135 - From The Future

Thursday, May 11th

Do you bring your pistol or your cheeseburger to the toilet with you?


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Is my god son Vin Diesel. Mayo. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like I'm fine I'm not Smart. Starts. All right well we started. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It fell and worst. Well we're off to great effect but that's the perfect start. And if there's anymore are dumb podcast we're starting with a podcast very valid point me finish. There's all in the intro says what you should expect except he cut it out I don't think joke ever in the afternoon time. If you get another shot at the out through this one coming out about the end. Give or take about twenty minutes or so after scrub forward. With a finger than others that scream. It's going to be touch screen and where he probably should after all the group credence. Also I treats a 22 weeks how awkward related outcomes of waited for an elevator of the name of the doors open up Jenner guy comes out the Mike. It. If you I don't know if that's about it because you listen to these out of order and so good to sombre note to back them from the blast one because there is a poop stories that you've got here it is pretty intense. Fifties by the that was good doesn't it so now it's and about it really is a pretty intense to start my gap though might get shots John Durbin sub dummy he. Forwarded a tweet to us that had to do with people and their terrible terrible behavior in the bathroom liquid talked about to step before. Like guy who sets his cup of coffee down on the counter next sort of grouping OK not okay. Bomb. Oh yeah I saw that treaty about a referenced that it's pretty incredible we article I mean I can find it now I think this has ceased on giving because now there's millions of 500 in all did well perhaps epithet at bat. Florida for pictures one that there's a dude in TiVo's and socks and his it's our shot of the stall wall and below from outside. And for some reason his his pants are separate from his body. A lot of questions about that but the next there's a dude there's toilet paper hanging down the front of his pants touching his shoe and there's a handgun on the floor could. Then like. The longer and I just don't also Beck diet for carrying a gun in your. I don't I mean nine Armstrong can chime in on this but if you're carrying a gun on your body and like Europe descended on the force in the tells me that you've done. Before the bat phone but the gun into the toilet hoops before men. If it goes off with the equipment but at opal well it really kills me out of the four of these com is the this one where a guy has. What appears to be a bottle of water. A cup full of French Fries covered in ketchup one on the ground. Next to the unwrapped McDonald's cheeseburger that sitting on the trial of the bathroom floor. Listen man you're a monster. Are you think about it they really do we don't I was still illegals he's there right now you've got Jim Rice Pacific. We are I would guess who's the real monster night though. The little more than as a pitcher there's a guy and there's a poppy and his pants and like anyone that has an animal all that. Ever comes into the bathroom there and they're not fazed by U eight grouping. Or be by your pants being in the way. I think they're into it that I had like I would've can't put my head where you put it where you keep your BO most. It's mitigated and that he asked her past could still tried to. If I. If you live particularly my karate shirt out. Welcome mineral find my cap peanut and hundreds like you Billick upside down rubbing his back and face in the arm pit of my karate shirt. They'll like it man. But I will if I don't throw my clothes into the laundry bin they usually arrests in the general vicinity of which he's dead. And he well hang out in the pile of laundry. Instead it was a bet that loves. Its to a two to be like your. Crude basically among a number of in my head on anything and it was OK can I view our gross dollar investigate my face in your bed that's how ping guy happen for. I think if at. He. The bad it's it is that trap that mom so UK so. There's two things don't talk about and one of them won't get to what you wanna get to OK so. I must say the beginning you'll come back around two effects are guardians the galaxy I did see guys two and it. I did at love it I loved it for what it was it love it. I guess so the first one taught me so off guard and no one has getting into except for it looked auspices document tune and I didn't see yeah I was on a player coming back from somewhere derisive of the unit which are sure of obviously well and I loved the first one it was soulful and it was like such a fun stupid totally fouled out to venture. This one felt a lot more like they were like how can we get another one liner in. How can we like how to and Chris Pratt to me into something that Chris Pratt is playing Chris Pratt now. And it's very valid yeah okay that's about it puck pretty horrible about it and she was like rob I think it's bringing too much with the two it and that's also ballot but like I might be projecting on that's my I think that's why that's why cynic I love Detroit it was beloved movie now because I think I went in with that I was like well it could have been. Like all the things you could argue your points are valid and I feel the same gathered. There was quick if you haven't seen either you watched him back to back a bit GB on goddamn hopes for media Philip it's like critiquing. We can't critique ghost busters like it's ghostbusters flip it yes she's the big dumb move. Also okay sort avengers the first avengers movie like I'm way behind all that as you know red arm and I watch that and I was like all right settle down this is too damn much like I get what you're trying to do here marvel. But it's just too much. Ron is perfect but continued for but do you find you after his yes just are having here once sailed out of can write play Republican brought that into every expectation to. On secondly I listen to this pod cast to clear something up about I listen to are we there yet Heidi Mars. Exploration podcasts can. It's by a NASA reporter indecent proposal for an the two schools of death for the doable launches Kennedy space and so Pete based out of that. It is an NPR podcast about going remarks. And they discussed. The rocket the what the significance of the falcon nine. SpaceX rocket as he. I had no idea what they were actually doing with those rockets like it to me it was a nice simple thing yeah feather come back down or blow up third in the can look at the crash of the golf course doesn't tell you led a pencil on with the race Ehrlich. Yeah dude right. Do it is unbelievable what they do to make those things work. The rocket takes off from Kennedy ranked yes it flies towards Atlantic Ocean yes they get to the park were you know couple minutes and it launches the payload on the space yes. At that point it's traveling away from the landing site so when it launches off they hit the jets that are on the side of the thing it flips it back this way. Put it back towards America. And for. Then ray if it fires. Its main engine back to get it going back towards the land for a little bit. OK okay and then it corrects that gets the point it'll do the math on board to forgot what the trajectory as well itself yes and it gets back over and then after. Steer it again so it's up and down again and can start going back towards earth what some space at this point I don't think it's like him like. At a time like. Satellite orbit yet but has come back to the atmosphere and so they have to do a burn. To make you know like when the when the moon capsules come back space and it like a good heat shield is that it makes the big like a streaking comet looking thing. Will you could disrupt that friction by just firing rockets were fired rocket and it's a slick coming back down to earth and slowing and slowing down well. When it lands it doesn't just hope for and then slowly get to where it needs to be it has to be. Her thickly timed so when they shot off the engine it is writers these things are touching. Because there's so much rust in this rocket that if the try to fire a little bit they would like go crazy playoff in the space or into the ocean whenever yet it's that they have to time it took three to one a when they shut that thing off it is right when it touches the ground otherwise it's not perfect and it falls over explodes. The timing involved and all this is so. Crazy so you're saying space travel is difficult it is. Reusable rocket space travel is not just yet as difficult as getting people to space on another craft it is like. The whole factor harder depending will be finance solar afterward about an accountant whose. And revelation go sizable net and go find them all oil gold bugs COLT model rocket light and I'll fox who happens. Acoustic kind of spaced it a spacesuit shovel advocate with the who the rocket just flew by for improved equipment except. The debt doc brown on the other things go back in time. And and I. Cole. Where we're going we don't need cola. So yeah it's not that the ban has put. Because to alone theme here that you that you book email me about so with enthusiastically. Of the day. About how we do watching guardians of the galaxy you have an observational cultures that are meeting via first Ava. I'm pretty sure guardians of the galaxy is now at the movie. To spurred these kind of a cut finger at mr. silver Darman was so Byrd not on anything which as us having these thoughts I was going like. Apply I am way to severed react if he starts at the wrong by yourself. Yeah I go to like I have but as I misunderstood your pin on beckon like if you're like trying to look at criminals involved in my cut allotted to that one point. Except the Dick head next in the shadows of this guy so Demi. Chicken is only three times through movie I I'm not kidding you I was yes that's what I was disk no. I was this close to grabbing it and just throwing we in the front row of the upper deck content area you know so the walkways and photos and I was. This close not cool to like you just grab and now David say not cool just grabbing and throwing it. Vick should be easy vote. Call it Bogut the cops I don't care tend to me out worth it now right worth it. Gadget market. Nothing is that important it was evident babies that's the only thing I can think of that would be like oh I have to keep my phone on me and trust me it was FaceBook. He does not have a debate. Also get up and go look at your phone is gonna go get up and get out of there. So now I'll dummy also I was their first of your phone checkered. Goes it's a marine had to bother anybody Matt it's all about in those moments. I never do because it's like it's in my mind is blown out from a would be that insanely rude right but it's all valid case stopped checking your phone where in a movie dumb ass. Alex shaming the crap out of them like uncomfortably for everyone so what I wanted to do. American farm up and what I wanted to do you weigh as I was gonna turn on my flashlight. And just point and Adam or even just help a much better as the top receiver out of this better Kathy better pay this guy's got a check as FaceBook every line. Yeah I thought about that than as they you know it. Get ready for fist fight also I was but the third time I was ready for of his fight. The thing religious Mecca thrown out of someone's hand I don't. I don't have that in me to do that contribute either but that was like I was like man to 800 dollars and also Judas reach overtaken it and them like couple watching. He's like hey bro what do you do and like you what are you doing now what are you doing. I via the wanted to throw I didn't have the courage to duty there that cuts and that's a slight of that's an overreaction there's not he is talking about it. Is is checking it was just an annoyance but it just really got my goat and a balls are different if you like if you are getting a particular turn it off your like mental problem of children their plant voted McKinney put away I. OK but when you're sitting there he's in Vegas with it. And John the army has its hand on his meaning nobody had you put it back in your lap and a put it away Peru where do you put you that you're gonna look at it again. That's your plan you can't help but tough that's a Smart front that's gonna get you now you have to put them away yet to buy Qaeda. I have to. I'm really bad with pockets can look pockets of putting stuff in pockets pretty favorite book that I can never find in me thinks. I'm just a mess like you can't give that if you go to the movies and if you have tickets printed out you can not give them to me. If if there's a note part after reach in the yes you can not give that to me because I put into one of my 700 pockets like him finally at that anti everything out and there's not a place to do it and then. Something goes wrong in the lights go out for the movie and that I stand up in my iPhone slips out of mind. Yeah harassment go to where it is and then it's game over right but this happens. All the time to meet corporate lord Jesus that. But it's. I have to start when I get to the theater just turning off my phone putting in my pocket and not touching the whole time because yeah it's they're burning like in my back pocket I can anyone of you want to bring a post again. This legal on you miss about. Humans amount right summons inviting you to the million dollar cash grabbed right away pray you're missing out come get me in public sector is so bad but like. The movie should be compelling enough that you spent 9000 dollars on to write watch the movie it's two hours also take waited for real sick that phone goes off yeah. UMass and whatever else is time to don't you now know gives a crap about that anymore it was weird and not in the era of I just. We'll to trump who. Fat people not rooting other people's days and I think were into it at this point is the it's the era of trolls. Yes that really sidetrack two that the real me it's much that discovers just five minutes later Ramirez yeah yes so. I'm watching the movie. And I got to think in which is generally never get ready for me but here we are. And I'm watching it make you know mantis shows up and she's. I've pretty Asian growth and tenants now. Tracks is just a big wrestler with a green. He's leaving group is a humanoid. Tree. Out a lot I think this goes into my head and illiquid us at union way to god damn second. The odds. Of us finding. Extra stress true life in this galaxy not the Marleau galaxy sing a real conservative you're applying this to your own life now. I mean that's astronomically. Difficult. Right. You think about. I mean Jake is getting is hundreds of thousands of years is to get to the galaxy there are more bacteria in your gut than there are cells in your body right. Cash for bottled come together correctly. But in the of the conditions have to be just right right for you to find another human in the galaxy. Well so that's the next phase of a humanoid so my first thought is like fighting an alien. Next it would consider an alien no extension length for like life but life of Emmys and trouble. A living organism can prepare event at any Herring sheer map a goldfish. Whoever it is yet another group whatever it may be the odds of finding that an amoeba just share and a we I mean it's hard pressed to get to space record that's what's at the whole thing up it's hard enough for us to get to rights. Insulate us to see if there actually the conditions are ripe for what we think creative rough on earth like. But how we get there and find out virtual earth is going to be gone right in terms of acumen Owens but like Brett but first to get their next vehicle while there life there how brackets that are impossible little loan. So now to find an extraterrestrial life form that is human ish. That's like impossible. But that's straight up. Impossible that human ish being his black Cadillac it kid out they hear you grave. If I'm up at a but so that's what got me thinking this is or wanted to go at this site. So I thought of as this is my tin foil hat theory of of the day. So everyone says that everyone but like people that secrecy aliens what do they say it is a big black guy is Bibi you guys wouldn't be handed. Little tiny body cell of thinking about this war much are guardians of the galaxy in and get this huge bag next to me staring into his phone yeah. And I'm like dude. Aliens are aliens. That that people seeded duke in that people are seen allegedly earning millions dude if anything they're from the future. There us in. 75 evolutionary cycles time travelers tying travelers to you now think about that and did you watch the movie with Amy out of those were the aliens land or booking craft things on the idol watching aliens movies. And just getting cut back with the timberwolves are all of the storms that struck statement no contact recently batter whatever it's called hydrates occupy contact with you right where she really prison they could talk to them. She's a Jewish Nationalists generally helps figure it out whenever I hear there's a good twists memory of that missing it so don't spoil it got. It's yeah I like to allot a yes I like the movie for the first time for a while I was like Ella dominant I thought about a more morneau hit like totally. But hum and there's a premise sort of along those lines. Two this film where it's like. Time is like a relative things that we. That we kind of like I assume because we have difficult and lives were running around like how much time actually function and and we only see a slice of at a time and he could see all of it once and like what if then if you can do that he can be like oh if I could see all the wants them to tell passed me into here due to a different. And then extrapolate that Alec can say right to this the 75 time in Philly think about it lake. But we don't do physical by eight. It about eight years you have to do anything physical. Essential. May he be so. I'm not so sure about that because I think that as we progress and we. And we meet new technology we have. Awesome things happen that seem like it makes our lives easier whenever that we're not necessarily action progressing we talked about the Laurent. But that we might actually making things harder for ourselves and at some point it might actually backfire on us and a hundred years. It might be a million times harder or my create a super virus that kills everybody rustling in the in the quest to give resist disease reaction crates in the makes it harder for us whether we become so stupid that we in the for the mediocrity into ourselves. And women with some some may say. If I could that might not be here though but you 100 in nine years darted days ago maybe there's an answer coming back like guys. Also highest also what's it there is a humanoid alien or some sort of like bush understands what yet. That's like out searching around like we are yet what do they show up in new tall. And they don't have like scanners that search for us. Right but they're made out of something that we don't even know when it is and so they're scanning for their own signs they show up in their life what. Nothing new here just to budge. And right. It's VW later cut aware though that we flew through Arab satellite Astro field basically what they don't have metal technology what do they just think that's like. Glitter. You know I mean this is the everybody baffled glitter fourteen b.s we have no signs of life path. Put a letter epithet that threaten athletes new to the glitter fail we think bizarre guns have been here for surveys on the trail of glitter. Can't suck up an apathetic and a that's exactly what happened. I mean that's the big news that's real. And that's like you do we talked about this at length the couple months ago yeah upon where that that's assuming that lake that they didn't show up. 600 million years ago right and go like. Well governor yeah it's unlikely dismissed win the earth was actively making people or dinosaurs or whatever. And then I don't visiting here nope just rocks yet so my argument is that it's entirely more pop. And it's entirely more to me it's even it's probably. As probable if not more that the aliens people see these big headed big eyed things. Are not from another planet from another time. I think the those people are just wasted Arlen. Old crow I'm under the premise that these people are seeing these things for real. Which is the we're just gonna excel we're gonna I don't know where to start this is the setting yet are seeing like sort of being Claire from Iowa and a under way out of the color from Iowa sub dumbing on their way home from the patiently wiggling. After helping a little gas and a all of that was widget that stat that com that crashed in this weird. Big headed thing that walked across the street that was real that really dishes like a bottom forty percentile. Of American education system right now yes like ged. That'll thing yep she bit but what she saw was re. Yeah that's a real that the fire in the sky thing that was a real thing that app at all of these. It's all real but the advanced 75 generations from now communicating telepathically. But have got much bigger time traveling to be like. Stop at nothing else but they can't and they can no longer talking to the art yet it may be the difference Bob my head back to fourth that you are rooting. You know maybe not back to warning that maybe there are these in the first time travelers think this is that the travel through tornadoes. Until hardy here in danger you're nervous about it and I'm going to do. Now I'll never get free. Up at. It took my cows. Hey what do you think about what to think about the arcade game thing that's opening up and anybody about it that is the squeeze me. Archaic argument about this man. It's right in front of pretty resume building you know that little area that was like that we geared to. Three road intersection with ethnic. Little area right in front of her old apartment that wrote death can't. They turn into like a park and all eyes on site at such OK I didn't understand yet admitted a markets but it chains like you don't already yet collect Pacman pin on the street. Yes yeah. It's crazy that's cooled elected you know is partly torn never seen anyone hanging out ever. How people don't steal those chairs as well always baffles me. I want to the same thing because I mean. People dude. The. Weirdness in my apartment continues. Some crystal two cases of fraph but Starbucks for a pitino drinks political glass bottle ones you know. Com and left him in our apartments but. I don't know some of its whose ship to them one of the things at least two cases. Sat for what have suffered the week down to hang in out there since at least the weekend. Were somebody's going in and out of our apartment and storing things in strange places it's very. I got. Bugged the path out the other day it was 1105 PM I've been asleep now for four dollars obviously unbelievable legitimately for two and a half dollars. And on my front door it was terrified of the the dog loses or to share price she's in a kennel and I like don't respond 'cause I like don't know what to do when I'm my patrol and actually remained relatively home for about two minutes on my brain was processing it and that I got free decks of the of the homeless people are paying an athletic. Why would an Arizona moved to America. The Iraqi ist neighborhood and like. Two different times I had people call me to turn on cops right now because you could just for the circle K next door to my house you could see the green roof of my house while yeah Tucson top Spiro what's there's two different outfit on the and people like 1130 and I would not to like hey I just need some money to get to the hospital to see my mama and Eric Knoll yeah baseball bat like you get out of here yet. Scary stuff from Vick bars on the windows and so we have Charlie yes as some of the polling on the door. After about a minute or so pilot was like holy crap I could be like the people the demand still infamous and pulling up in these random apartments that for some reason my managers leaving unlocked via so I get up I don't look for the people and open the door on no one there. Pretty lord says that then she hears someone knocked on a different door after the that's creepy to me it was just a limited had the wrong door maybe they were trying to get into the apartment extort ours were people hanging analytic. Maybe they're just checking to see what buildings here as we apartments or an occupy exactly knock on our door dogs are barking like a red. That tiny little monster mine mold me ha ha I would licks yet. So. But that's creeping me out to man made detail it. Not aliens Gregor the other analysts think silence and not Smart enough for burnout from Brett if people from Mexico can be aliens. In town travelers don't belong. Red haired job period a yearly aaron's what's the did jab Max kids fairly and Cooper both. Did I am Corey Mac's. We need to build a wall around the earth bill wall and you watched I'm wall all little law around top portion real Jesus. You get out of our futures group to look at it you go back to our future where you Brunell market. Or market a market you're Jim reed Michael and Maria are. More power to figure that was about the only thing image as an and its of that yeah good that it's the 800 for the future Jack it'll get past that chuck Hobbs. McCormack. Give it my entire review does is based on top part. Again it's a. At that time again we're only allowed to return yet. He. Windows store as the first thing. I've never shot that it would distract too clumsy makes enter the building a new house I will be doing some windows store shopping for sure I hear there is a plays down. In soda like a manic the docs and simply chipping areas where they do you these sell a lot of like over stock and unused windows because that's what it's like I was a kid but I am appalled Kubrick got to figure to follow the track but those little windows. Yeah how about some rebounds entries in those the things that I. Bomb a basket that on because I'm mad at them hollow lens I'm all for the Holland's dude I think augmented reality is the future and its whim or saying to me than for drowning which also love. But the fact that you could have like. You could not be lost another world were people like Micah drawing on Annika yet yet Buick with a headset on your to stuck in her own wool public. Murderer. I would definitely start playing Pokemon and elegant piano of parliament if I actually had to catch the document's. Yeah Ort utility and looked up yet and if you're likely future phones swiping up trying to catch him absolutely. Groups. Mixed reality that's all say they're a Microsoft moment that it must be having some sort of conference problem with Seattle. Yeah right like if something techie is happening each British theater shutting out goes everywhere you liked. It's all the same what's happening Ani an exciting is that oh my god to the root finally release like. Out at an actual hollow lens and make. No she's a conference about what it would take to build public just how rounded up and yet her particular Microsoft OK it's a mixed reality market I don't know what this is there four virtual reality that introduced handled titles so that was wicked as you move your hand around space yet decide that but at least I'm Diana the controllers built in and so I think that the way that the doing it for guitar heroes really cool weather like. Did the guitar that you're playing really just a tattoo thing to the end of bits of them as a judge where you just tolerance that's. That's all right I guess. Horry they can just go play Russia. Yeah also do that real quick just Oprah lock. And or get a are you could catch Pokemon and I'm so excited about this arcade part thank you play video games ambience at the same time and again can I bring my couch that's all I need. Between the one from in here that backs this rules on you know for cock hard no Ricardo. Have to cancel the worst one ever I don't know what any of the says XML standard one point though hash tag boring. Judy Durkin you know that is dirt and saying a disease that that really famous like dancer that just got killed watts yeah. You hear this little OT it is very nefarious like plumes on backstage murdered. It's happened to former US attorney Jude Ginny Dirk channel announcer canvassing for Seattle merit tomorrow. Sorry wrong. I love. My dad honest mistake usually you have got to underscore under a. And it worked. God of passionate celebrate women I guess is the appropriate excellent to follow yeah. Good luck today I think about it. You've been listening to our dump podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. Freeway email these idiots are dumb podcast that. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter that aren't on the podcast or eight record and that man child when. Victory for our young podcast is brought you by this. You germs. Does karate university. Nailed it.