139 - Devastator

Thursday, June 8th

After a week off, we're back and as unprepared as ever! We make up for it talking about Transformers and in important question about best team of bots.


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Spread lenders and more popular name. Starts. All right well we start. It is not very good. I'm Dan done. It fell and worse tend to slow you include not you know armed. Gonna bring you the name windows we'll produce more if held back college is done that was sure that's an average says no different. I would argue the worst but it's a severe event that. Nowhere beyoncé and like you land. Linda O'Dell Revere and her comments I thought I. Anyone in their a fact that Jennifer job so Demi. Happy almost eightieth birthday do you rule the man I feel so bad. That people get oldest crazy. And I can my camera sent everyone with me. Until exco live life and experience thing yes but the also the same time like my dad's like oldest crap now and it's like we're not there Fauria. And he won't come here it's it's one of these ridiculous systems where around. He doesn't wanna go laden but never the one is for old people Medicare Medicaid whichever one yes because that's government could threaten our gloves by military assessments could. And so he's still mine's going to China China can epithet at. Zhang and Zhang now angina Jai net. But China at. He's. But he's in my mom's insurance all right. And so he doesn't wanna give that out can you do that. Yet because she was retired from on New Mexico educators are so at that and because she passed but he's still her spouse technically. Yes sir gets to continue or whatever so. Good well except for they can't leave New Mexico. And in a picnic that showed what one of our family's house to move home to take care home with nothing has not done. That's my Brothers the president of the god campaign he Kia it's like he's not he's not doing it. So I would argue that he could just. Moved my dad to Indiana where he lives. Right and then just pay the insurance. I'm surprised there isn't. They and I am sure with our generation and once we get old ya I'm sure all I take that back because who knows them to do insurance the next. Six days six weeks you'll assume we're gonna make a dialogue to right correct correct post apocalyptic insurance is going to be expensive KF my friend it's. The cut but is I'm surprised that there isn't some sort of and maybe there is I don't know I never exactly looked into it but a parental coverage you know like he can you can pretty kids and your coverage. It arrives okay there isn't gay. That's nice I think that be great that would sure of retirement age I can like put the mom my insurance I carry them right. But there I go again thinking about caring for the people that is not what this country's got also the soda tax that came into a fresh air that's gonna come into effect January 1 in Seattle Simien doesn't get shot down which it will journal fight over everything. But the whole idea that the government is like we're gonna tax you for what you consume I am against its share. Because we should have the will power. Or the freedom of choice to decide Terry wants and if you don't have the willpower to do a fine but I also want. Insurance for everybody right. There when it comes to that woman who admits insurance for everybody than a month well Rick it's way more expensive the more people with. Crazy diseases and stuff that we were controllable until like if you're gonna get. Health care for free from the government command and also tax. The things that fuel may be consumed that lead directly to the problems that they even have to cover later. It's tough because it's slippery slope to accept is at some point to with a law I represented big beef and you can't tax us even. You know wait weeks to door about the steroids but like yeah right pepper stuff and it becomes a real incomes rose the most money that's our biggest problem in this country is. The move money. The booed corporations and the money the rep that they represented controlling our policy came into that prove. And listen this. Piece about the Coke Brothers it. Need to spend some time with the reading about those guys that that is crazy crazy business and there's others Soros on the other so those same thing but that. That this at thing in the eyes feel like everytime I think about like where rat politically right now. I would and the big tin foil hat guy and it comes to the government right I don't think these people do anything girl and mass holes and then they're also trying. Us all to get it right ahead to the right there called super shortsighted so I've always fascinated by like how did. So the people that really run this country the you know the money money people that really run things. And I. Oh did they reliable news nice yes Nellie isn't there. Whose band aids he's big he represented granted they get teased the poke the Vatican computer and I. And colonel Sanders before he went (%expletive) up. I wonder how they let this happen NORAD now as that says that scares me the most is like. All of the things that are really happening like really happening. That terrifies me because. They used to most of the York times think I side I don't wanna do it just to scare wreckage after it's very easy okay yeah but people were like hey climate change is probably a bad thing in the promise of opportunity and industries to move to help dazzling about it. Then people that aren't into that I don't add up to China Jai net. They come in and they say. Specifically that took Brothers and I'm not being bruised but of the details Jennifer yeah retro style but they're like if you want money for your campaigns. Climate changes and I think because we're in to big oil right reflect our thing and so stop it with the climate change people like but it's not a money for you will make sure that you get replaced. And they go oh climate change stuff. Well actually about yet and suddenly an entire political system is like owing them money yet because don't want to do with the power man I'd get. I did it but when you let. Businesses and business interest decide the purpose of which happen for forever right the grand newsstands right. He has scary man it's crazy like when is it the scary part is uses the K you like is it starting to crumble that's a real. I've an idea for running political ads or give it about a president. This is what I would do a fiber and if I were trying to speak to everybody I would take what his speeches are where he's like says a million thoughts in. Maybe six sentences sheriff and the leverages write them on a screen and have somebody read them. Or just put them there and just the nonsense that comes out and actually show it and the that the NB like this is the person you chose to lead to that type of thing. Because it is utter garbage it's just him being. Very charismatic person and saying not unbelievable. Accusing his sale at the revolution that the people that want in the revolution. Wanted was there in front of Germany shows the exact opposite chill. China China you just Jai Nath. And cutter. Or Qatar my entire my poor wife Kate Jesus to your receipt China every I can tell by her lack of response that she's being very restrained but not be like shut up. Yes and I shot right. So who I think that's part of which is an a for this year and I got a list and radio guy and we Selig the dumbest things. 700 times identity that's what ideal Dora will switch to something else in a year. May be afraid be what loaded about it but it is first words China. Deloitte and she might have rated it as an. Obviously also would have to try affordable took a baby name check. We enjoy the event with the lines though like the rest. Yet at the RIP you. Chad that's it's I nap she'd die net debt dummy. Recipes damning you did she go from all right Peprah. Yeah so I checked you rom read a blog I've read a syndicated blog now the oil noncombatants. But I had. That's come open things to write about the nerd talk longer and and so I was just thinking about also robots from movies but to open the measured about what I'm wandering around. Boy I went through a lot of eighties movies first it was ninety's the Federalist all the best robots are from eighties films. Yet because technology was just starting out it was say well it was like Star Wars set everything in motion. But any juror take on something okay obviously our two. The paradigm in the village and yet for sure but. As a seven these robot technically you than films and in the eighties again a public it's an idea that started in the seventies I included him in my list of eighties robots. Sure but I think given the number one spot which he could arguably. Have taken because he's awesome and important he's got a easily be the most recognizable robot. Now period right I think so because like a nickel on a reference to the terminator film because it's the chair the pasts. Future coming true yeah right record. On the but and I think that those are pretty recognizable but not as much just like people that aren't into thinking about what the future might hold. Right maybe they don't look that invade their brain in the semi and I hapless the terminator is in its. Men had a culture that that like RG DJ is Americana. At this point they Q could never have watched a Star Wars movie like oh that's that robot from Star Wars both beyond Americana I Camilo is about. Eartha common share right as metal. Or out of traders that. Right I I think at a time share. I don't know if China China Jai net ever showed the terminator films and on it. But Star Wars torture me like that. 100%. You know. A wanted to get in the top spot. But at the same time I withheld because so it as you can tell us what you want to guess Poland. John melee at Tennessee question as a question Oden who would be your number one he's he's robot on the list of ten best robots of the eighties will. Well this is off the top so I've not yet given this any thought as I'm asking you rather because I spent a lot of time thinking I had a kind of ramblings here I would play it means terminator is out there are TDs he's up there the crew. Real book. Actually it terrible robot terrible movie. Reel that I'm gonna Rebecca looked at these things I'm actually gonna do another series of blogs based on this when the go back to watch all the old ladies movies from my childhood to see how they hold up to some of whom will. I I'd suggest just watching house of cards instead it's just better for watching this terrible eighties robot movies and you have a time when your hand I have to do for a mean I have to do for worse to write blogs for work suffered a back and watch. I can't screw Botox in the ninety's I know that up. I guess it's technically not a robot to Mac so. I picked original Mecca. Movies. Blow blow won't blow move. Time the F out timing out. The number one robot of the eighties due to do with Optimus Prime. Cuts. It's good call. Not on the list. You might want to go to rewrite that list and are running at it quick at it. You can dig up this screen is it says edit and attempt cricket with the published Islam is that it's not done. On. Optimus Prime blood shoot someone under bizarre and number one top ease. He dies in the in the transformers movie the only transformers movie boiler and he has been in 1986 at your past your prime everybody full hole. Hit it perfect. I. Not I do after transformers on the level we are best for about Africa for the fact that if yes teachers former Zola and neither of Erasmus prize what are homeowners need unit Kron obviously people and it sizing and transformer. That dude goes and starts of destroyed. There their home planet yes. Millen sound went man because limited to radio. Simon is totally cool I've tried numerous times to recreate some ways voice cantor. I'm I'm sort of convinced that he actually exists. Meg retired now you can't prove that he doesn't I can't even they inspected every single boom box on this planet when I asked my grandma for sound way if she got to me. She went to the store and came back like. Like runways central to my grandpa RP both of Lincoln's. And she went to the store. They came back like fifteen minutes later not with sound wave but with one of the cassettes that goes in his chest. How I have center wasn't going to be either it was the highly of the week it was the the blue moon that was called I have both of whom as a super cool pelican knowing that little mini robot to came out there. An American news and like them but I like the two animals we came out and sound waves us soundly was on the I always thought he was. This is a staple of eighty's cartoons by the way is the number one bad guys don't really likes him. The number two yeah everyone's down with Castro now the cooler and ask sound way of duck who lives just don't like cobra commander how he's a troll. And then the guy who thought he was number two though in the in the dissent to time lineup for those are screened yet what a loser also commander I think it might be the same. Voice actor very costly beatle got to put them into the Q that's actually the case if FF jab at sound way of awesome like kennel like. Sort of subtle behind the scenes number two man he is alleged that sticks out lately without rhetoric do pulled bumblebee might get it either time he was does it troubles are shut out. If you would make energy on cubes out of his chances early and everything. Energy on for over overrated. Jeff I didn't make the last man because to me I so I have this very strong. Very strong memory of being a child them and going to use the transformers movie in the theater with my mom and my poor mom having to sit there and watch that that's and Ron amiss pride get out of here that some of and to all the trauma also lame. But you know Kron man. I remember my. Should the mood because I heard my if my friend Saudi fried did and he said it was stupid does Optimus Prime dies has climbed is could it now I'm in ignore that because clearly it's not. It's not continuity because this just shows that line so. This is stupid. You have what a dumb it's church. It's like fit trains were removing now is like why would. They make Optimus Prime from both like in the trailers he's the bad guy. What are you talking about stop classic he'll turn and try and think and and to be Kosher kind of like what does that even mean. I know what's gonna get that referendum weird blog go to deal. I don't fear that a robot oh my god he's Balkan trip with a good at math and brother could transform brother Mike 24 foot twice not enough that I. All right so I have moon real it is similar to. Print it sideways back there Bob Bennett I. I. You have this new committee transformer movies I stopped after the second one on Mike this is garbage just like it there's too many little spinning parts and stuff and they're not. It's not a truck turning into a robot that looks like a truck turned into a robot right. And I didn't think the closest I have I ever going to see the first line with my buddy my chance to Mike sometime in. He's from the for the July pushing up from. We went to that movie religion in Arizona time that's a got to have no Indians are certainly times I've noticed is out there for so for it. Us to be embassy transformers movie as adults a year as well all of my god this is a piece of our child Libya negotiators to Blair's. Are walking out of like that was not what I expect it if they do things so I'll bluff before like that five minutes whose. Was cool I can only use funny and he was like charismatic and he was in the heat of some laundry to the cooler at my guy but he got weird yet up and then Megan Fox just looking Kennelly dirty oil legal time for me it was all the right notes but you script the transformers you know there was like. I was willing to let law and transformers movie be like that conflict they got like primes voiced correctly America there's like some. Some comic relief with the sneaking around the yard looks like funny stuff that happened automobile privileges when it like a. To throw the book out the world know we're going for it's like they tick the cartoon in music poured Red Bull all over it but you know and then it was like there are some explosions in there. In accommodative he is the sound good sound with a click give me this now I really tried to like updated but why don't we know. Ask for the updated center I'm Zain thank him. That's all I needed and it doesn't even match with slogans during a lot better not. Got a lot that's stuff I just want to build old clunky. Or like yeah I think that stretch of five grooves right. It was elected 7000 little whirling peace they went public Clark toured Cubans or Puerto. I'd like the car turns and like. Conflict saying you're like no electric car like what it's a Fiat for god sake let's look like when you're taller of the should be telling them that a but not in his prime and that's why he was a semi confused freaking huge enemy hands due to minutes a trailer would assure about a new. The fruit fly did you like what do you would how did this happen on. And I really didn't miss look. The that they kept of the chase part of the arm of the old transformer do original movie the cartoon. Yes just starts straight up battle just like another battle in a Buddhist fighting children out of nowhere lasers than us like it was designed for children just to get it. It's I don't need to read this we don't need a PG rating in there and I can hear it's not about that so. Let me ask you a question. Blocks urged. Are. The and here as you question. Well it. Now I have two simple putts out apart line or UT done about her team construct cons whom I don't know that I can take aside and that kind of stuff yet because some. V. V construct grievous that. Return again the diet robots are like dumb dinosaurs with joy awesome but the construct a cons. They're the self declared storm devastated the self declared its strongest transformer right. According to the transformers movie which I watched part of today. The instructor conflict first of all. I never had enough pieces to make one big. McCann good to make devastated I never had all of the transforms to do that I had to polygamy nor yet at my parents would never buy the polls that. And you couldn't turn the Dinah bots and they didn't have that. Ever admit yeah I don't think it did I think there were just a group. And we sure about that thought it's like both trying to a little bit that old seat. Because wasn't that we call that when they all come together when they like. I'm now. An earlier there's got to be. The data about the tequila yeah quick it's sludge is one of their names in com. I don't know man. It doesn't say that they have. They come from the arc that's their base its first share okay I'm I'm having a hard time bringing on the back grim locked slide sludge snarled smooth. That was international. With Tara down on to be a torrid Tehran Madonna's Ruth Caldwell wrestled well. Them. I'm. Well to cup devastated with the president epithet. Koontz wrote to cut it automatically knew I was looking for construct to console so Google I can any 130 your analysis is usually pride to be more proud glory but why on earth are they talking about it you know what I don't give a who. Inevitably that probably. There's a transformers Wiki that's amusing. Cents and Akron. Okay they're able to merge their bodies and minds together to form the gigantic difference Stater there's six of them to wow that's crazy. I had one of the again one of bullets when their arms and taller bumpers though. Scutaro robot subs. Yeah do you have do you lean one way or the other. I'm kind of like you like I thought that. The diner bots are Fossum unlike the T I mean it's a T Rex robot I'm seven there's nothing cooler than that. Yeah like I would have chosen him over Optimus Prime at that point you know I mean because he's a freak in T Rex yeah. By the fact that the constrict 'cause could. Rock they could merge in the toys you can make it emerged. That toward a wise I don't know I I kind of lean towards like if you could make the full I have bolts on how the full full truck. I friend at the full ovals and that was likely to steal the activity in the actually constructed toys for longevity. Brothers to ultra talked about this before yet what was done. One was the Japanese like yeah 500 cars for one thing. Do you have when you make sometimes the cards you would do that would that would instead of the lions when he because stuff capped a Buick odd that crab bowl Tron so watch for Bob well. Series of our apple juice and so there was a second. Second question. Eighties cartoons. Give your top three like the three that you tie it but he anything OK email is very important to me the transformers for sure. And then 3 I am hesitant to jump right out that because I've I'm certain I'm forgetting something from. Eighty's cartoons chair Rea. I go. GI Joe's life hey did you did you know him that it's so weird that was everything to me out of my like him more now with the seems showed though there were all the same show it's so weird is that where that's crazy all the same sound effects and everything man it's on 23 minute commercial for toys that. When you're six that's great Smart. And transformers number two for sure. And entirely Jimenez three at seems ready minute they get leave anything does that fit that goes to that level of had to watch it maybe this births but they are kind of silly but. Ned this there was like up until. The you know it was kind of a gadget was pretty well I remember inspector catch him in those great. With. Penny and goes the dog's name brain known. As the patent pending in the brain. Brain brain and yeah that was Ingrid. One of my thinking aboard the Danica and all things pink in the brain and moved to chew it's hard Dodgers alive. In her star who. Thought I had this project not as pretty good probably sort of ruined my voice our crew used the doctor Klein they never showed him. I really like thunder cats for open that was too short that was not done with the all did under Katz is legit. Calm jittery you put the little they have that little thing in the back of their backs in the towing could put. It was like a little late. Five I guess and you put out there and eyes and let us for a man that was like the clueless who didn't want that glove in the you. Did obviously the growing slower I have to defend our come on dad here so cool. So rocks or some rocks. Bit yeah partly metal partly real all mask doubles one that I love wings and silver wings of steel mass crews say these news. It was like I got a motorcycle legend and helicopter yes. Man there's yes Dell butts and go about relate. Junior trans ours they were his corduroy NN in a pair spoke. Jeter's mute to minimal sir Eagles that was important to him it's horde. Idiots that's way out there glorious ass listen to turn contribute to things and was just yet at this point you've welcome to that are dumb podcast but it looked real the easiest way to get us is on Twitter for sure just he's just this tweet away tweet away it's what media. Can one of them on that note. What putter idea. Well the first ones the dumbest thing ever gloating Ron and Dave Moore like cut off your own knees day fake the fake. I don't know it just to hash tag GW cloud tech is. That's George W Bush's new. App. Contact yet states it's not he's like incorrect news this in the clout yet he's very modern with the all. Oak view group is on the people that we're looking for the road yeah renovation. The mayor made a big announcement today that even the other is only one team left. That they would get me that they would be the one that they would consider over the other so there were gonna kick AEG out. I thought eight bit Asia can about a so I did a press conference today right. Also if you're not supporting of these Soto arena you're at eighty I don't know what's wrong with him why on earth why. Now my 4045. Look there's one thing I get about the about it being a Key Arena and that's that there's all that's a cool place Seattle Jenner is cool to do would be so rad if we had sports there. If that wasn't Key Arena and if there wasn't any and if there was a widowed jet pack into the games or something that we can teleport every the past wreck that you had no light rail. For a reported 45 you have no parking right in but they're gonna go underground parking should it says it's a hundred years there and they gave birth on it it's fresh start now I try to start now ha ha. I think it was so slow that joke was before my time and I got to protect. A lot of help and that's crazy right hey I mean seriously. You have late reality you have transportation you have space. Soto makes. More than 100% cents. All the data looked weaving AA sound as it were either we got a right out of the town is in the one time who gave us and I can remember now the point. But like it took four days together in addition we're like yeah it's a takes a long time to go Soto a great because we also don't. I think we don't understand how to get people out of sporting events either pitcher like. And well our if our highways are two lanes of and it's a problem. And there's your real property you're right there all you're right there on the on the big junction of a bunch of different options to get added to get out there. If we're gonna compare which is gonna be a bigger disaster at 100 times out of 100 Seattle center is going to always be the bigger disaster but I love having that hobbled there and everything but. I walked home from chizik here in death. Because I don't I'm like I'm not who I'm not. Getting you this traffic lights are all walk out of this the mass and then call new bridge to somewhere where it's easier yeah yeah we gave me and leave everything early. Eric trump. Can we are right. Jokes aside for a second can we stop overreacting over the dumb things in focus on the things that matter so late yesterday he's defending no. Sorry my bad next what could be to division I thought you weren't no I. Get a Cooper testified Wednesday wisdom. Stuff focus in on the trivial crap and stick to facts because. There's plenty of terrible things that happen with these idiots that you don't have to go like all should Democrats were good people. Dude he's the he's just saying things like this that who cares B for sites I won't actually listen to the heaviest. He said it but it's not like. Hobbies aren't even people. Probably should I'll throw with a garbage can save a pathetic attempt for. Yeah that's that's the arbitrarily to get all the democratic Blake I think I've. Yeah off also did you stop by my house there garbage people and get the freaky and recycling I've got a bookshelf intake is still. Values like furniture. He was defending his dad which I mean it is a crime and in itself but he's still the guys dad's OK share and they you they sent reliably what do you think he's peopled allergist. Talking trash at their garbage right. You would have said the same thing it does it's not like. It's like if you decently don't keep Dick yes really he told everyone billions of breaking news from the past. I think this afternoon those calls morning show host a dinner now or is there a reaction at 110. Christmas and know the end if it affects the open. Test Dodd told me. I am really excited for tomorrow I love that he six happen. Pastor Agha senate and tell they're portraying it. Aztec prince day every on are arrived at her to prince he would have been 59 years young today he would people's then. Coats. How to spend cute ears up for tomorrow don't regime. Are now pissed hash tag Iran. Jai net. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter or not aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child one. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by the mid died robots. You're running university. The they don't know karate.