136 - Spider Maul

Thursday, May 18th

Spoiler alert, Spider Maul is all bananas.


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Really brought a podcast. Podcast. Are we all right always starting. And done. It fell and worst. Yes NAFTA. I do battle with day the literal karate master yesterday golf. Did much better at crunch and I am for the records he is a master. He knew he runs. You city that's right yeah. It's just a massive duke honey. Some delegates mistook his name is different and punched in the head went for them. Watchman back from here there's a thing about a guy that is a karate master who is a foot shorter than the told students. You know who he picks on the whole time both guys. To proved everybody no room that he's in control the room prison rules apply even in Indonesia every time it grabbed me and twist me and then me and the weird positions I do. Making audible noises and like you know the third. Part of music do fall apart a bit I'm. Fearful for my life yeah and the like the students sitting around watching the I don't know what to do that to awkwardly kind of thought that. Think he's being weird and the casket. Yeah terrifying. I believe that you punch they want to the witness what happens to putting an armed punt in the chest just no warning and I was thinking OK that sucks and is the death of Richard hits into it and he'd like. He put you know he gave a 15% of what he can do punch me and eloquent back four feet like oh. Street and I'm gonna have bruises on the old love ribs here and stuff with president after that date Steve kicked mile round house kick me in the ribs the other day. She's three for real man becoming punching bags the but the blood sport him have to kick a bamboo pole until my leg breaks open bleeds everywhere backed that. Many expect that a lot especially to figure out. Article quick as proof that. Two and a woman went to San Francisco confidence like immediately after this and getting on the plane crevices are now. Chocolate action journalism and former Ku it's been really dominant for the first time ever been sent to scope ten times maybe never been the mission district never had a mission burrito. And I don't think that yeah I don't think your tuba burritos governor animal lots yet right and everyone says that the best will see about that California bring it on California you know. What things are sure I am pretty positive whatever breeding has probably knew better than any target let's be real about muscular. Can think of one burritos viola care that they be real from the tightest you Jesus does it really even count. Yeah I mean that's that's. It's a soft taco. Look at with auto workers that you guessed it over stuff soft soft taco via. But he is god did I mean it's I'm taking nothing to do not to take anything away from the delicious as that is. The baby burrito I like about Mexican food would that they use raw onion I like that I was Hanoi and Obama and and you know me a violent thoughts on slot drew a lot of big onion guy but on a taco now. Bring it. Two tacos and hot dogs bring an artist and a burping so much insist atrocious. Candidate to come with this weekend just for a Dutton the red hot I've been like. I am the kind of person in that it's. I try everything I mean so like just experiencing everything that's I'm just I'm sure some ASEAN with the wind but whatever it's not really the truth I just I just believe in. Open a box is right. On but I am also the guy that when he finds that he likes. Ike hit whether it be a song or food up Iowa eat that or listen to that song. 500 times in a row with out. Any hesitation. They want question. Didn't you question her. When you go to a restaurant yes do you get in the habit of ordering just one thing or do you run the man defense if if I find that one thing. And then it's over so like an apparent move. Hello again we have other hasn't undoubtedly end especially before you outs and Hanna perfect for sure there are not going anywhere around is moving out of the hood. That's important to memorize 10 yeah I'm not like before about like peace if part of podcast is is one guy going like. And the city retrieve it. Zero drain doing it who's gonna hit the intra Republican I don't. I I would like you and I can't reach it from you see it as a trap it's. Nine I knew right. Actually speaking of known in the studio do you see anything there's a new SEC proposal that was just to eliminate main studios. Reliving that means that no longer do you have do you view only station in Seattle yes he no longer have to have a mean studio in Seattle. With timing. You know what that means that means. One office in one building in one city. For one company. Can do you radio offers the entire. Whatever all of their other stations without having to be in this place it's. So we're talking robots. In order no price talking like seven voice trackers. And robots delivering the audio to the so you're saying you're getting in my ResMed together to try to do what those are probably am well good fortunately I feel like the you know not to suck up to the company's the only our company is actually really awesome about the give a crap about people eat any give a crap about lake. Servicing the actual community and a the coolest thing about working here. Where exec besides the break room gap on is that. We see you be a Seattle radio station Tennessee at best and you know some networks with the music and stuff like I get a lot of input from a lot of different places. And it never matters if a song is working in one of our sister stations there's never any pressure of it or you play it there is none of that. We'll sit there with here it's like and I and I don't report any news it's outside of Seattle and unless it's. Unless it's something so ridiculous but like it's always like how does this affect Seattle look like little were instructed to do was like how do we make this about Seattle. Right in other other companies yeah. Get thick yet the FCC is a fixable and it I hardest like here's some Monday yet. Because they're like Werth both failing to pay it we need to cut like six billion dollars off of our budget can you help with that we use and like I got this idea. Do we get this. What everyone is word above all this other stuff going on the White House having knows a great time Smart a great time to slide this woman has the goalie reread can hook us up. This is of course is and of course our FCC commissioner does not care about. People at all I mean it wasn't like a pro golfer before slamming has like no relevance to what the public has no relation to. That's easy right he is get the get the bitten the department he's a all right Mina. But he is he works for her. Willow. Proof comes at the wrong thing he's the show he's a he's a cronies and B he's a big business now guy. Shopping yeah right like anywhere that's it. The the best in the world is how he he's the guy that nature that it is again it's making sure that net neutrality goes away. But I also will not. Releasing it has information of course not which is. Fantastic I'm really afraid of this whole trump thing that's going on right now would be independent. Investigator what are the crap of color notes that I know that the wording is important that I don't care right. I'm really word about the they're gonna go through and actually do a good job of decked up confine and then. And you know if you were I think a lot of people are that because. The Russia to mean the Russians saying I mean look. It's pretty careful fit Africa it is Jew is really bad ass and there's this guy these too many like. Obvious blatant things that I think they'll find enough that it at least maybe they'll have to impeach or anything but into it wall these things did happen. Just not anything that's like what he's got ago meant to me like. This is how bad he is in the grants you above things that he's done it does to this point sure come the lake police concerning for me at this point. Is that he's going to movies like that in a way that you can only thing that he's a member of Russia the Russian thing in the coming things here as I mean. Of course the collecting was gonna happen he's that he's. He's mental he's he's an elitists. Prick that thinks that like. You need to work for me and you will work for me and I can come above the law because I've got towers then. And ramble on the president yeah rat like EL hole but it doesn't work that way now it doesn't Russia got you pitch but the fact that this is just they're just looking for any snared a full run at a record is right and don't find anything. Right hole meant that tips the whole thing right but like to me like. Planning to build a wall is bad enough money to get rid of net neutrality is bad enough. His economic plan is it to travesty that's enough that I didn't like on a cocktail napkin means. Added it's just it's just dollar signs over the feminism like earth like points to hammer accurate strong for the global picture of the dollar sides look go golfing gigantic corp relentlessly GE there's a dollar sign that you and I have. Is out to get elect people it's gonna be great everyone's gonna be real around eight it's probably the greatest take another planet the history of the world. But it's great man and a con dude I see a thing on FaceBook I don't think it'll people sometimes understand that like people see which are doing on an airport or care. You know I don't know liken comment yes if you're proud of how the president is running this country if Brett president troubles running this country and is part of my feels a crew of and on this but I know if you're. Hello bill O and John. A odd gambit. It does yeah. I. I don't think the media is really mean to this garbage the good part distorted and like. Enlighten me with the it's like saying that the Obama administration was full of scandal no bid wasn't. Yet right there was no scandal was made up ya okay so. Yeah it's. I'm afraid of the exact same thing you're afraid of is then what happens and look. We make this clear for 87 billion time because I was get attacked on FaceBook about this whenever I bothered oppose political stuff a mile personal page which no one gets the seat. Bubble bubble have to the lucky few anyways play as. On the politics off of the radiant we do podcast DuPont get getting everyone is tuned out but. Let me be clear I am not a Democrat either I am not just like witch hunting election should have been Hillary vote I don't care I think there just is. To me the irony is that there. They're as responsible for the rise of Donald Trump is anybody chorus. Like they'd they'd rig did their own election. And then now yeah. Right now. And then if you if you are we. You know the cylinder of their own colonel adored no you can't beat your thoughts on that are what ruined everything part of the problem who call nine doubles and involved in a scandal I don't think that write our rocketed I'm sorry yeah right voting party line is about is that the problem that we're. Legitimately witnessing could get him the benefit I think I couldn't. Right now is very sector brio OK my bad. My dad he. How many is that CNN and with that case that they're supposed to do a debate gold Bernardo via. Theirs was the debate over health care it's unfair and it just turned into that as that it the Russians broke the deaths are registering those two guys talking. Kind of town hall for an hour or two people. And so good right. The revolution that people want it was right there. And the each it's it's less. It's. Because Stoops let's just spoke red light say it's equivalent Irian Star Wars land now when what are we talking about Mina. She. For its neighbors didn't. Cool. Man do you measure having all it's ever happened with so little like mural like she. How could there's not every type so let's it was a white rallies like it's just like you have the double. Edged Billick why Alec said late great sort. So Laura light dagger haul hole. That little shorty wanna look like a real solid Thomas you have to have all one in the though the other big one yeah. Why does the security justice and security suddenly. You know those expanding but tons. Yeah at fort Pitt and it goes from being about a foot long to being about four feet long with metal has the beat at the answer to bird window it's what used to be minorities with right. That's I don't think that they should on the box anymore I think there was slowly easing down well you know we all know what's going on there though it's not without pretend. He was like. I'm hoping for my birthday. Conflict. That my wife will give me. The double. Expanding the time he does Bo staff that's accused thing. And so you connection together in the middle anti. And the hand and and conflict about both ways and you know I don't know he's he's harmless sees that he's been sweetest. Appears that the incredible views Phoenix Jones at unbelievable. But he could never getting steals came in and I had to do. I had a beer sponsorship that he was part of it he came in delivered me beer and it was the most awkward thing ever because. Me and talk about like not you not can be shoved down a couple pegs. He was the star of the corporate show typical but it really eat it up a whole lot of second hole La. Hold while you're at you're the star guy yet lake. I just before we finish this I just one not bragging very thing but. You do realize I talked to half a million people a week right like just I'm not trying to be a Dick about this. What I'm just saying occasionally you punch a guy get it like yet and looking as he costume is totally cool I'm so I'm wearing a band shirt. I get that I get that. But the perfect but don't. Anyway yes so bad I don't. Present day as the day they connect together in the middle and I was like are you the Darth mall of the medal boast explicit in his like now. Exactly. Where his home or keep America. Or cut him and honesty to me that he's post that men like probably at least slightly defend myself I had perhaps something. Yeah no question. They let -- be quite another roster is drags and completely into Yahoo! god knows we're dealing with a visit the episodes that Lori loved the most I think so we will have a question about and a Star Wars I'd like I'm getting back into like the cartoons and watching the most recent season of rebels you have my attention how low is Darth Maul put back together. OK so on that terrible right contract I'm assuming the containment site is going to be a terrible wreck conference it was a wreck on that you go back and it's revisionist history as a photo don't know he was a really couldn't if you like he landed together and the floor did put them into its creation of who's now only 57 and got terrific. But it little thought tenement. We're dead and he's just didn't he just hasn't appeared for years because he's looking for his two sabres fused themselves I could find the other half of musical I'm not coming back until I have both sides thumb. He felt on that giant tube yes bounced around a bit and reserve planted into pieces right literally the only redeeming quality the first three. Movies by the way. Amanda when someone took that whole fight scene in just edited together so it's like to. DC community to couldn't depicted in the but. He it's spoil alert and an episode one he gets cut in half right at Judith Light savored like competed better judge sent just so we want to know English as the peanut butter macedonians could affect the fact that a he gets cut in half and then butter could go read somebody rescues him. I can remember who it is this is in the this is in the cartoon series not the rebels with the other one with a political wars clone wars you can Q2. Did you brisket somehow and he ends up. Making a robot bottom half for himself again only it to me. For some reason he's a spider. I do have hit it. And then. Somebody nevermind that go to find them on this planet and it's like oh my god he's crazy men and hordes of all grown out real long he looked he's like a nut job. Then they rebuild his bottom half into like a man. And really did some and is probably like one of somebody appeared Gibson like you look ridiculous click okay. Stop this whole lot. Like I'm going to force can you know doing this for your own good you'll not spider. Ball protect our. So just the Darth at some point as he hates the Dutch sheriff cars and as becomes you have a ride great this is year old Alex looks dark has will enhance. Without and I wish I were really wish that was the long and the short of it I wish the whole spider thing and by NATO and I had no idea not worth watching it's worth seeing the other clone wars are great seasons if you through five I guess are like pretty can I try to love. They can do that is a long haul when editorial lol all the time but the rebels is so good man that was pretty cool. Hum the cool part about. The clone wars is that a second time known. And I can skywalker paddle on the nerd stuff. He or she. You watch her go from being dictated to being like an able bodied but fighter yet can buy it to first doesn't all this is so bush is so annoying about Derek did a really good character development I've taken her from being annoying and to being up I had that. Yes that's what's happening on and rebels to write with which he's already a bad ass then. But she she walks away from the Jenna order so she's not in rebels though. He hasn't crash since you're watching this season you should know that by now. She's good she's not in this she starts in season two. He wants one until. And and going through because I I Brazil already so you're watching this season I'm presuming that that covers you for the two previous jeez not you it's a fire at a C news. What it was she has a pretty significant role and that I won't say what because it still is like oh cool Clinton as to sit back. A cool a look on the deported out of Pacific it's a point though she walks away from the analytical or she wants with him Jenna order and she's like you guys are messed up. The like I don't know we're sorry and she's like no I'm out of here and not a penny saver and then. She's maybe your maybe just to show up at a rebel. It. It's okay. Did we even going to be able to look at Twitter to do believe in now trending because. Are there that and on Twitter because. All of this is Chris Cornell is that it does everything. That's the sad I don't wanna pat on Twitter when did you find out about quotes like how's that. At two in the world haven't knows they mean it can and I think they found out. You never won and that happened. Well that the police she Torre. I don't know if I should target of I don't carry this is this is the news so whatever yeah. I guess the areas of please she partly in Iowa caught were never the dispatch was. There is a guy found unresponsive. On his floor in this hotel room. The birthday did it say who was. But a similar town presents and birthday yeah so I mean yes and I think it actually is officially. And ruled a suicide now which is the worst it's so crazy because I. I always thought he was dike. I tied him in stone would be. Abe Simpson under the turn at tree. In the year 2050. Telling all of the young kids what it was like in Seattle and ninety's before the Amazon bots destroyed city you know right. Back in the day when we had people here instead of side boards and in spite of miles. Right. Trigger pull our ads for god. You look like an idiot. I'm pretty sure all those all are go back to me on W I daddy there will cut down they'll file down because you wait too much money but still OP do nice Jeff I also start predatory 5% tip which is mind boggling jacket check it before you just click it. Now because you can't put other. Learned that sometimes. Anyways yeah I thought he was kind of the most put together of. Just problems like all of them did but he he just see it per share for the guys you've got together like so long ago. He carries I always felt he was like the Big Brother the group of of the entire. Scenes like he was the Big Brother like it all goes back to him all have to charge AAF course. Beat all of it licked his little you know regulate it's so dumb that I can fit in sports Cingular. Moved to build up Pete Carroll coaching tree curved Bill Belichick coaching tree thirty carols a branch. That would be Chris Cornell. Every one that in Seattle's attached in all of them Brett you know any isn't he isn't a little pro am the mother love bone. Susan just audio slaying of yours seem musician to accuses the guy playing at a little bit means you have liked. Truly weird man I'm pretty bummed about it it's it's pretty interesting how he was the one that kind of built on Seattle though to what kind of everybody he'd like one to make a career out of it or something I don't know what his motivation was but he left left to move to LA for so long. However if it was to get away from the scenes that we are busy in his demons were here could be Scandinavia and Italy and I come I'm not like the I was never liked the biggest. Chris Cornell like for Ian McKee found I don't know him as a human at all but literally did it for me. Obviously not take anything away no disrespect. Him especially since his passing. Several like man that Chris Cornell he's number one in my book. Home I but the kid I was always Nirvana. And as I became an adult I really started to like Alice in Chains a time share. Well I think Alice in Chains kind of forgotten of all the four big 100% on the Forbes big names another month honing in a billion other things too tad yeah but of Alex's man so good. But yet make out of the four big names and everyone sort of knows Akashi to totally like Alice in Chains is kind of like that left out one you couldn't you could argue pros in Nevada one in one case on guard would be this the third. Passages in the forfeit its between. But you're right like the sound are prone to Nevada like why and also there's like the three hole looks let's leave Ellison James aside here for six I think Alice in Chains kind of sort of and he grunge hand but of those the read there's three different. John Rowe is that in shared with them have a devoted to punk band yeah. And like I've always that's always spoken to me which strangely I would've. Papa don't reflect sound garden more because they're the metal and I have prod to you like I am surprised you don't like them right I would have got them is like your favorite but it's Chris Cornell as the as the guest this about his voice doesn't to a premiere so I don't know what it is specifically again. Like I appreciate what they've what they've done and I think can fail as one of the coolest so and the sounds that he got out of has got a combo is one reason home and then like if you like rock and roll music then Pearl Jam in Japan and so. It's like Pearl Jam is a good down the middle between the other two. Another clip some like there are wild in the measure that. The English read in the IQ how much Mike McCree humble bride yesterday when I'm attitude does the noodle on guitars musical but I mean technically I'm the new ruler. No Mike yet shut up to create Felix hit but he is of great regular dialysis tanks and news there were real fun there they were rule. Relaxed felt gross 'cause I was legitimately jealously and I joked about it that like. I had that feeling now that it felt like so gross the rest today access like I mean. No I'm a folly to understand that course as like band. This so you're so good they are so funny you just. Well well done moguls so I've that the third time I've interviewed I don't know about that and the second time McCready McCready was. Not as. Paul are relax last ME Kamen now it feels like he's done this a million times do you like he really enjoyed himself being your tour bus my ball a little bit whenever it's fun but like it reminds me then that. Your program is a little bit. Did you American public shredding guitar solos and stuff like that if mellowed out a little bit that over the years I think throws him as the band with the best musicians if you. Okay do they mean likely those guys were like I mean did grow probably disagree with Cuba a share but like nothing that. Nevada is great because their sloppy that's a made them great to death Pearl Jam as like ray because man that's a tight and it just so we are again. Nevada being the punk band you don't excite acts that high quality performance. And dumb and then some garden was the metal band and all of that they wish you had categories and now but was there influence or what paste influenced perhaps more. At such interest to convince. I think Alice in Chains kind of was like their own grunge thing like I just exile is I. I differ with you on that because I feel like. I feel. Each each genre is very representative Mickey Wright but I would because I don't think grunge as any of them really lake affair I'm like me gently and earlier it I would I would have considered Ike is an Alice in Chains the medal of dose. And I could see the leaning that way too. But they're they're harder to pay because Jerry control so melodic. Yet. And so look when you're like Black Sabbath to me like down house in chains is blacks that cool. And then. To meet some guard and zeppelin because their. Demi needs to be crazy to earnings and Mike Alvis weird stuff which is super cool with a lot of Tim didn't didn't in June 2 and 2000. You definitely do and it's like a lot of like heavy like Stoner kind of do me stuff. Share. That's crazy and we consider and discuss it all day long but they were it's such a different thing. And while bombs were told that can fail and I have like similar like. The two thousand's music that we both like is like very somewhat trainers in their economic data collection roses but the Nokia all the bad. And ever spoken with the guy in my life from an arm and I'll always wanted to because of that now seek him fell at least for seven times a year. Always that matters I don't really I like literally. I think it's. 85%. Of the time I did Romania's team I seek in tea I don't know why I did doesn't make sense to mean but I see Mala time. If I could talk in a bathroom I would talk to an Internet that's right. I seemed like a bathroom. Every time it is so bonkers. Just wait till you're his age reveal have to go to the bathroom all the times while I can go to the bathroom more than it RD duke at IPO that tied. Yes it's a sad day it'll lose yet another guy from those iconic for pants were down two Blake. One hand that's intact don't worry the iron sheik centers that treat earlier saying Allah protect any better for upper. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcasted. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by your ratty university. Your arm accept.