126 - Wanna See My Video

Monday, April 10th

We went to Radiohead... for the pod!


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Hate and off. Starts. All right are we starting. It is not very good. Armed and dumped. It fell and worst. And eternal. And when. I don't podcasts a month day ahead. In Internet time at any time you wanted to be his right in arms and real time we exist outside of time on the Internet now that's the beauty of the Internet which I'm terrified right now. Yet you I know I got in here this morning and you came into office they panicked look on your face. Greg what's wrong. He read about begins today note. Considered the Internet yeah. When the Internet to say. 1001 roof sounds ominous for both pizza box and one zoos are ones so little credibility and it's amazing. If at all today is that they ought. There are also big data is breaking it all Jake breaking news that happens epithet. Breaking news that was too loud loud button. It's beautiful dreams sound is more after more exports. K. Yeah I interviewed a guided dale actually say his name because why not he's brought a book is name is John Cheney lippold LI PPO will be absolutely. And the book is called we are data algorithms in the making of our digital selves. There's going to be a new type of racism in the future black people in the public will still give races this year. And you know in our real world public as we like leave the public. We're two online the Internet is going to start being racist in different ways to won't erase them because digital race for the shares are cause emanating yet okay. He told me. And I mean it's also obvious but he just like casually mention he's like you'll look at your buying a plane ticket and you just pick one dollar more than the got somewhere else in the country at a Michael why is that what Paula we don't need to just look at and I'm up in twenty bucks more for plane ticket right. Who's able to use an apple like come on Mac OS to book Q or but to use a program to boot cure played it on. Because certain. Travel booking sites. They. Suspect that if you use an apple product you have more disposable and and so they'll try and get one by UNC if they can't charge you more for it's always booked from eight met up from a bow windows PC. When you're doing your firm and our travel agent go real schooling on his part pastor has like twelve dollars all of erratic student edge if I came to pick up my paper technically is happening to this so we impossible I was traveling on the way back from San Francisco. Third the people and for enemy we're using paper tickets are not talking about like a printout and I tell us about yet to the weird like Kenneth Asian green lined biblical hard thing where you kicked out from time outward that how how. This is that we get those counters that people go to lake and it's. It was even before that and I think they like more time but I like the terminator but not quite that time traveler is a time coming from the past. But the terminator and nude in the brain we're digital mobile and boom Jones off the nearly we'll Swede winner yet this is not that I as a lot of house attorneys and airports because wind shut naked that's considered. You had to get through the detectors all metal on metal body or I mean it's living human flesh over tribunal and still you are setting off if you if my bike Perl developer neurosurgery and yes like my pearl buttons on my shirt now that this thing off now I gotta imagine. Having metallic bones would be aide and now. A school foot boom drew. Did you joke and give me a little I do do do do your job the fact that so well my ticket that I can't imagine those that like. How much more effort we have so companies. The whole deal with like the president signing into effect that I digital rights are all effectively like one billion that is all the back slowly now companies can just sell our information. I never thought about Howell. They would lump us together not less about like he's a good example he gave. I like tango music so they think I'm Latin read and not like it but just like that music and I if I hang out with the Spanish speakers they want me into that. Then the government when there right re like going after people slick Snowden kind of like made us aware of this for their prison program yes not prison presume. On quick first it's prison than it is done now unless you're running went to Russia or wherever the hell is now but. The Philip looked for different markers to determine if your of if if your part of our team a part of their team so if you a 51%. Of your. It's statistics come back is being a foreigner than they can treat you differently the fifth they don't towards all of my mind. That's interesting because Netflix had just has just changed their ratings system now yeah I thought that was a that was down and your suggested picks now our eighth percentile liked. This is a 90% match do you pay. Off you don't know me someday is a one what we'll try and some days I don't know I I don't like I was. I don't know why I guess this is probably the reason why a bit like I was going through Netflix last night and like I don't like this thing telling me that this movie is today. 88% match for me like you to know we don't want you know either for that matter you know. I've for this very reason a sort of using Spotify a lot more all porno is like 150 present naturally kudos is batters and oh man plus a bird PowerPoint as we heard that the anyway com. They are Sunnis and Spotify and more because. I went through this phase of mine who wedding where it was just all like reception music instead and it's nothing I actually listened to in the room. Didn't I west Spotify ever exceed just the weirdest stuff now. A home and it's all largely Brazilian influence it's like announcer bossa nova music is okay back a lot. Very strange but I can just trying to get back to Fort Worth like recommending neurosis to me again can tell you yeah yeah for. It's it's not the idea that they're tracking all of us and then now able to sell its two other people to be like Alec and Alex Barros is what started all this for the rest of his life to that at some point they're gonna to expect as more likely to commit a crime. Well rain may I did it his credit score goes down who or what ever the corresponding it's black mere men Thursday's episode of Vladimir solvency and it's a blessed me with guys area. This is really yet and there's like a million other things here and you think about our election and Rahm how that was influenced by big data and the minute break Casey was like. The Clinton Campaign went after people to be like well this type of person would back of this type of behavior based on the things at their interest in the try to collect people to try and might make their moves based on that. Whereas the the trump campaign was like way more just like. It was way more like emotionally driven elect. Chaos vs control and they just went after the chaos people like yeah look. I and it's still hasn't like settled down from that but that was like a big influence or with out even talking about like foreign influence prairie cores. It's why you know likely to at least I think we talked with some argue with the the news that that the feeds you get now. Minding your social media that are catered to you yeah that's dangerous now is a terrible thing to know it should be excited about that. How about how much is your answer Graham usage gone down since then institute algorithm. I post photos on it I don't get anybody else's that's an islet. I hate texts and missed a woman know what these people that I intend to follow me in the scroll to scroll for a man and if I'm sick of seeing. Teddy p.s. Let me hottest and I'll I'll do that myself down and give me the control back look this is not because like I don't see what anybody that I in no I don't see any other stuff except for my brother silence correct and I what are our brother and I like seek out my brother's thing to see my nieces and nephew my niece and nephews. As I make Charlotte those and then took his stuff pops up. But don't see anyone else's stuff at all like. Listeners that Nvidia gauge media lot I have seen their stuff on WR right. Yeah you I mean cool book I think or even worse if you follow any. Celebrity anything. Your whole feed is that gap as like I don't. Followers call looks at the follow I don't really care what he's doing everyday now. Let me decide that. Right not here not what you think us attorneys have does that match get out of here what's lead FaceBook to do that and be evil there who look like this is like a I mean you're never gonna stop that they've been doing it for forever. But in terms so good before because if you didn't look at but every few days and you see your France often you get caught up in doubles at the whole purpose of social media right and so I can make you take a picture ICN Gupta jogged up to OK I got it and now it's like well if it shows it to me. You know it is funny because it's like. Will we start every restarting such mean Israeli expand your reach the united army and I get to experience so many things outside of my little. Circle of death and now it's like completely reverse that and now it's like hey this is what is determined his yard bubble and we're gonna skaters can live in that bubble now and it's like. You know and it's doing it based on these factors right it's so so. For its weird stress because. You know I do a lot of visit your good place to get a lot of Chopra stuff. Good way to get a lot of music information in and here's why did you Briggs is up to this week that's Coolidge checkers are gonna. But I miss pictures of my nephews calf. For no other reason then insert as I know. You wanna know about Weezer and I I don't follow any famous people mind we register aren't liked Hamas because I'd rather not know what they're up to know what people are up to via comments on just trying to figure out liquid like oh it's the 900 cherry blossom photo I've seen in a row like that's what people are into right now yeah and with men because it's like at least then that's real people behaving and not. Well sort of it's not a like I always. If you follow the ends instead grabbed half of it is like here's a picture to talk a productive took justice were promoting something to it for public yourself in the without interest income were interest in people half of it is like. Need to do it that's right. So then when it's a Graham goes OK all the people can post about that same thing what's put them all until bubble in the feed them these ads and then steer them towards each other right. It's. Breezy kind of creepy stuff for you about for like bomb. Feel bad for women. Who are on there that are like good looks that have a sexy angles to their thing Micah if remodel or something much higher and when the search feeding the trolls and creeps and stuff. But if you get lumped in with the people flick of all big cattle and B get. Problems from the now if you're also posting things like that. What this is a slippery slope shares also posting stuff like that where your sexual arising yourself do you get sexual lives by the people that see it right that that becomes a really difficult thing to you know test that he signed up for that. In a sense you know ripen. But also shouldn't people all be held the same standards it's like a very there's a share. But once these social media start designing it and there are funded by the interest of businesses. It becomes really interesting to as the thing that's my radio's still so cool I agree with you that the word we still have some tonight and even local TV after the same way about. Yeah our cites. These are the songs that. We think you'd like but we're people unless you win that goes hey I like this unusually this on where you the same thing like. You know this is my jam I hope you like it here and there's no computer program that spit that out yeah. You know that is legitimately us placing those songs there and that's cool I guess. And I think like. I think it's a matter of time if there's a bit of a Renaissance with that. We're I think I think is still something romantic about people. Talking about Kurt sharing things with people which is still what we're doing and I think that's. There's still something about finding a song any of the songs my Jane it snapped and then hearing it on the radio in your like. It is the jam I knew that was a good sound because I still say we talked less volatile Al all the time where. It's like my monitor is like we're still we're still tribal humans are still tribal men and they still. In the age of the Internet where the computer continue to be one. People still seek out validation from other people horse even more so now whenever I'm guessing but but from humans not. Pieces of Internet selling like yes. I think that there's. It's both folks that share people can get an easy fix on the Internet of event they obviously understand it as easy fix I don't know if their understanding and are not orphanage just becomes more powerful would it actually happens in person and you like regular quote this is like yeah I forgot there's an outside yet especially after a long winter were people don't wanna like. Don't want to go out and finally had a Red Hat and its value gone public on the over the weekend and do stuff and you just even. Even just you and I go into a Radiohead show and it's getting a chance to hang out or not Orkut were not on the Internet where Corey dislikes and goofed and yet giggle. That's fun there's something to lump. The something dehumanizing something like that totally whereas like I could send you a text message and you could set me back to crying face to cry laughing face tonight ray get satisfaction from happens at the same as making a person Latin person right. He had just really give brown and beat people now. And as Viet quest jug to that radio had constitute an. Put it in a concert or the people that were surrounding its pay what's due blue with there's a lot of guys not here go here. You know for a bid he does that play any of their famous songs that's not a great. That really got under your it's a good price doesn't bother me at hello. Are right it doesn't bother me but it bothers me because. There's a lot of people that in a lot of money to see. You play your songs. And then he kind of just dismiss. The songs that brought the people to the yard they give you gonna talk about and they don't have. Who served one out of ten products is tacos you have to take sorry guys route of ground beef. We're serving chicken today ice ya know the chicken sandwich and talk about the taco tuna. So that I that does bother me that I did it does bother me when so is it your expectations that are wrong or there are they setting the wrong expectation for what is like well. But they've made a career at this plan of doing this so. It's it's it's a different. Really that is a different concert experience in general because is more like going to because of this mean there's. It's more like watching a symphony performs something that it is. The concert and I dropped show I Manny Radiohead. Even then it's almost so it's performance yes I guess it's kind of you can't just say your expectations. Which I did I had a great time of that is fantastic. But I would be lying if I didn't want got to go like you know. It would have been cool to your karma police and they are they did play thick plastic trees is the third on court it was instant for well that it doesn't count we aren't there. Also though it's like trucks that. He's just gently two and a half hours to your fake plastic treats so well at the same time. Like you said they've made a career out of this is what they do in their action I think I think they've made that they're popular songs and more available hole than they were there yet. Ten years ago I solve long whatever the was it. Today here and easy act one of those tours. On Andy wouldn't touch any of threat to any of the stuff that you knew and so it feud if you got a dedicated Radiohead fan or you don't appreciate life perform Brett. Snooze. Very well I knew that going and give us some hustled them they were like. They've also that Wright was like if I can sit down I'm debt and so let's go the other point that's our. Cool light show pretty simple is pretty simple if I was going to be way more intricate it was not. Yet on the had a big cool screen behind those kind of like a oblong in like curved that was me in the name projecting some lights in the applicable to those. Play a particularly bad for hours they just constantly with the smoke machine there's Philips Arena up with smoke which was pretty into it. Seattle's helping. Yeah would be definitely marijuana cigarette yes. Retailers in the refers I mean it was I I wonder if I got home and tense moment we pretty glory to listening right now. South do you first of all suddenly secondly distillate we have an Idaho you as this vote and we are about to match because I'm no fun for notified of a but no thunder right Hillary or Joseph we had no fun alone. But that's that's the last had a great time yeah me too but it was a very simple you were just watching six idiots on stage just like. You know be enough or the so I was like if if that is being at the same expectations freedom and or else and that will determine your entire experience I imagine if news play that's in several they didn't have all the flying stuff where it's Sylvia consider rock show for rent for the same time to come to expect. Then how about. Tower that adjusts. The heights and an arena bowl all that stuff and a piano that comes out of nowhere Yasser now they it's of use. Which is I would say the best live band going and other so amazing. Incredible life and but they also paying out their smashes its like the hysteria apply at halftime is hurting us. Cycle cinema my god like to their arena rockers yeah and that's what they do now rated as kind of the opposite way to it is like. Weird is gravely really good music for a really long time yeah and if you go in with that expectation. It's fantastic. The whole game has changed if I have to stand the whole time though the mean time I when no not yet that and so when we get to our seats were who knows how many songs late because we'd had one extra beer at the barbecue and but who knows how late we I can even tell that would back to what the simplest I don't remember what song we walked in on right I'm like no idea and so. We sit down and our whole section the first 25 rose. We were in wrote warning against right fifteen the first fifteen rows were all seated. And then from row sixteen on it was all standing and we get there and I'm like this is the best news for our guests sit down this could be the best and I just sat there and just click the looked just enjoyed myself what do you until the solid I didn't know I was like oh yeah that's weird and so that didn't I was like oh no this one. I'm not like among medium. Radio Asia and the shoulder problems that I love and then share. Ohman in the rest of it is okay one I always kind of hated Tom York about a singing was. Yes terrible but now he's gotten to it added yeah dairy ged yeah the public professional performers and it's like there's no wonder they hacked Key Arena full. I guess it to me it really is just like going to see like a very good symphony orchestra or think I don't know what the hell they're gonna play. It is going to be good yeah whatever they're gonna do is gonna sound great and it did. Now. Both fifteen rows in front of us are all sitting down yes. Except for three dudes well not all of them are sitting in Africa cup three news were stationed just kind of like the block you'll have more than me but even still we can they get a pick you could see a round seceded Thom Yorke in the yellow and from the front two guys playing there. On the other 200 that the two guitar players. And I think you could see them. Pretty okay at Leah but these guys are periodically standing in the city and I I felt so badly for a because. I know find that guy standing up on sticking to my guns and I am not really SharePoint myself because I'm Mike being a distraction for the people I can't I hate that yeah. But the same time like you by African concert ticket. You just built stand up here and yet it's it's tough on right because. You're right you're exactly right and if you're feeling the song but there is there is a girl that was like off to our right to. I have price an a for the three songs. But she's popped up out danced set back down yeah I asked him and if this is your Jan. Injuries and it might also if you ought to stand the cold damp time you're on a rock concert like yet even though might not be like the Brockton is rock concert. You're at a concert what are your expectations yen but also think there's a little bit of the again the tribal thing where it's like hey we've all kind of in a collective decision to sit here now. You should kind of get don't get on the team get on board yet and it. Yeah those in the ministry there than we it is dudes then there's we had academy the show because I just watched an all time there was much to see how it really shows great delayed. You just kind of serious in the songs you don't really known it is great to make a great point 01 of the guys the whole time that has phone house. God. And. But it if you're gonna stand in front of everybody be the distracting guy and you're just gonna taxed for like five or six minutes have a seat dude yes I just be cool and again. That's your space for the show and you'll stand up the whole time and took its concert so if this isn't the ballet or the symphony right Fred like if you stand up they're gonna KQ Alec no good way to stop because it's concert right tech but like if your doctor to be paying attention you're looking into phone have a seat dummy. Right then when your board you don't know the songs you pretending you do see it really sit down. But instead the guy has. He'll always have those memories and line because he recorded all of them. Nothing like terrible quality recordings for and yet but maybe 65 minutes' worth of like yeah forty yard second to the right or writings there is much videos I'm never going to watch again stop that man let's stop that kit from that. Also if if your response to this is war of the Nextel to show my friends your friends don't give it about the videos you took at a show they were not that. Got our promise and crap quality. Like OK if you go to like the public currently show any pull that is can you get a video of it okay you have a moment there I give you that. Why are you Roger drone you flied out to him pumps Thom Yorke in the face and Fridays that. A movie that earned this is one thing on the movie learn to grow at a university right thank you ready universities do words like erratic job drones. This is not an endorsement by Tom and Jerry punch to the epithet lets you have something extremely or you like. For some Republican army ran up onstage you got your face broken by a security guy whenever. It's weird things are happening and you summit I understand it yeah. Horror flick. Some really beautiful thing happens and you like you get a photo of appearance are grant I did it that's the world we live and that's fine but it is his seven iron I don't know how many. I'll look that are like getting nothing and the like. Moving arm back around lawyer filming so just wanted to make everyone throw up the watch is that the EU is subject to that like a jerk the only thing worse than the guys that are filming the concerts like that. On our businesses it is and speaking in generalities so relax but Asians yes yeah comes. Witt did the chicks that do this by itself yet Ali and they like to get to a south even so we can't say I have an apparent by the Kerner like three. Saudi friends out dancing with the radio in the Bakken like this is even worse and this is the worst like yeah yet the back to the bar when this is happening in doing that. Fine public get out of here English you have five mile initially if I have to choose yeah OK yeah okay but like. So we had it we had fielding guy in front of us now that we had. Guy next to him. Who just clapped for everything offbeat the whole time that's incorrect Lou never heard the song because he couldn't problem yet did not know any yeah he's got some disease where he doesn't do rhythm either way is he writes that could've called Caucasian aggregate. But after he has a case the Caucasian. They're the only guy that I felt it was like legitimately standing up because yours truly. Having a moment was the guy the first guy to have the fattest had a ever see it knew that half the big fat head yeah. Articulate clearly like the pick he was going nuts and I'm like more power to your brother. That was the guy that could really get mad at it as either well. I mean. He's clearly. He's down for this. He is down doesn't what he's this is what we all signed up for Iraqis to make that guys have been a great time in yeah I he's kind of math and my view but. Again it also I don't wanna be standing so all right right right the worst was when he would sit down did you guys didn't. And that was the part of course they did at first thing to hear you but then. I think maybe we're just rock the exact kind of Guiding Light he was like definitely always rationale used bureau was like I was watching it like garlic Tony Hawkins day attic I half pipe there's a storm back and forth up it's not like it's gonna pour all over the poor person in front of net yeah. Is it that I started to get annoyed with a guy that was standing up by himself when he wants he said now there's the two guys next to each other path the thing that was really start to (%expletive) me off with that because to look around. The one that kept them look around take. You clearly see you're the only dudes standing pat to sit down in like it's an ounce. You could still get plenty good footage of your stupid video that you'll never watched. Sitting so that art. Absolutely on all radio ad professionals men as great concert. Good stuff. We had a mostly set on the opposite side from us until she got Johnny Greenwood and try to glimpse a pickup with a lot of instruments. They were so well oil over the bring out the thing for the one song in the ticker with a paper got a whole organ he has any plans that wheeled away just in in between songs like that really cool. Rihanna also maintains a super low stage volume. And because don't smashing a win on drums nothing is ever like. Nothing has to be hammered and so they can like when Tom talks into his Mike. But between songs yeah because that's a shout into it it's picked him up perfectly normal conversation voice we should talk about their drummers for a second that because. You mean low bots I have a question for you out Gregor. Yeah as you a question I'd ask that question those are clones right yet they were alana till it was the end it was off making a spice run right NC dropped him off there and pound to. Bald shave ten guys that were each playing a different drum sets. As you said do you really Don prologue when that happens each if a book out there are they were the type of discipline of malice and stuff to keep the yelling down and have more percussion sound. Answer that political really quiet staged volume so all the songs are mixed so well because you're not competing to like yeah. OK I have too much of that it's horrible I can't do it because it's so loud it's like they've mix of all so nicely. Except for the ones I want them to play a parent android which is the loud rock song and with a loud rock song park X on a public garbage again yet though it pretty much the only band that really makes the Key Arena that style is like where they always thousand makes the Key Arena sound to it yes I was as one of the better sounding yeah sure enough room to play yet. But some bullet even like even McCain. Mumford and sons can kind of pull off a little bit because it's not as like. It's not as distorted guitar at the record cage vehicle and there are some good good luck keeping the drivers shared the same brain is although. Other both robot programmed so their individual entities but the both have chips so derided they were that we had thing around the back yet that hairdo that just fascinating hilt I was like these twin drummers. But like twin drummers Billick twin they drivers the other might have been. But from the same cloning breeders and that's Radiohead thing ever. Oh yes and it should on Twitter yes. Bought the video of the united flight that stood turning right now united with a guy gets pulled off an already had to watch it is just uncomfortable for everyone who's a I don't know what the scenario was behind about a guy is being removed from his seat by three security bring those that are like dragging them off of the plan he's his sixtieth. 'cause he doesn't like he's not cooperating. I don't know if he's the bad guy or if the people are the united is in some I heard they overbooked stuff now listen this is 7:30 in the morning one guy dead while we don't actually know I had no idea but I I heard that he was a doctor. I don't. Some doctor removed from flight and the play was overblown also Dr. Phil calls himself a doctor which is make that clear and he's an air quotes here and they can't see them adopt the doctor I don't know for sure but yeah. Yet you'd. More research to be done yet TV. National siblings day shut us to Scott Mike. Paid Joseph and now sends a dummy and his can let you off so X. Matters opener I've got the Mariners had shirt on right now they are one and six not a great first week of baseball if you ask Mary to nobody wants my opinion right now bloodless the last week's episode if you need to the sudden move Friday's episode was something else that this is kind of funny because for as much as I've been ranked. Everyone called the F down. Hash tag opening day all right Melissa came in to mean being so it's a waste. To the mariner Ers are they playing bass this is the first game are the moms like it. The season started last money it's OK okay actually good for both wearing your Jersey but I don't know why that was like and it didn't pop open you learn your world through the I don't know. But our but also like. Get our blog on the pulsar a little bit speaking of Elisa and baseball and a blight is our softball team speak for a fact I couldn't. Who are we bad for her but prevent. Five I don't know Jersey by the suites. For breath between the two into the FaceBook she is not happy about is the Mariners handed you are definitely happening out right now that. Ice watch that it looks incredible case he simply just didn't know a lot its tone is more guarding as of the galaxy then. Anything else stood. He Ximian mariners mean it's as I was told the mirrors should be good this year like what's his name from the my office space and I said you know banners and to belief. Can't stop it then. Michael Pineda former former Microsoft are both Rex is a former partners put simple simple it. Just go to the next metadata could Microsoft is next. I hear that if you buy your by a plane tickets using one of the public's tornadoes fire fighter fights within the and everything else. You've been listening to our dumb podcast they're Smart Smart like a fox. It by email these idiots are dumb podcasts. Gmail.com. Phone them on Twitter not our dump podcast or eight record and that man child one. Victory for our young podcast is brought to you by. Karate university. Which job the other university presses and half lies these investment.