national money there because I never well that's the most crowded there yeah the code from early on even when Alec golf hasn't yet Akron area. I love golf and Galactica what are my two Brothers do as soon as they got to. Access innuendo. Yeah no question that the question how good is the war on drugs lives. They're pretty do it and he's like it's different I called open. A doctor pants they're not really my band here I did have a good time you know it's always the the best part of that the best time is. Getting to sit wins. There. Imus Wagoner here that sit with a bunch of other radio people and talk about radio he's be with your industry and not like each. This sounds arrogant and onion like this but it's now I can hang and. Now with summoned from. Oklahoma her Nevada that are in the vaught in Nevada could it beyond what is wrong in Nevada. My dad. No longer allowed there could I can think of it I LC bulldozed mild apartment mated to a shopping also add few Nevada. It. Billick. Sit there with like. Hasn't with with. With. The two LA stations in Chicago. And it's like the four of us streak in line and just like we figure this what do you do this hype you show gone global it was like. This school. It's not be atop the radio people face. A group yes right exactly ethnic. Cleveland a year typically get a part in that remote known cares. But not with I think it's a little bit higher level than that and that's. It's it's it's validating against like it's good for myself esteem I think because it's like. Oh my ideas of some of the big hitters man yeah NN I'm contributing where it's like oh I heard it yet it's like I do that could play. You know and and god bless you know our Fred Kaplan who's. Loves the U after he has like nineteen Beers. Our beverages and he it's he would never dream purely anti Clinton chief Joseph. Receivers yet is that day we should I should have we should have worked together it's like they give in like. I really appreciate that no no like seriously your release minds and make like couple also sounds like trump what he does Becker. Cruise through there to do we should study station in giant nets had a great just needed it in his radio station in the way around. Yeah at some so is fine so but the the show itself not at the end and I think he jammed and they're very get it in the NB baritone sax which boy now man Barry Zacks another Sachs guy but you bring in the maritime Amy Grant we bring enemies closer that's taller than me adding things it's like woo. Oh OK until and I really held back on the idea of dynamic there. What do new things you I thought but we're friends and Norma from the clarinet has not tired because they got your cup up I. But they'll send the exit the podcast they were noticed and Twitty and means they're good at that. Yeah it's. I give the DA found somebody doing something that I do. And I was like well a man like. It. Let's not cool I think yeah I came up with that let and then I had to be like hold on bro you work in a huge market yet click. Whether you know whether you have the self esteem to realize it or not other people or going to emulate what you do because of where you'll right. Whether you do whether I'm doing it right or wrong with Daria. Huh. Whether I'm doing it right or wrong wrong but from. Then you know people are going DA and emulate that and I had a deck of a very flattening yet I feel badly for you but also who. Thank so yes it was cool the show itself was RA. But if you like that and many were great like Dave. Taking that taste out of it Healy doubts there's a great show. Yeah but not live my flavored the last album I wanted it to be my favorite album aren't yet and a third of it was my favorite yet and two thirds of it I was like oh this is where there are other influences take over. Yes and so I'm curious to see in this new album if it will be. A little more. Homogenized into like one's found yet what will become a still all over the place in about oh I'm curious about it so. I don't have much of the history than not the biggest fan and that's fine that is a matter. If I was being a Dick I would say if I want isn't it time that he's on that is isn't Tom Petty what's a third that I know that I like it's like being others that of the jam bandy part Mora Mike Holmes hasn't. And wanted to become a combat yet that's like scratches and it's from. Share so it was fine it was fun it was good show bet obviously the best parts of the tripper when I eat me like a monster for I was there for like Tony Brower has and I just. And gotten a page out of its stake that Steak N Shake shake shack all right pepper to your plumbing NRA. Hoop. Well I kind of did arrive I really screwed up so I kind of did it right everything screwed up the two things he deserved active. And there's Iran that's Iran hated Iran could. And I only had a date is heading back to be and Stephen radiant and expecting wrong mic and have the day off for travel so I read Eid Al. Wednesday night and I think I'll get to New York early drop off my stuff I'll take a quick nap. And then I'll hit the town so I wanna I don't I never get to New York so like when a couple of hours just explorer emblem of the Obama. I'm a little bit further north that I was the last time second to a bit closer to. The fine in all good get in the car by drivers awesome we talk basketball for like the entire hour. First he has that I as they came in easily to heads that particular red eye and its seat on the plains have by falsely bank here I apologize and be recoup that you know. There are humans. On the each interact with these people who rule right its other robots and in the script. And make it falsely like I apologize is that I did do anyway do. And like within ten seconds it's like so what's the lesson. Oh yeah above and then for the next hour we just talked pats who started it. Meet you lay out any panic and so little small talk before I totally ignore this got an X 55 minutes you know Damian has acknowledged he nice. Boat like I always go are you I'm at this my New York thing was like you are mixed iron instead now. Only X million other terrible idea and then off we went yeah. So it's no sleep in the car. Get to the hotel in the as I'm walking in I'm going. It's 9:30 in the morning through some of your room for me here. And sure enough I walk in and I'm like oversight yeah right we're just day. I stayed at their red Berry that's on 29 and park and the so. Kind of in between like I guess is still consider lowering side here the company's report. Yet and it's like it's like six spots from the oppressive and since you know in the Americas in that area which is cool. I get in as like I eat I just realized united am I ready but my as my name Bubba bought chicken. Gallery like wondered you heard later and only can you keep close to one. She's giving like no but chair called you 'cause back outlined. So at that point I have some friends in new York and my plan just it's completely. Bond sell I hit my body is like. I never room I'd have to sleep let's go get coffee your alcohol one of the two countries like bloody Mary's in the park and I was like yes. I will do that men so instead of sleeping waking up and going and doing the opposite I just hit the ground running when now. Drank and met up with some other people who went to the there's a shake shack it is like. If you ask you what this is this is supposed to be this the East Coast in an practices. If you look at the East Coast is the best the hamburger on the were on the planet of that type right yes that's fast fast food burger I guess we'll call it will put in there. Whereas on the West Coast now say it's an out. For the record it's it's still an oh wow but I'd get it. Yeah like as a I pick five guys as new champion of all of it as tight as yesterday it was right now I don't they'd really like five guys elected how customizable loose. I like five guys I support it in Atlanta now and I put a private shake check above five as at this point five guys is like sits in your stem like that's a full. You're crushed after that. He makes this a check in in out each eaten actually function as a human threats that day you know yeah in SoHo when he there and then at that point it was night. Our guys I have to go take that I have to get an app and I have to. So finally checked in hotels. Slept for like two hours and is the best to our Napa mine tired it was soak it. Woke up at the ground running again Rick peck in their which suit this Italian restaurant that was like. Is this my favorite part not just because the food was like. Joke but it. It had it was like. A New York Italian restaurant and I am I like your plan of the stereotyped and yeah I think the best way possible equity you'll get a bagel the right place and it's like yeah I was just run down enough and yeah yeah I feel like a family vibe in my yet these same fourteen people been working here for 300 years yeah I guess who just can't I that you walk past the kitchen and make of that of the pot that they're making sauce in his like. I use the size of a jacuzzi unity like this is awesome. And build and by the way what's up for cubes. Mom and a those are noodles care it's kind of gritty truth for fifth at the Kraft Foods. Can play. But the official has been different if yet. So's that it was fun that was the best price than you sit there and ideas that I guess that with all like matter radio friends and you know like like a really good friends and I'm really good radio friends against with. Walt flake is in Chicago we've used them up before yet so. You may remember him from such. Novelty ninety's access has Stabbing Westward ago. Who are back in to repair that greatly yeah I don't see that I got in talent I just I got so it's a sort your planet with the stories that our listed on the weekends into the Monday or thought I was like that's great music is great. Accountant and. I have to do. I am. On the and I canary bring I can never reminds of the topic I saw them once and it was like he Wear show her it's. A really. So I told them and gravity killed on the same Mike summer show and it's like similar mail items as far as Preisinger. And I and other great his they're releasing his voice is shot so that was used as announcing. No well pleased keyboards and may is backing bit like lead singer when I saw them was yeah. Out of action out of played down I probably only get himself worse tried again and just failed spectacularly Lake Tahoe. Heredity canceled honestly you know with the Suzuki and stricker could reflect my guess I. I think well you sound so bad just kick kids are ready guy cut it but at halftime. But I can't he sedated yet so I like a pig is the point effort tree for hours in New York I shake checked twice and like. Seven pounds of costs so we are at the show are you dislike rapid ups I can go back on party no because of that when Elsa worn out now that's. And I had to play item so my next flight was at my car left at 5 in the morning the next morning. So there was that lakes why didn't get a hotel room I know RA we're bags gotta go somewhere. I bring a bag. I thought about that fewer it's like club teams keep a tablet and yet right exactly flocking around that. That's. So we are very proud of ourselves as is the first I wasn't I was into the the first we usually get my H. Lotto at peace in that we have that it's the best in the words like BC like you know it's like that's your doubling your shoulder like oh. Well it's here now micro well it's been real everybody off we go get your facts. And so. It is a pretty good job of maintaining the good book has been likened to erect three. So no we do not painted that we let me we were still out to like 2 in the morning. But there was a bar next to our hotel we know that dropped off and the cabin crew was they were gonna. As they come on and I'm not I'm going I'm going to Mirant sought from two more hours like was the point. By how terrible were US radio on Friday I was not very good. Get on that team dynamic at them especially here that collect like that that we all need to put India is where we're just ruin how dad by excessive drinking in some of Israel fund it's. There's something about it just it's this. This can't just be good. With squared job all the time. I mean we do fun things whoever brick have you always been like recommended daily dividends job than we know like there's got to be days where you're just like I don't just leave me alone I can do this today we did have that here. Don't have enough of that debt that we need two of them are rock and roll element may have missed that this is there enough people there's a guest characters. Come to our Twitter rat are dumb podcast a tweet from Kyle says those Macs from flooded the navigator count as an eighty's robots was obsessed of that movie as a kid passed tech compliance. Also assess that as with that movie as a kid is that if I'm thinking of the rate of homeland. Then I am I might be thinking the last star fighter which is completely different. Then on top of that there was a sugar chose hazardous with guys I've got nominated Jim and duck tales for best eighties cartoons consideration. I don't know what the context is on that but why we're talking cartoons last week really yes a caller talking him best eighties robots. Well yesterday's are talking about cartoons these are talking about. What to do have to be fair shooter took my memory is awful so he's also quite truck I can smell it from here and drug handcuffing him. Fled navigator is this jam yes yes this in the guest thinking of way is it is Flynn and heavier Rigas the Paula. Now note. Nevermind Romany moving on. But that's our calorie useless do without for up and then Jim I didn't want to jam could zero point Mexico cartoon. And then from I had a sister site up I it was stupid IQ would not stand the voices. On duck tales couldn't take. Allen in the two months same thing could not handle either of those cartoons all the big Disney got. I like the old I like the old old Alvin of them has been way better than whose way better than nothing. Duck tales now pressure. Means don't duck says yeah. Fair. I love dovetails like duck tales in the what was the chip windows rescue Rangers. Outed to chip bed details rescue Rangers yeah I got it and I mean I remember it but it was like. Didn't do for me it's it mantra podcasts ethic but I have ever occurred you know analyzed pulls a triggers literally the tingling is incredible that. It's incredible to England. And I you'd jiggle what. Jason podcast title for. There is no that. Eyes are so yesterday tells note to Jim. I watched Jim so I can get rid of the vets like that's this she must chauvinistic thing is that in like two weeks so on this on this. And general wisdom on purpose on the part where screwed production and dove into the gold. Both I wanted but as a kid I was say the son of an engineer still like to me it was like you break your neck. But also it was like I was I had them in school and her. Was someday I'll have a room full of Google's competitors is that in the news spitz points out my kids that backstroke and there and I like it beautiful now that I'm an adult you're nasty you're Garros he got my ladies who brought us this mean apple also get that much money. Yeah we have to threaten. Aaron. We were there we are now we know that tablets by and listen up what are PC gaming show. One X which is project scorpio. And at no point did I take that seriously because projects scorpio. Is Hank scorpio right homer Simpson's very short lived boss. As a crane at the great episode very get go back to what I want because I'm a logical from a today because like you're reading about it so much do you like. Xbox one acts it's the most powerful gaming console out there until Sony releases there if they become batted in Buddhist keep going back and forth a shadow over every it was moved over to sell these console wars. Is by having that matched battle between the American macro laden the Japanese one the we don't want to console wars that were stopped. You won't keep getting better yeah exactly but I don't think there's any I don't think there's councils after this. I don't know what's gonna happen man like OK so. I know the answer to this but do you have for you but do you think that I think I'm presuming a lot but do you think that. The Xbox coming over the past four K gaming system is going to win a bunch of people over or. Now I pick people been bleeding from Xbox PlayStation for a long time in the they've just lost their kind of their market share. Ear it's it's like Q. It's like milk collects some people their skin's a Bieber to present the dorms and it's kind of that's your thing and the 2% guy and that's it I can go to or heavier but I can't really do Leiter can go wanted to see him out I don't I have no entry although command but. And I think you're nasty and Bill Gross unit while. Any of the Thanksgiving dinner or discussed app by to skim milk it. A problem that's as Blake blew in like the left over its exe to the glass that's when drink smoke out of filled with water should Connecticut it skim milk it's like when you get backlash that the restaurant and you're like hey some stricken militants before gross also to be on the plane behind me a couple weeks ago when they came around like you all have a doctor pepper woman have to drill wanna fly. Villaraigosa. Yeah all the milk can no way and that includes the stewardess was a slick. I'm sorry. But she'd like to know what to do issues like I'm sorry like we have. Roemer packets for your coffee. And will reflect what Cramer on milk you have milk. The there's no way broke it she didn't want to inner coffee she wanted like a child isn't there a glass of milk on the plane who argue that mindset the first person until they're security Billick this person's not. This person's terrorist network it is point B I I are still. List which when he's the air marshals. Who's got the worst haircut that got got a premier event and an earlier the muscles with a bad mustache get over. You could definitely beat. Astec MS Davis Summitt who had hers too nerdy for me. Pastor I travel ban. Man what's worse the travel ban the Taliban. I'll Austin I watched a movie there about a what's the from the Taliban could just put pressure brokered. You say that Natalie t.'s regular Kinchen who could put them at noon and a look at this in on you again the yeah. Dumb tall white ginger yelled we're fine you make the mistake of like you know they get here for a they're saving about bombs. Think you're crossing back into America annually a lot of nickel target the other line like hot dogs is get in the other classes jobless palaces the floor drops W rancor he kind of like. I was driving it failed can't strategy is big though locals being you know I'm dead the rocket pod and you got eat the blues. And red tape good middle accumulates against a quick look at the benefits and two to pick didn't you couldn't. Take Orlando united day I cannot believe it's been a year since that crazy shooting me and I can't believe that nothing's changed in a year also it's unfortunate that in my mind every time someone does Orlando I think of the book of Mormon in the guessing or land. Hello. Orlando so. I'll catch that reference things at Wu yeah it's. Huh did you not notice that. You gotta see it sometime in its its premiere I know I wasn't in it is those guys at their best. And there's. Big black winners and then he tells it like kind of what it. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. They like email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Or call them on Twitter at our dump podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by good batting YouTube there is a T I did that lets.