134 - This Weekend Was a Hit

Monday, May 8th

Big John comin' for ya.


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One under present. Starts. All right well we started. I'm Dan done the it fell and worst. News breaking news my parents my hands of a perfect. Reaction to Greg after this plan come from my hair out. Lawsuit eleven left and went into different. Class action suit and really the nags him. North ominous nothing but sharp metal and glass. Dave I'm like hey Elissa I realize that you had that. You somehow got the worst job on the planet of having to break down all of those frames. Yeah right if you're Vietnam but the new left all the glass just in bags and it's like sticking out and that I world have a guest can they're coming in here a lot of like please no please don't send over the by their please don't. Who's a touch yourself this title to be anything like ticket you regret ticket to rid the NL I got is tetanus like. I have been Bratton did me. But the thing we have been around spreading people lose that's not a relive a burger and now. It's a Monday iPods so yeah cumin hot off the radio usually get a little down time and said this is get your coffee and we don't want you don't have water no water I don't know put managed for a phone and says let's go under prepared podcast. Our lives pretty much every podcast money's not a great start considering going to you I don't go to Starbucks anywhere I may well coffee at the office just great now sitting on the money on the for a bus pass soon for Clinton. I contribute evidence against cancer so I go to Starbucks once every. Couple weeks now so oil wasn't cold. And I really lake such relatives. So let it basic and it's good I don't know said the sort parked at the shot I guess I mean it's still an open I understand what drug ingredients are. I registered the soya milk drinks don't do anything Foreman. I never really had any other way protect so it's fine and a would it weird to it would it. Actually be weird if it was milk and China I doubted I like milk so be thicker I think like senior Muslim and to whom in them. But how hard is it to use such Atlantic. And they just three words such I'd like to and they just went so I thought today. Come on touch and out of the important part that it's like there's nothing wrong with his drink it's fine but when you're expecting HIE tickets at Buick. Coffee on coffee yep there it's a slick. Excellent coffee yeah and it's fine now mes today. Adjusted my. However reverend expectations as good but. Man is that a homicide for a Monday shots of the Kenyans listening to the spot just like a hot. It's not it's obvious that the adults about your if you didn't gets your child today yeah well the real problem here in America now. The official perspective first were probably still do that. Yeah OK cool I'm so the first world and I have problems Agilent perfect hash tag you're living inside of ash tag now and deliver him out of the negative has to beg if it pastel eggs hash tag personal problems I suppose he says the show the shots all the dummies who showed up TV temperature challenge. How we RW tsunami is okay thanks non-GAAP. So zero dummies that the the doctor John I just couldn't really promoted on here and now. But I was able to see me this and the radio station I was asked about. Broadcasting. And the the sort of like the method behind it what happens it's up and I was like why are you asking me that's like none of the podcasts I do you have any traction. This like me in no one listens to any of them yeah I've done. Probably. 500 episodes of podcasts in one form and of another moon never more than sixteen listeners and and I can potentially do so many of them have the authority and I was like oh that's how this world works I should just now. Consider myself I'm the authority and podcasting podcasting authority who could be the deputy. Yeah who podcast deputy yeah in the know get an assistant deputy for you too because that's the person who does all the the gross work habits yet for sure yeah for sure. That's cool and that's all podcasts authority Gregor we Jaya I've been podcasting I realized today for more than ten years now well. And I started my first the Rampage racing report back in like. This is 2006 or seven set to try to do all the math behind that but that's not my strong suit and and I was like podcasting a the first podcast to listen to were all like rap Nolan not sure that was all a terrible I was like I'm gonna revolutionize things. By. Using high quality is British studios and like making and music production in like understanding how to do that employ. People look there are 5050. Do want to drop and bonds than like you know willing really push buttons yet that's of the looking for or for actually Rex Pacific cod are dumb podcast about nothing. Via the work for side felt somehow not the worst unfilled but. Were funny or. Blood video broadcasting. You're gonna know unless they're and I. I now know. If it's a hypocrite. Tyson two laps but no limit one's own point Canada only one man's release. But Posey we can be. Bomb didn't give anything that there went on because I've got it covered a rant to go on and on have to like confront Lodi the only thing we can had a good weekend include. This summer based laws officially began to write has great epic to perceive into when he hears last night that was exciting stuff I. It's a long drought and drought as though Americans who look at the it's like makes near you June it's a one game with a longtime. Spell my. You bring your a hundred mile an hour here like Diaz. I mean in my mind I've been going to what is personally. Let him hit it helps them feel it's you feel that is third strikes. Tell you what the crazy at. Yep basically who by the way threw two scoreless innings yesterday and again. Because the best he isn't ate at me and let me know we undergraduates beyoncé in Seattle from Sherron. Really gave an interview on all I got. Beyond the field on the field reporter like after the game merely Munich now down Macgregor is with crazy god guy who doesn't know he's walking away at my vagina my microphone please don't drag on the ground. He was the heat it's it's. Insanity do you it is craziest thing you've ever seen. Like he just wanders around the field. I told as I walk out of the dugout is wander around. Due to you because you like hey. And it becomes an rips ahead and you're like. So does not play in the fields now play defense. What we have enough guys we can move everyone moves around so yes he played first base for a couple of innings and nick. The guys there's a ball a dirt scoops it like an old big like he is happening. But then there's another player Richard diversity didn't step up its its that I mean. It is look at the got to thank the lord give it to overtake affiliated with the equipment so it sounds like those skills are in your favor right now though. He is amazing because you'd expect absolute disaster. And he's better than you like he's good. Just a bit better than me to be fair the royal you protect. I say it to be fair that from her child to fly right through better baseball I could. It's insane muted so crazy it's so great it's so weird. It's hard because the that the the probably as little distracting. Because you're kind of on the low have a quick like that ninth game of the season when you're not distracted anymore no team is like what the is going yeah right right that's when things get. Then he becomes an advantage yes that yes a baseball season has begun an epic three gains yesterday 33. When baseball too soft make up. No. Scrimmage game in the NT I can of latter for sop I guess it is and make up to you bothering me in the past sermons and obligors. And I mean it through like 12. And half before. That walking and now and then it was like dope. Riddle me this do the do those fields have you played on grass fields are artificial fields baseball fields are incredible thing about the high school. China's W I schools have done is and badly at the stadium. It was insane as beautiful grass all the infield or outfield grass they fill up that. Great is that it was dirty look at helpless dirt and that infield interprets them picked up speed if you lose and yet a ground ball logo and a but knowing. I think all of us old fart heard really like to our advantage more than anything whereas it's it's not Lanka. Kenya dilutive actress comedian Iranian shown to have all of them feel yeah credit John. Did you teach him to say boom after he gets hit usually teach him to do some sort of catch phrase. Paid big done after getting hit you should yell. What do you that's RE taken those both are RD take him at. Filing room I'll go boom. It's not gonna be like hey you have got that off the public it's like if you teach him to bat flip like no one's gonna like tell him not to right there is viewed on the other team. Who is so funny for like three innings and really knowing. Who talked after every pitch he's cracking jokes news funny. When he was. Also like really I was I'd like these are my team and a again when I get this once a year correct yeah right I'll see you again down the road and I'll ask again but himself when he can. And every time we thought the first phase Hewitt is yup. It's not the magic blew his foot to oppose. Every single time and he never did but like we're being a jokes serve yet unannounced terrible it was funny it was a knowing and it was like and knowingly funny I guess. Kevin Hart sound kind of like marriages like. But you're driving me crazy hate pentagon you're driving me crazy but I kind of it is kind of funny guy Richard Kevin Hart walked in right now though we would be ruling laughing and you click through us through that funny in person yet exposed be like with such a great dude to be around me just who doesn't necessarily translate over distance and yet electrons at the less than his best his best one liner of the game when he comes up to bat. And right feels like a short virtually too lenient there yeah. Can chasm that is short porch in right do you bet lefty he has to ensure partner extra perch right because candidates what could happen. If you don't lose you know is full of mounting a slick that is still old Joseph Hammel. Oh yes very much the same he's always got to always rip something off its it's usually good spirited it's had rarely ever like is he being a jerk earnings came but he's always got. Some little las saying solution to sneak in there yes status is non civilian browsers and on Saturday oh my god they visit the easy pitch and inning anyway you get to them. It was at the pitching that. Lou if he catches it distracted. Oh is on this guy is accusing a great third chair on and show and Alec a program like just a guy that I could just. You'll like just in rejects he. I'll where to go to doctor Bob Garrett sit this should have boring. The folks were just talking a all right five and the factory you're talking about for the show yes only answer is yes. My prediction though for a yes but basically just all looking if they ask so the ten lands are and plays the arm feels like it's gonna fall off. I got deemed the site and as well to my back. Took a call they'll get all the ticket. And so too dim disaster own pockets of baseball seasons in full swing in Baghdad near it. Pun intended path but it and baseballs and full swing. So I'm looking at that thing for weeks now being likened. And cattle lost the ability to make bad puns yes there's it's still there don't get me wrong. Home dad jokes and also kept him at I would doesn't count the but I it's. Yeah they're still in there I just haven't been able to harness that when I need to I don't know what that is. I get it. There are might weaken his was bananas do I have liked the business will be economic content life and it was you know on I'm assuming you did because I saw you for. Legit 12. On Saturday I wish to no fewer than five times at the on top of a challenge. As I was going by somebody new saw me like a number of the times when I was always like going back and forth to in your polite. You can be talking about yet your being rude you were talking to somebody heard or in the process of tornado right. It was just it never lined up correctly I yet as a busy gaming and wolf so much started full day at work on Friday. Neither does damp parenting class on 3 to 9 o'clock on Friday night so I got done here at like one. Went home took two dog for a walk. I got something to eat real quick and then went immediately picked up pretty Lori and we went to the east side so parenting class to the place. Isn't a lot of plates how hard hit the kid without hurting it billion marks to use a belt or switch when is a spoon appropriate assert that stuff but it's. I'm just trying to figure out who the creeps on. Some in the future do an alligator again. No it's this is specifically relationship driven class it was it was not a this is how you plugged diaper on a baby's face a similar that it wasn't that. Here's how to have feelings OK it was more like here's how to. And make sure you're still it is still do and it and stuff like that like that's you know the important stuff that but new parents probably don't get too I don't occasional off vice. Do you still can't you grant shine. To loot. Are you going and a baby noon. We have talked about it but we're traveling so much that no is the answer okay follow up for the purpose. Can't yeah yeah. And. Beginning Gatorade fish presents have you heard of these things. Yes hello week yeah that is some bulls. Because yes now I gotta. Practice that a little bit because pretty laureate nine. For the holidays we always try to figure out a way to do do something fun it's not about buying gifts for each other rather. It's about making experiences right last year our Christmas present effectively for each other was to spend time in Chicago in my family not cause a lot of money to get parents oppose so worth it when you get there to do that. We're the push. There aren't the push gift to me insulin like if that was expected debris wood and I would have a hard time understanding why we were married right affect a lot of well. All the people do that if they want to I'm not going to because I think that so books yet right but the guy is the polish president. A child for. Fair yeah I did it yet. With which gat. It's so tough because like we're gonna spend you know thousands of dollars on this on this creature or blue and it's I can with the golf some. But it's going to be so much and I got to get a rumba bro look upon how Democrats and I'm not I've already don't like clean up and found triumph. What I want rumba to be doing moon in the dirty work former UN when I'm not around weaponized in Iowa but as to start non weaponized that items I suspect that might catch Aggies are to no good tonight and tomorrow so it was an infrared in the insanity US and parents and start after Russian Chinese. The low key low key. Kill rookie killer and so I think that's like you'll destroy the rumba. Then when you get like your house to develop mice and rats that thing's gonna catch and Jared he's going to be hopefully there aren't any of those and he doesn't go outside so that's like the key. And yes I hope I hope for the last Demi to thank you nick but bump. So I've got this class and it's. I feel badly because I don't want I'm going to put like. I don't wanna make sure whatever we do that the name of the class in the news and the place that certified them and everything is off the record because there. I did not have an enjoyable for her okay and they did not do a good job. On this class it's about teaching. It's about a couple. Staying friends even though there's a baby that baby could be. Driving you crazy to your reckoning sleep Orkut just to the report earlier attention into Barack or if you are and not communicating back and forth it's more the whole. Twelve hour class is about staying cool. There's great exercises you do in the teach you how to like. Stay friends and like how to be better friends. I thought you would I can do it or any of us can do it and we would get we'd have a fun time OK but you're laughing the whole time it's accepting a third class of about. It couples to 1213 couples on that got canceled told his likable to topped tables. And home when you're hanging around there liked but lectures about a subject in the yet know into just one on one and you echo through like a stack of flash cards just ask questions and it's. I Catholics silly stuff that maybe you don't even know about a person and they give your response at all what a fairly laugh big and it's not so fun. But the people that are teaching me and we show up for small. The strip mall church. Those classes churches. Weird to yeah I can industrial strip mall church sort of the big sliding doors on the front there's like coach assigned manufacturer. Next door. And this church has space set up for it's like the X next between speaker and team parking lot. And in the back pay. Also I'm not trying to crap on your your church is to protect innocent people that listen to this Jerry participants public there's like in the back there's like a stage to stage lights and drums. Added it's well when I was like yeah okay your way into your your church drummer in my get a read on okay like UBU that's great I thought for me. I'm I was raised Catholic so I think just start shaming his second walk in the door and I'm totally OK with but these places and about that I know I got a good idea until I Darian comes at a there's not dying people on the wall yet but what they act yes. It's also a coffee shop. For the office park. Can I have a son latte at should Jesus now really do shy here nevermind. And then it's also a merit Larry on Monday morning at at at it's also a marriage counseling Jules okay. Can answer we get there and the storm of the century happened in an area for. And the transformers outside the please blew up OK so there's no how cool in the plays and these people are not technology people the problem with bloom about 5050. Years old. Averaged just east side couple if you saw me biblical but that makes sense that super duper nice okay we get there and they haven't had power of the guy that owns the place is an RV parked along the side and he has a generator on the side of that and so he's gone. He's a QQ buck fifty gallon and diesel tank generator to power limited things and so they've got like. Soft box lights that you do for filming videos and stuff like set up to try to get some light and a couple lamps that are there they have to have camping lights that lead to the bank credit in the back because it's so dark. And you got. At least a dozen pregnant ladies and that literally the first five couples that want to their first look at us and then the next four. The lady goes has her about her. That's the first thing down in the league OP candidates for the next for twelve hours over the next two days it's. One count one goes then forced Joyce who won comes out one goes it just like apple pull targets is to constantly filled water in the pipes overhead yeah plus yet again by oh my god incredible it's like it's color is that this happens overload couldn't sit at your pleasure here at. It's so. These people flustered by cherry don't know what to do because it's like they're not used to being on the back foot like that. And let me tell you what they are not prepared for that. Ya ya oh my god. They are. Making these like. Do little remarks to each other the whole time they are not getting along that is a how to get along with your family class and the two former convict passive aggressive full smile super creepy like. What's not how I remember going all in fact it went like this. And then it's like Billick black awkwardly with a each other and everyone is like. Yeah marriage counseling class during the pregnancy class wants and GQ but you could you want like at one point about two hours and this I thought to myself if we can take an hourlong timeout and I can make flipped through your slides. I can take over. Yet I've never had a kid Lichen like handle transitioning from slide slide and asking questions at their like setting up like they're just operating from a kit kit that says here's they do this thing. That's the second problem is that one you've got people literally don't know how to deal with the us this type of environment to. They're not therapists. Gray right there just people they're just. Two people that are like probably their idea is to a help people which is some Brett does a pastor in his free time also like that territory as industry tomatoes and on the side just past turns up you'd think you'd be better and handle in the public speaking so you know he's not. Pump super nice guy though whenever. But paid day. They're helping people be at probably do so little money maker. Costs of certain amount of money to get certified to teach this then you charge couples coupled 300 bucks to take it for a weekend. He did a dozen couples enact a public about three Randall weekend. Again Rican it's like. But yeah and I'd like to present and rented a strip mall church can't be that bad so so. And they yeah Italy one did you like one weekend a month seal the renting it you probably pay the guide top 200 bucks to use it. He makes a little extra money when it's not church last copy shop so let me see if I'm picking up which Elaine down here now we should start opinions that's an attack whoever is going with a jump to go a little bizarre about that knew I was like the two of us we can go 500 bucks a pop to get certified. And then we could be teaching neither of us has a kid. Amoco's jokes yet and it's just jokes and fun and like broad view of the parents are worried in serious of like but he did it right if you could defuse the tension yes and just. Let the material speak for itself put like. Get people of the biggest key was that there's a few took a few couples already had kids in there that would like. Learning about how without a hard times we had the commission given their just do a little bit of this fence and just in a school and kudos to those folks because could self realization. Absolutely it's shows the intuit your relationship with your spouse or your children whatever it is. And also when someone that when these people bring up this half past the biblically mid thought that would see there is slight chill in the big Mitt thought. Man I think that black cats are moving onto admiral Akbar. There was no continuity between their thoughts and they were just Republican talking about. Like whatever issue they got down the rabbit hole and then just hit the brakes and move up in the whole room would feel like. It's going yet going on here. Well I mean we're already on the lecture circuit conceded that to have broadcasting thing a couple of years ago I think we're qualified I do you feel like a qualified so. I don't have a lot of senator cherish. Yeah I know you've been shamed enough okay cool. Don't think confirmed on actually retail that was surely go. So. It was. Really crazy after the first I go to sleep much so ferret them were locked everything up doors except being like the body again and again government okay great. And we get out of the car and I'm immediately like law. Could FF a who's played it what to what. And we just go to and she's like well known ego war at all with the you can see the silver lining that's one reason Miller is that she can be on well the exercise is really fun right like they were really fun but also affect repaid 300 dollars for book. Yet but I was like fourth down but let me also would we have gone through the book if I insertion of a great great points whoever. I'm like. Man I don't go back to march is like Yemeni. Had a a couple of thoughts are that we have to yes I would much rather than talk to challenge sister two Beers and hang out yet yet so we leave taco truck to go back over there. And Jimmy Johns being delivered at six read some other until six Italy's success at a I'm getting my money's worth that and I'm real eleven dollar Gina Jones right accent and yet right. At 6 o'clock I get up there like OK it's time for dinner and I get up I'm like hey thanks for having us we'll still later. This lady. Facebook's knocked me to find out what I do she knew what I was which kept mentioning the New York a radio station new polls to show worse and I'm like eighty please click. Boarded some restraint and that was like you're talking about a dozen people so like you made a fair game but the same time like. I'm not here you're not using me as your examples please write it rather quickly me out of this use. He's not using your husband as the example also looks at hello we're cook lunch if you could not. Pick up on what I'm too and they looked at me more time to they had a local celebrity in their class cut six I just get government peace work out for attack at a similarly it. Purdue we only the security of the dunks and human side and she was like yup. I thought. It would ignite until the second half allowed it so we did nine of twelve hours of relationships skills and enough for the day. This is that you figured thank you. I think that would have been. Suggested that you guys went into bonding moment to get right and it's good and the liquid left about stuff like when she would sizzling run its its mission Billick. Payment and a community you bring up one of the terms from the possibly want to because it might signal but Brett and I went out on and we'll look at these moments were it was like. OK and really cat laps and like we really were applying what we want an ounce up to the couple Todd it like you were pretty garbage I've. Like you got a long way to go before you like to do with this yet also mad props to you for giving up there and doing that and take him in my money and switch in the meals on numerous for that Jimmie Johnson's first nine not peacefully. Com also for truck tricking me into coming to a church it's. Yeah I yeah and a business complex strip mall. Oh is that it's ready you come to the church Psycho he should go Louie BC UN Sundays no. You nasty no absolutely not that is not going to happen. By Joseph like my when I was. My nephews got baptized and the godfather obviously I'm one as well and yet to go to class for that to ya garbage yet it's very like. No. How ready you go to church and on the dot raising my hand these are. Well you know you should if you re qualified as a god father you have to like nick and I hit the sacrament of confirmation brother yes I think. No so why did as I read the who literature beforehand that they were going to be time on the flicked a helmet to go one class and the it was like for like five hours and I sat down in the first thing that you can name would ever and I was like. Our name Lamotte boom boom boom boom boom and then like home good Catholic kid and I didn't say anything for the next four hours I'm not joking with you and a I did the exact same thing I think I'd read Alicia very met a scenario remembered like that can neighbor name all the Sacramento like being being being out update them. Marriage yacht confirmation death and has won more than a camera first communion. And I'll so. What's the repentance with the color. I was a communion and it's yeah I mean in session confession near the sacrament it's one of them it's it's all part of it and sell whatever like yeah whatever you like. Catholic buzz words I got other woman yeah likewise well not tell a good hole I don't know noted this pre Smartphones sounds like they could just be like. We didn't really do you know what you should come to the church was roundly GM basically his church and the answer is yes I know panic AT&T that I can't. It's tough on my friends uses Jewish kid and he wants to go to you must meet and a nice lady and unlike you should go to synagogue broad there's like all kind of a nice Jewish girls there. But is like out but. I don't wanna be told that yes like. I don't like Ambien does synagogue in twenty years that my parents dragging me do it 'cause that feels like a Reese and hen house a little bit we're like you're totally coaching and that's not go to them and the people that's what they turn to in order to him to find look sometimes you gotta fonts when were you feel comfortable were you were like indoctrinated and you return to a talent and maybe someone can accept you I thought of something doesn't happen over the weekend I'm very disappointed myself about the us now. I so it's for the time of the weekend we went out to dinner on Friday night's. And get there was some tasters of the commercial fish let's knock this thing I was doing great Bob about. Were sit there and generate over my friend Childers is really cute girl right here after she visited him late. Twelve people can't really tell what the scenario is there's a also. Q&A girl in a restaurant that's weird like that's just weird so. I have just my mother yes I'm talking in my body but like she's is right here yeah so like my eyes just darting the whole time my affiliate told Jericho and like. Yeah he's taught her to continue its. So whatever and housing we get timeliness yen. Like that coach it's like she's cute as passionately. I would never do radio has there really in your head legally should talked or the U rocket negotiated talk to an immediate sister who's he blew you right okay and it has everything. Flash forward like four hours later cookies and I are at Hulu. Yes and converted to run around town drinking McCready on a Friday night means that you mention that plays out as like I don't let's go from. Uncle with the Emmet Terrell stomping grounds like let's see what's going on and there's so we walked in the start of the business stable. Oh no that's the first the he said is that addition business sales can't get keep perfect dead dead pin and as you business sales gun shots cookies up dummy. And I'm like oh yes for sure we Lockett karaoke is doing which in my nightmare. And plays patented their credit pesos bumped and with all of the Amazon 125 cent a gala is quit his college I was crazy. Mom tells awful but Jimmy is what you want it to be as suppose you know letters novel I wanted to be I agree. How come I never missed fruit flies in like bad misuse of which in my life if it is. And get a two dollar PBR and a shot of whiskey for three more books and Evan Williams the best memory ever to come out of that play as well as. Sorry is sitting here holding a watch soccer reiterates the whiskey. Hundreds of this happened. Hello old bartender who opened to five hours early and let us at like 10 in the morning this dissent that was the best fit I think I was love the first day of the world the first fire Saturday of the World Cup yet four matches I'll ask the very hall. Damn day. Glorious to derail a seven there were drink and are never. Jesse sits right next to me and Q growth for the restaurants shops where she said ray in front of me and I totally chickened out and do anything. Columbus for you. So. Love me love you it's not early timing. Legends dear John Manley yard lady. About a glove. He. Had been listening to. They're Smart Smart like a fox. Mean like email these idiots are dumb podcasting. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter not part of podcast or eight record and that man child when. Good thing for our young podcast to run team by. Erratic universe today. Kicks into. It's my partner could do them part.